Is Biomutant Worth It Gameplay Review

Is Biomutant Worth It? Gameplay Review

Biomutant is an open-world RPG game that was been in development for a long time which begs the question, Is Biomutant worth It? There is a lot to discuss before reaching the conclusion. It has a promising concept that shines brighter when it comes to its open world and RPG mechanics. It is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action-adventure game with kung fu and a vast open world. Biomutant has a generic premise in which you have to travel around the world while saving it from destruction once again. Along the way, you will make different decisions and upgrade your character. The game will throw a lot of upgrades at you and encourages you to explore. The rewarding exploration makes it fun since there is always something to gain. The role-playing nature of Biomutant is evident from the start and won’t disappoint you.

The game is a good RPG with some of the most amazing upgrade mechanics. It offers a lot of stuff to players while also giving them chances to upgrade everything they find. Its RPG mechanics go hand and hand with other aspects of the game. Though the game has amazing RPG mechanics it has a limited amount of quest verity. Combat and role-play seems to be the central focus of Biomutant. At times combat can get chaotic but it is still fun. You get to kill big bosses as well as small enemies. There are different ways to approach combat making its combat diverse. The big open world of Biomutant has a lot of secrets that make them fun to explore. All this makes you wonder, Is Biomutant worth It? Let’s find out.


Biomutant takes place in a post-apocalyptic post-human civilization. The world is dominated by intelligent humanoid animals. You are one such creature and you have the choice to customize it. The plot is pretty generic and it’s about saving the world. You have to stop the world from destruction by saving the Tree of Life. You have to eliminate different creatures gnawing on the Tree of Life to save it. Biomutant is an RPG so you always have a choice. The intro is too long and can last up to an hour which can get boring for some players.

The game will let you select between Dark and Light choices. Going on one path will result in a different ending compared to the other. Selecting the Dark Aura will result in the destruction of the Tree of Life while the Light Aura will result in saving it. You will see good and bad creatures hovering over the choice whenever you are presented with a good and bad decision. The game wants to clearly show you whether you are taking a bad or a good decision while leaving you at deciding the morality. Is Biomutant worth It? for what you know about its premise, Well there is more.

World of Biomutnat

The game has a massive open world that includes different kinds of biomes. The world is big and strange-looking that seems to take inspiration from Horizon and Borderlands. There are lush jungles, icy mountains, scorching radioactive wasteland, florescent zones, and different poisonous environments. To enter a radioactive or poisonous area you have to beef up resistance against poison and radiation. Exploration is fun and rewarding because there is always something to be gained from exploration. You will find supplies to upgrade different items that will make your character stronger. There are lots of opportunities to explore since the map is quite large.

Quest can get repetitive pretty much early on in the game. In the first couple of hours, you will see everything that the game has to offer. Nearly all of the quests are similar in nature and do not offer something new unlink other single-player games. Quests usually include meeting characters, find parts to get a thing running, activate something, or do some other generic stuff. The extreme repeatability can make quests boring. In a sense, the quests are just there to get you moving.

Even boss fights have repeatability, you just collect a couple of items to prepare for the boss fight then take it down. Though there is a wide variety of bosses, it’s still just doge and attacks. Sure each boss is different and their attacks are different but the way of avoiding attacks is nearly the same for all bosses. You have to kill bosses to save the tree which makes such repeatability all the more annoying. Is Biomutant worth It? to you for its world and quests.

Character Creation

There are lots of choices when it comes to character creation and customization. The character you can create in the game looks like raccoon and mouse at the same time. There are different variations of races to pick and depending on how you customize it you can make a totally different character. The differences between the races are both big and small so you would need to choose the one best suited for you. You can also change the color of different parts of your character which brings profound changes to them.

Each race has different based attributes but they don’t matter as you can improve them once you start the game. Vitality, strength, inflect, agility charisma, and luck won’t just impact the gameplay but the way your character looks as well. Increasing strength will make your character beefier, increasing agility will make it skinny, increasing intellect will make the head bigger, and so on. You will also have a choice of making your character resistant against one type of element or poison from the beginning. Is Biomutant worth It? For all the customization that it offers for the character. Well, there is more to it.

There are different classes to select while making your character. Heavy, magic, technical, jack of all trades, ranged weapon user. There is also a bonus class called Mercenary which is proficient in blades but it is only available as a pre-order bonus. Each class is unique but they can all do pretty much the same things, making them only slightly different.


You have the option to dodge, parry, jump, slide or jiggle in the air. There are options to punch, kick, use a melee weapon, and shoot. Landing three special attacks in a row would get you in the kung fu overdrive mode. Overdrive mode is a power mode that lets you do more damage but it lasts for a short while. Guns are fun because they offer chaotic and fast combat. There is also slow motion in some cases that makes combat sequences more appealing. You can flip while still shooting or attack enemies using combos. Multiple combos can also lead to the execution of enemies and these execution sequences are quite good.

The problem with hits is that most hits don’t even flinch enemies. Enemies will come at even when you are attacking them and will get through your attacks. Every weapon has its own animation which makes them unique. Biomutant is not a hack & slash game but it does sit somewhere between hack & slash and shooting games. There are boomerangs, staffs, swords, guns, and all kinds of different weapons. You have to attack enemies manually because there is no lock on mechanics. The lack of lock-on mechanics is kind of a bummer. The point is that Biomutant has everything that one can expect from a game with good combat. Is Biomutant worth It? to you for its combat. Let’s discuss some more.

Enemy Verity and Mounts

The game has a lot of enemy verity and even when you think that you have seen all of them you will still be surprised with a new verity of the enemy. Enemies are both your size and bigger than you. There are big enemies, small enemies, and behemoth enemies. You can mount big enemies once they are stunned and do massive damage to them.

Along with weapons, you can also use Macs, Jet Skis, and other mountable things. You can also customize all the items including mounts. The customization options that the game offer for mountable things are quite good. Customizing mounts can help you both in and outside the combat. You can attach different weapons and items to mounts, making them more useful both inside and outside the combat.

General Gameplay

There is a large amount of repeatability and it impacts other aspects of the game as well. You will explore most of the quests early on after that it is just the same thing over and over. Even some areas are copy-paste of each other. Mostly interiors and base camps are plagued by repeatability as they are just copy-paste. The repeatability of assets is common in games in non-AAA games. Biomutaant offers you lots of opportunities to explore and it rewards you for exploration by giving you good loot. You will find hidden buildings and caves which can lead to finding better items as well as resources. The world of the game is interesting but repeatability can make it a retarded experience.

There are different ways to approach combat but the same cannot be said for approaching open-world objectives such as outposts. You can’t just approach the outpost in any way you want. An invisible wall will stop you from doing so. Biomutant does not offer much freedom when it comes to approaching objectives. Your objectives can change depending on the tribe you are aligning with. Such an approach makes the game seem more open. The main goal would remain the same, either save the tree of life or let it die. Is Biomutant worth It to you for its general gameplay? There is more to it.

Survival Mechanics and Customization

Biomutanat has a fair share of survival mechanics, they do not have a massive impact on the gameplay but you can’t ignore them. There are cool zones, hot zones, poisonous and biohazard environments. You have to increase resilience against these elements or find a suit that will protect you against them. The game does not emphasize a lot on survival mechanics but does act as one of its minor aspects.

Pieces of weapons are unique and you can change any part of a weapon. Changing a part of a weapon will alter the functionality of weapons or even turn it into a different kind of weapon. You can add more stuff to weapons making them better. There is also a rarity of weapons and materials. Using rarer weapons and items will have a better outcome. The UI seems similar to Fornite and you might even confuse its art style with Fortnite. Everything in Biomutanat is customizable which reminds me a lot about Fallout.

Biomutant As An RPG

Role-Playing is one of the major parts of Biomutant. It impacts most other aspects of the game. As I mentioned earlier that there are two paths to choose from, Dark and Light. Choosing one of these paths will not only alter the story but also the gameplay. Depending on the path you choose, you can end up with different abilities. You have to unite or conquer tribes to save the tree of life and will need to pick a side in the story. Picking sides leads to Dark and Light paths. Is Biomutant worth It? for its RPG nature. Well, there is more to it.

Paths will have a major impact on your character. Light Aura would get you abilities of ice, wind, and other non-menacing abilities. You can do damage with these abilities but it makes you less bad-looking. On other hand, the Dark path would get you poison, fire, and other such menacing abilities. This makes a clear distinction between Light and Dark paths which blocks you from accessing both abilities at the same time. This might be bad for players who want a more open-ended approach.

The selection of the Light and Dark path depends on the good and bad choices you make. Light and Dark paths not only impact your ability but the items you get as well. Some weapons are unique to clans so you will not get them if you are not allied with them. The Dark path might get you allied with a clan that has weapons that you can’t get through the Light Path and vice versa. You can betray a faction any time in the game and change your path.

Narrative and General Aspects

The game has some deep philosophical dialogues. Characters will question your motives, they will question what you consider right and wrong or if the world is worth saving. Despite having deep philosophy dialogues can seem childish at times. Such a drastic shift renders the effect of philosophical dialogues useless. The game is narrated through a narrator that speaks for everyone. Creatures in the Biomutant speak their language which is nothing more than mumbling. Narrator act as a translator of all the creatures in the game. The voice of the narrator is charming but at the same time, it makes the character forgettable. All characters have the same voice which makes them forgettable. Even the most carefully crafted or important characters are forgettable since they have no voice of their own.

You can see bosses gnawing on the Tree of Life even after they die. The developers deemed it unnecessary to remove these creatures after they are dead. Seeing these big bosses eating away Tree of Life is out of place since they are already dead in the world. Lighting is good which is something that I did not expect from Biomutant. Music is not that good but it is not like one can expecting blood-pumping music like Doom Eternal from it. There is not even enough music verity which is let down for me but its music might be good for other players. What do you think Is Biomutant worth It? for its narrative.


Biomutant is not AAA quality game but it is a decent RPG. It has everything that you can expect from an RPG game but a large amount of repeatability is overshadowing its other aspects. Exploration is rewarding but even rewarding exploration is not enough to overcome repeatability. At some point, you are going to get bored with the copy-paste assets and quests. The good thing is that you can just focus on the main story and complete it in under 15 hours. However, if you want to explore everything that the game has to offer then you would need to spend more time in the game. Reparability might get in the way of fun but it can be fun if you can ignore repeatability to some extent.

Combat is of the good aspects of the game and can immerse you in the game. The camera can become a bit messy when fighting big enemies due to the bad angels. You will constantly get something new be it abilities, perks, or weapons. They will make you stronger and makes the game more fun. Now let’s answer the question “Is Biomutant worth It?” It is a fun game if you are coming at it with a forgiving mind. However, if you are expecting an exceptional game then it might disappoint you. In the end, it all depends on your personal choice. What are your thoughts on the game? Let me know in the comments.

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