Is Godfall Worth It Gameplay Review of the Looter Slasher

Is Godfall Worth It? Gameplay Review of the Looter Slasher

Is Godfall worth It? Now that the game is out for quite some time. A lot of negativity is surrounding the game. Many people are basing the game the way it turned out to be. It is an action RPG game with hack-and-slash type gameplay. There isn’t a lot that the game has to offer but it is still not the worse game. Godfall just a confused game that doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do. It has a good art design, the game has some of the best art designs in recent games. The colors are vibrant and costume designs are also good. The combat is amazing and it is one of the better aspects of the game.

After reading all this, you might be thinking that it is a good game. There is no denying that some of its concepts are good but the game is fundamentally flawed. Godfall does not act like other looter shooters. It is a looter shooter and developers are explaining it as looter slasher. There isn’t enough in the game to keep you coming for more. The loot mechanics of the game is broken. There isn’t much lore in the game and the story there to justify the game’s existence.

It is a game with extreme repeatability and nearly all missions are identical which takes away the fun of grinding. Godfall doesn’t offer enough for you to invest more time in it. For an online game that is a worse scenario. It is a game that is stuck between good combat and worse implementation making you wonder Is Godfall worth It?, Let’s find out.

Godfall Premise

Godfall takes place in the high fantasy world that is divided into the realms of water, earth, fire, and air. You are one of the last exalted knights. Your character’s name is Orin and he is the brother of Marcos who is the main antagonist of the game. He has betrayed you and is now on the path to becoming God to gain total control of the world. You have to stop him from bringing in this apocalyptic event. That’s all the story has to offer because there isn’t anything else interesting about the plot. The plot is only there to justify the existence of the game and serve no other purpose.

The lore of Godfall is not deep and the story is just a generic one. There is no prior or post-establishment of the world. You are just slashing through enemies without any real thought. Nothing is propelling you to take action other than slashing enemies. Nearly all missions are the same with little to no variation. You have to slash enemies kill a boss go on to the next quest. There is no differentiation in missions and all of the missions would just throw enemies at you without offering anything else. Even end game content is the scaled-down version of the story missions. You will be doing different missions in the same locations. Such missions are different only in their names. Is Godfall worth It? For you for its premise.

Maps Are Visually Impressive but offer Nothing Else

Godfall has vibrant colors with amazing artistic design. Maps and outfits of characters are not only visually pleasing but their color scheme is quite good. The concepts that the game presents in its map design are visually appealing. It stands out from other games as services video games. Colors and design concepts go hand in hand to create a vibrant world.

The only thing good about maps is their art style. There is nothing else that these maps offer other than the artistic style. Maps have little to no interaction and feel shallow despite having good designs. Maps might look different but they function in the same way. In a sense, maps are only visually different and are straightforward. Even the hub area is a hollow blend with not much to fill it. Hub area is big but it’s empty and devoid of any life with a couple of NPCs.

The world of Godfall is divided into four different realms Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. These realms are only different visually. The design and color of the four realms are different but at their core they are similar. All levels of realms function so similarly that they almost seem like copy and paste of each other. You can unlock these realms by using sigils taken from enemies. Even the process of gathering sigils is similar. All you have to do is kill certain bosses. There is repeatability every step of the way. Is Godfall worth it For its art design and maps? There is more.

Combat is Satisfying

The combat of Godfall is good with some nice combination of moves. The combat is similar to hack and slash games yet different to some extent. It feels like something in between souls-like games and hack and slash games. Though it is nowhere as difficult as souls like games. Combat seems to be the central focus of the game. It is dependent on loot-driven mechanics so the focus on combat is understandable. Developers of the game are calling it looter slasher since it has melee combat, unlike traditional looter shooters. Looter slasher is a new sub-genre in the looter shooter which is a good assumption regarding the game.

Combat feels nice and you could feel the weight of every blow. Sound effects and movements of characters work perfectly to deliver satisfying moves. Attacks are the combination of light and heavy attacks. Light and heavy attacks are not separate moves but rather work side by side. You can block, parries, and dash from attacks. You can also stun enemies by constantly hitting them and filing their stun meter. Stunning the enemies would enable you to finish them off with finishers. On normal difficulty, there is not much skill requirement and you can just slash enemies through. Is Godfall worth It? For its hack and slash combat.

Low Stakes of Combat

Godfall does not have high stake combat. Dying in the game is useless and serves no purpose. Unlike other loot-driven or combat-driven games, you lose nothing if you die. Even the progress would remain the same to the point of death. Dying in the game is meaningless because there is no penalty for it. When you die you revive at the same location where you died. Even the health of enemies would remain the same. In fact, dying is sometimes preferable because it revives you at full health while enemies will be missing health. The only thing you lose when you die is energy. Regaining energy is also not that big of a deal as you can regain it while fighting. Is Godfall worth It? Due to its low stake combat.

There are checkpoints present even during boss fights. When you deplete a part of the boss’s health then there will be a checkpoint. Having checkpoints after taking a chunk of a boss’s health is absurd because it takes away the intensity of a boss fight. On normal difficulty, you can just hack and slash your way through the entire game. Learning other mechanics of the game becomes unnecessary. Even changing Valor Plates won’t make any difference. Combat is good but the lack of difficulty is making it look bad.

General Gameplay

Godfall is a third-person game with good camera angles. However, sometimes camera angles can get messy. During combat, the camera can be too close to the player or it can hide the character behind an object. The camera can get too far or too close to the character making it problematic in some instances. Godfall looks visually impressive even if the camera can be messy sometimes. The vibrant colors and unique art design give it a different kind of feeling.

Despite all, its visual beauty the world of the game is full of repeatability even in the looks department. As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of copy-paste texture in Godfall. Quests and maps are generic in the game. Even when you get to a different realm the art style would change but at its core maps would remain the same. To top it all of most of the missions are similar making it hard to grind for loot. Looter shooters (looter slasher) are supposed to keep players glued through vast content but that’s not the case with Godfall. It offers little incentive for players to keep them returning for more, unlike other such games. Is Godfall worth It? For you for its general gameplay.

Loot System and Valor Plates

The loot system of the game is generic. When you kill enemies they drop loot. Loot can also be found in loot chests. Godfall is very generous with loot drops and getting exotic weapons is easier than other such games. As you progress and level up you will start getting better loot. This will begin the looter cycle of a looter shooter. You can use the older loot to obtain material from them. Is Godfall worth It for its loot system? There is more.

The only way to obtain Valor Plates is through crafting. Weapons, charms, and rings are part of the loot drop. After getting items you can enchant them for improvement or reroll them for better stats. The loot mechanics of the game give you lots of opportunities to get items and resources. Different Valor Plates have different attributes. Some are better at status effect, others at armors, DPS, etc. The Valor Plates in the game are essential to make builds as the buffs they give are not available on any other Valor Plate. Each Valor Plate has a specific design that cannot be changed. You can’t just change the shape of a Valor Plate to use it for a build. The looks and perks of Valor Plates are a complete package.

Build Making and Skills

Builds are an important part of any looter shooter game and they can make games quite interesting. That’s not the case with Godfall because it lacks the proper implementation of builds. Sure you can make builds using different items and Valor Plates but there is no proper implementation. A status effect build won’t do much status effect damage. Even the basic Valor Plate can help you do as much damage as any other. The problem with the game is that builds are focused on raw damage and changing suits makes little difference.

Weapons, charms, and rings also have perks. Using them would help you do more damage to the enemies. Regardless of how you make build the end result would be damage not the type of damage. Just slashing enemies with a single button is enough to keep you going. You might not even need to use abilities in combat.

As you level up you will unlock new skills and abilities. These new skills and abilities would help you in combat. Your attacks and doges will become more effective. The max level is 50 and after that grinding will start. There isn’t a lot of content in the game to grind for but it has the option. Godfall generously drops loot but even that is not enough to keep players in the game for long. Is Godfall worth It? Even though it lacks proper build mechanics.

An Online Game With Not Much to Offer

An online game needs a large amount of content to keep players on the servers. That’s not the case for Godfall since it has little content to offer. Godfall offers no interaction with the world and the maps are devoid of life. The only thing you will find in the world are enemies to slash. The combat can get complicated as you progress but at the end of the day, it’s a hack and slash. Even though the combat is fun, its execution is not that good.

An online game has to depend on end game content to keep the loop cycle going. Most online games offer better end-game content than even the base game. Outriders, which is an upcoming looter shooter is also trying to do the same thing but we will see about that. Dream Stones is end game content of Godfall but it is a smaller version of the starting content. These missions are shorter and random buffs or weaknesses are applied to some aspects of enemies. Similar to the directives in Division 2. The repeatability is killing every aspect of the game.

Lack of Proper Multiplayer

It is a multiplayer game but it lacks a proper multiplayer system. There is no matchmaking system which is ridiculous for an always-online game. The only way that friends can join your party is through an invite. The least they could do is make the game both single-player and co-op. Even if players can join you, there still isn’t an incentive for you to invite anyone. It’s not like the game is going to be more fun just because you have extra members in the party. Godfall is an online game that is not embracing the online aspect of the game. Is Godfall worth It? for you despite not having a proper multiplayer.

Online games can improve with updates but I don’t think that will be the case with Godfall. There are no microtransactions so I don’t think that developers see any reason to keep on improving it. Updates will just increase the running cost of the game. Even Anthem couldn’t improve and plans for Anthem 2.0 were canceled. If Anthem can fail miserably even though it was based on lies of EA and it has microtransactions then what hope does Godfall has? Still, some live service games have improved over time with updates. Judging from the recent updates, I don’t think that will be the case for Godfall.


Godfall is an online game that is supposed to keep players coming for more. The lack of proper end game content and extreme repeatability is not interesting enough to keep you in the game. Once the credit roll in, you will just want to close the game and not open it again. If you don’t mind playing the same mission over and over then it is worth the grind. Even the end game content is similar to other missions of the game. There is little variation in the quests and the world of Godfall. It makes you wonder Is Godfall worth It?

The plot is just there to justify the game’s existence. Dialogues are bad and do not offer any deep insight into the world. Combat is good but even that lacks proper implementation. Most of the time you can just clear the game with hack and slash. Every aspect of the game is filled to the brim with repeatability. A looter shooter (looter slasher) is supposed to give players reason to keep playing the game. The lack of content and repeatability is just driving people away from the game.

Is Godfall Your Type of Game?

Now let’s answer the question “Is Godfall worth It?” If you can tolerate high repeatability then Godfall could be the game for you. If you like hack and slash games with multiplayer then Godfall could be the game for you. In case you are looking for a new type of loot-driven game then you might like Godfall. However, if you are expecting a good game with loot mechanics then Godfall might not be the game for you. It might also not be the game for players who are into single-player or story-driven games. In short, Godfall is the game for players who knows what they are getting into and are not expecting much from it.

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