Is Far Cry 6 Worth it Gameplay Review

Is Far Cry 6 Worth it? Gameplay Review

Far Cry is a long-running series that has taken place in a different setting this time, it takes players to Latin America making you wonder Is Far Cry 6 Worth it? The game offers a lot in terms of combat and gameplay mechanics. Just like the previous Far Cry, it is stranded between goofiness and seriousness. Such aspects have always been part of the game but since New Dawn, it has become more prevalent. The story is not that strong and it follows a predictable pattern. Even though the voice acting of characters is pretty solid. The story is a sideline rather than having a major aspect in the game. It can even drag the game at times and feel rushed.

It still follows the same gameplay loop as other Far Cry games and many other open-world games. There is a lot of repeatability that can make the exploration a tiresome experience. Even the progression system is plagued by repeatability. Players have to earn the respect of different factions by completing missions for them. Gameplay mechanics and combat are pretty solid. There is a lot going on and the way everything functions feels quite good. It has the most diverse gameplay among all Far Cry games so far. All this makes you ask Is Far Cry 6 worth it? Let’s find out.


Far Cry 6 takes place in Yara which is a fictional Caribbean island nation that seems a lot like Cuba. You play as Dany Rojas that can be either male or female similar to how it works in the new Assassin Creed games. You are supposed to free Yara from a fascist dictator known as Antoine Castillo. The story is dark and at times, the brutality seems unbelievable but since there are similar real-world examples it seems realistic. Castillo is a dark character that rules the Island with an iron fist. He is ruthless and cruel. Giancarlo Esposito does an amazing job of portraying his character.

On the contrary, the tone of other characters feels comical. This goes against the dark nature of its story. It’s like the game wants to be comical and serious at the same time but it’s not working. The comical tone is not working with the serious background of the game because it is not a game with dark humor. The grim and emotional nature of the story does not sit well with the comical dialogues. However, the story does touch on some of the social issues which work well with its background. Is Far Cry 6 worth it based on what you know about its premise? Well, there is more to it.

Characters Analysis

Characters can feel bad and it is rare to get attached to them. Most of the characters are underdeveloped despite having good voice acting. Even Dany’s character is not that good which a disappointment is since the voice actor has done a solid job. Especially the female version of Dany. The weak dialogues of characters make them bad. Even the strong voice acting of characters is not able to make them feel better. The combination of bad writing with light-hearted dialogues in a grim story makes it a mess in terms of character development.

Anton Castillo is an amazing character even his dialogues are better than any other. He is a dark character and his personality matches his action. Sadly, he has less screen time than any other character. Most of the time you don’t see his personal life but rather the public one. Such repetition does not manifest his full personality. Usually, a villain has aspirations and everything that a villain does seems righteous to his/her/they. That’s not the case with Anton since his less screen time does not give him enough exposure to fully manifest his personality. The ending of the game is good but it could have been a lot better with better characters.


UBI soft is not a stranger to creating amazing and realistic worlds in games so Far Cry 6 is no exception. As mentioned earlier, Far Cry 6 takes place in the fictional version of Cuba. The setting is amazing and the surrounding environment is good-looking. Whether it’s graphics or the art design of the map, everything presents the setting perfectly. It perfectly recreates that Caribbean environment which fits with its vibe.

Different tropical biomes make the game feel even better. It is the biggest Far Cry game so far, making transversal through the map a major part of it. You have the choice to fast travel, drive vehicles, and fly around on the map. Both fast travel and flying can be a major asset as they are quicker than other means of going around on the map. Is Far Cry 6 worth it to you for its characters and setting? There is still more to it.

Mission Structure

As a freedom fighter, you are supposed to make allies that can help you take down the fascist dictator. This all starts from proving loyalty to three factions of freedom fighters. You have to complete a series of 3 quests for each of the factions to get them on board. This gives you enough to stand a chance against the oppressors.

This series of quests for factions can turn into a drag since most of them follow the same pattern. There is verity in these quests but not enough to give each one a district identity. The structure of missions can be similar which can make it seem like a repeatable experience. Though there are some amazing missions, not all of them are unique, unlike other open-world games.

Side Content

Side content is not that good and can feel like a repeatable experience. It is all about hunting animals, treasure, races, and other such generic stuff. This makes the open-world activities a shallow experience.  Even the side story content for companions is not good. It mostly includes collecting certain items or doing something. The pattern is the same and the only difference is the objective. Is Far Cry 6 worth it? For its content and missions structure? There is still more to it.

It’s not like I was expecting Ghost of Tsushima type of side missions but they could have done a better job than this. The one thing that the game does right is making exploration rewarding. If you want to level up to access high-level content then you need to play more than just the main story. Side quests also get you uranium which is important for upgrading. I will get to that later on but the point is that the rewarding nature of side quests can make them tempting while their repeatable nature makes them a bad experience.

General Gameplay

As I explained earlier that the main gameplay loop is about gaining the trust of one group and then moving on to the next. It is not an RPG game so don’t expect to make game-changing decisions. While you are not doing these missions you can also explore in the meantime. You can do whatever you want while not following the main story. This includes clearing road blockades to unlock fast travel locations that were previously not available. There are no radio towers like previous Far Cry games instead there are anti-air defenses that you have to disable. This opens up the option of flaying to different areas.

There are only two difficulty settings. These difficulty settings include normal and story mode. Additionally, there is also regional difficulty which gives each area a specific minimum level. You would need to do some side content to match the level of the next area. You can just focus on main missions but doing so would keep you under level in each new area. It can make the combat challenging and enemies might completely overpower you. It does not go crazy with leveling system which I will get to later on. Most of the side quests are about getting uranium which is important for upgrading characters. Is Far Cry 6 worth it to you for its general gameplay? Let’s discuss some more.

Inventory System and Progression

The inventory system can prove to be a hassle as managing equipment can be quite a drag due to the design of its UI. You have to navigate through different submenus to reach the desired destination. In the intense sequence or in the middle of combat, it can break the flow of the game. This could be extremely troublesome if you are doing co-op. The game won’t pause and sorting out stuff in the middle of combat can get you killed.

Far Cry 6 is still very much about making the map blue by liberating it from enemies. So not much has changed when it comes to progression. It is not an RPG so you won’t be making any decisions in progression. There are character deaths, betrayal, and all the generic stuff that you would expect from any plot. Resistance fighters might seem, bad people, as some of their choices are pretty brutal. Return of the third person cut scenes are also good and make the game more interactive.


Combat is the star of the show, it is chaotic, fast, and intense. The chaos of the combat makes it a good experience. Gunplay, controls, and movements of your character are good. It is smooth and responsive which makes it easier to move around. Controls won’t betray you as they are not clucky. The sound effects of guns are good and match their looks. They are realistic and satisfying which makes the gunplay all the better. Weapon handling, feedback, and recoil are good which makes the combat more fun. The sway pattern of guns is also realistic and matches the performance of the gun.

You have the option of either going gun-blazing or in complete stealth. The choice is yours but either of these decisions can change how enemies react. There is also the option of thinning the number of enemies before going gun blazing. You have a phone that you can use to spot enemies which can be a lot of help in stealth.

Enemies are aggressive and they can give you a tough time if you are not careful. They will swarm you, throw grenades at you, and won’t miss too many shots. In short, the AI of the enemies is pretty good, unlike other UBI soft games. They are not bullet sponges and can be killed in two or three shots. Your health is also not that high as they can kill you in three or two shots too. So it goes both ways which can make the combat intense and challenging. Is Far Cry 6 worth it for its combat? There is more the game.

Enemy Verity and Level

There is a leveling system in the game as mentioned earlier. This leveling system keeps the game challenging even if you reach the highest level possible. Enemies will level up as you do which keeps their level equal to you throughout the game. It gives incentive to players to go back to the initial location since their difficulty would remain the same. You won’t feel powerful in Far Cry 6 and the game wants to keep your power in check. It can feel bad for players who want to feel the difference as they get more experience in the game. In a sense, it makes the leveling system pretty much useless. Making it nothing more than a means to keep you engaged in the game. Is Far Cry 6 worth it for all that you know so far? Let’s discuss some more before concluding.

For the first time in the Far Cry series, there is a properly equipped army and they respond in the same manner. Far Cry 6 has different types of enemies giving it vast enemy variety. They are not just different in how they attack and how they use weapons but how they can impact the combat as well. Captains can call reinforcements which can include armored vehicles, tanks, and helicopters. They can even call airstrikes on your location to flush you out of hiding. Medics can revive the downed target so they can get back in fighting. This forces you to prioritize enemy types which intern forces you to strategize as per the enemies you are facing.


You can buy different weapons and upgrade the Supremo backpack. Supremo backpack is a new concept to the Far Cry games. You can use different kinds of arsenal in the backpack. There are Rocket, EMP, Poison, Fire, Healing Canisters and so on in the Supremo. It is not a big part of the game as it has a long cool-down time. You can use it once or twice per combat as it can take a lot of time to recharge. Its utility purpose is far more useful and is active all the time. You can customize it with gadgets that can give you gameplay advantages. Up to four gadgets can be installed on the backpack. To upgrade Supremo you have to find Uranium which can be found through different quests and side activities.

There are also attachments for weapons that make them perform better. These attachments can change the stats of weapons which have an impact on the gameplay. Additionally, there are also different kinds of bullets. Certain vehicles are weak against certain bullet types. Normal bullets won’t work well against armored enemies so you have to consider bullet types before getting into combat. You can only take four weapons at a time with you. If you want to equip a different weapon then you have to go into the menu and select it from there. In a sense, you are taking your entire armory with you but equipping them will break the flow of the game. Is Far Cry 6 worth it based on what you have read so far? let’s conclude.


Far Cry 6 is a fun game with a good cast and gameplay that can feel predictable at times. There are some good design choices but the UI is not part of these design choices. It has a bad UI but an amazing setting and environmental design. The game seems like a good representation of a Carrabin island in terms of looks. Though the representation of Latin is pretty stereotypical that serves the western narrative of these countries. Characters are not well written and their dialogues fall flat despite having good voiceovers. The comical nature of their dialogues does not sit well with the dark nature of the plot.

There are some bizarre weapons and vehicles in the game. The Buggy Paraglider, Disc Gun, Motorcycle Engine Gatling Cannon are a few such examples. Abilities, weapon mods, and attachments can change how players approach to combat. Players can create load-outs to quickly swap between them. The game has good and intense combat as well as gameplay. Its other aspects do not fit with its gameplay and combat making it a half-baked experience.

Now let’s answer the question Is Far Cry 6 worth it? If you are looking for an FPS game with chaotic, intense, and amazing combat with good gameplay mechanics then it is the game for you. In case you are looking for a game with a good setting that sits well with the rest of the game then it could still be the game for you. However, if you are expecting a Far Cry game with a good story and progression then you are in for a disappointment. It is still very much a Far Cry game with repeatable content. In short, it can be a good game for people who are looking for a typical Far Cry experience.

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