Is Halo Infinite Game Worth it? Gameplay Review

Is Halo Infinite Game Worth it? Gameplay Review

Halo Infinite game is the same yet different, in a way never seen before in the series. It has the essence of the Halo games but still acts fundamentally different. The nostalgic feeling will hit you the moment you land in the ringworld. It lands a good first impression and keeps you interested from the beginning with its good opening sequence. Once the open-world starts, things become simpler and that’s when you feel the difference. The main focus of the game is the open-world environment making it one of the best in the series. It has a small map but still has a lot of stuff to do and explore.

The sense of discovery is prevalent in Halo Infinite in a way never seen before in previous games of the series. The basics of the 2001 Halo are still there and, it brings out the same energy. The world is more open and explorable showing us a new era for the Halo series. Everything feels fresh despite having a nostalgic feeling. Though the environment is not that varied, seeing the same landscape all the time can get boring at times. The pace and energy of Halo Infinite balance its lack of environment verity. Halo Infinite game is the reimagination of one of the most famous FPS games of all time.

Note: This is the campaign review.


Halo Infinite takes place after Halo 5 Guardians. Humanity has lost the fight against The Covenant and is struggling to keep control of the last installation. Master Chief is fighting at the frontline of the war. It has a good intro that will help you catch up with the events but, if you want to know every little detail then playing previous games can be helpful. UNFC is taking back the installation but, they are on the losing side. Aside from a few audio logs, there isn’t much information about how all things got this bad.

Developers want that players come fresh at the game and don’t want them to play all the previous games just to know about the current situation. Master Chief is a super soldier in a hostile world full of enemies. The story feels light and does not feel like the main focus in the beginning since most information comes from audio logs. The story could feel bad for players who are new to the series. However, for the veteran players, it’s good since they know most of the background without relying heavily on audio logs. Veteran players can feel the lack of some memorable supporting characters that can a disappointing for some.



The game has a cinematic structure and, the story is deep. Core missions are still pretty much the same with good structure. You will see the monologues in between the combat which will shed light on some of the events. The way it handles the story could be a problem to some as mentioned earlier. Its reliance on narration of certain events through audio logs can be frustrating for some players. Master Chief can explore even during combat, making it more than just a combat-oriented game. Halo Infinite game will ramp up into a full sandbox experience once you get into its open world.



Halo Infinite does not have a big open world but rather a small world with multiple regions. It is different than some of the open regions from previous Halo games. Different regions are locked behind progression. You have to progress over time to access new areas as the entire map will not be open just from the beginning. It is a good open world and has improved a lot from the meme that it was upon initial showcase. It’s a good Halo world that fills that longing of having to explore the halo world to your heart content.

I have always wanted to explore the world of Halo and, the Halo Infinite game give that to me. The world of the game is worth exploring as it offers a lot. It’s not like the world has too many collectibles but, the world has this sense of fulfillment. The map of it is not big and, every part of it seems important, making it better than bigger maps. Halo Infinite’s world makes you curious to explore more since it is the first open-world in a Halo game.

If you want a classic Halo experience, you can have it through the story mode. Just focus on the main missions, fight enemies on your way and, watch cinematics. You won’t be missing out on the main plot but you will be missing out on a lot of fun.

Lack Diversity But Still Immersive

There is not enough variety in the world and, the environment remains pretty much the same throughout the map. There is not much diversity as the entire map is lush green similar to the missions in Halo Combat Evolved. The dimly lit corridors and stronghold of enemies on the map, do not look that well.

The indoor locations are mostly similar that can feel like copy-paste assets. These indoor areas are Forerunner installations that are the insides of the Halo Ring. In-door locations are the most boring locations as they look similar which can become repeatable. It does make sense story-wise since it is the same area inside the Ring. It still does not make it any better. More diversity could have made the map and game feel even better.

Despite the lack of diversity, its world is worth exploring. The world reflects the struggles of Master Chief as he works against the clock to divert the catastrophe. He will rely on the remains for UNFC and what little resources he has to push back the enemies. Each section has a UNFC basis that needs to be recaptured. Enemy strong that you should be taken down. So the setting shows the struggle of humanity and supports the story.


Use The World

The world is big but not boring as most of it can hook you. Each part of the map has the essence of Halo. If you are a fan of the series then it’s even better since it’s more Halo throughout the map. It is bigger and more than a sandbox experience like previous games in the series. Halo Infinite game is the biggest Halo so far. You can use the trees to go around and take down the enemies. The general gameplay loop includes following a marker at the end of the map. It feels like open-world is the way to go for the game as I don’t see it working that well any other way.


General Gameplay

Halo Infinite game offers a good fun time. There are a lot of new gameplay mechanics that are new to the series since Halo Infinite is an open-world game. The movements are dense but they will not have an impact on mobility and agility. Movements have the traditional Halo feeling to them while still giving players versatility. The AI of enemies is good and will push to use all the things available. Using weapons, equipment, and even the environment will give you an edge in combat.

The game has valor points that help you get access to better variants of weapons and vehicles. You don’t need to do a specific thing to get valor points. Just keep playing the game, complete different stuff, and you will get the valor points. For completionists, Halo Infinite game won’t be much of a hassle. Unlike other games, it does not put you in an extreme situation and burns you out before the game ends.

Gameplay Loop

There are bases to capture, areas to reclaim, bounties to complete and, things to be collected. Capturing bases is a major part of the gameplay that can make the exploration more convenient. You can recapture UNFC bases that will give you access to weapons and vehicles. A captured base will reveal objectives nearby that you can complete. You can use these bases to recruits marines and get different weapons from the base.

Banish bounties let you hunt powerful enemies for a reward. The reward includes variations of different weapons. You can equip these weapons from the FOB (Forward Operation Base). There are also collectible on the map that includes upgrading material or cosmetics for multiplayer. The basic gameplay cycle includes capturing bases, destroying Banished propaganda towers, clearing objectives in an area, getting collectibles, and then moving on to the next area. The gameplay loop of Halo Infinite game is simple but it’s enjoyable.

UNFC bases let you fast travel and also let you equip all the unlocked weapons and vehicles. These bases will also let you replenish ammunition. As you progress you will face a more challenging stronghold. The difficulty of the game will gradually scale up as you progress.


You can approach combat the way see fit. Take enemies from distance with sniper by finding a good sniping point. Go past enemies’ obstacles and attack from above or behind. Attack straight ahead gun blazing or attack with a tank or other vehicles along with marines. So the combat rages from full stealth to gun-blazing combat. There is a lot of choices when it comes to the combat approach. Such an approach makes it a different experience for different players.

I did not see any filler during my playthrough as every part of it seemed like a necessary element. As mentioned earlier, Halo Infinite game will push you to frantically use all the moves available to you. You can see different enemies surrounding you, having different combat styles and sizes. It feels like a scripted experience with the freedom to approach combat any way you want.

Weapons and Abilities

Each weapon feels good, solid, and useful. Weapons have good control, recoil, effects, and sound, making everything more satisfying. Some weapons are better than others but, not even one of them is useless at least for me. You can request marines, vehicles, and weapons. It is a good implementation and works well with other aspects of the game.

Abilities are back and, the grappling hook is the best ability that adds a lot more to the game. Other abilities include an enemy sensor, wall shield, dash, and other such abilities most of which have been part of previous games in the series. Swapping between abilities can feel bad but, some are stronger than others. It takes some time to get used to these abilities.

The AI of enemies is good and, they will react according to the situation. There is no new alien race in the game which presents a classic Halo with little difference. You will see the difference in the appearance of aliens here and, there but they are still the same.

Combat is classic with tight and thoughtful movements. It changes how the game feels without breaking its essence. It has a frantic combination of different combat moves such as gunfire, grenades, melee, and abilities. You can still jump around and do different things such as throwing explosive items toward enemies. Go around the map using the grappling hook and things like that.

Halo Infinite


Skill Tree and FOB

There is also a skill tree in the game that progresses as you get points for it. These points progress through Spartan Core which will progress your skill tree. The process of getting these Spartan Cores is simple as all you have to do is keep playing different activities in the game. They are not tied to a specific quest but, rather progression which is a good thing. It does not force you to keep doing specific activities or getting a specific thing to achieve this progression. It adds an extra layer to progression, making it feel more rewarding.

Abilities that you get through the skill tree won’t have much impact on the gameplay but it does make it more interesting. The abilities include adding shock to the grappling hook, reducing the cool-down time of abilities, increasing shields a bit, and things like that. It does not add something unique to the combat of the Halo Infinite game.

The game will encourage you to use the weapon that you are using by giving you ammo. The boss-type bounty target brings excitement to combat as it brings more challenges. Once you get a weapon it will get stored in the FOB and, you can get it from there. You can build up the arsenal of different weapons in FOB. Progression will also add new vehicles and vehicle variations to the FOB. You can retrieve these vehicles from FOB and use them to explore or fight enemies. So Forward Operation Base (FOB) is more than just a building that you need to capture for progression.


Halo Infinite is a good arrival of Master Chief after a long time that sets the foundation of better Halo games in the future. The game has one of the best single-player experiences that can be good for both new and veteran players of the series. If you want to completely understand the lore and story of the Halo Infinite game then you have to know a bit of Halo history.

You don’t have to play all the previous games. Just watching a brief video on YouTube, can help you understand it better. The story is good as it is not too complicated with good new supporting characters. There is a new Cortana and a lot of stuff from audio logs.

Every part of the map has value and does not feel unnecessary. Finding mystery behind Cortana is a good aspect of the game and, there are also some emotional moments in the game. Halo Infinite feels more like a beginning of something new rather than a continuation. It feels fresh while still having vibes of the original. If you are a fan of Halo or FPS sci-fi games then Halo Infinite game is one of the best in recent memory. Halo Infinite will give you a new and amazing experience with a sense of originality.

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