Anthem 2.0 Overhaul Could Be A Turning Point For The Game

Anthem 2.0 overhaul has been hot news for a long time. Now we have gotten a glimpse of how the new version of Anthem would look like. A lot of things are changing in the game which will give us a different kind of gameplay experience. The screenshots of Anthem 2.0 overhaul shows us that a lot of things are changing the game. Developers are listening to players and making changes to the game as per suggestions. The loot system and build system is going to be different now. If everything goes according to plan, then Anthem could become what it was meant to be. This is Anthem we are talking about so the game can turn into a mess too. Given the recent changes in EA, Can Anthem really turn the tide?

What Went Wrong With Anthem?

Anthem created hype due to its unique nature. Of course, it borrowed some ideas from other games but the core gameplay was like none other. The flight mechanics, combat, graphics, and world of Anthem are quite interesting. All these things were visible in the trailers and gameplay footage of Anthem. People assume that other aspects of the game must be good as well. Upon the release, the game was a total disaster and it has continued to be that way even now.

The lore and story of Anthem are in complete disarray. There is no clear explanation for the lore of the game. It has a generic plot with not much explanation, unlike other such games. Most of the things are missing from the game. Anthem was supposed to have big creatures, showing the true potential of the game. There was supposed to be a Cataclysm event at launch but it arrived after six months in a broken state. There isn’t any satisfying end-game content even now. For a live service game, Anthem is the worst kind of game.

Bugs were the most annoying part of the game. At launch, the game was so buggy that it could break your console not anymore though. Patches have fixed the game to some extent making it somewhat playable. Despite all the patches the game can still crash. Frequent disconnection is still an issue and so are some crashes. Anthem 2.0 overhaul could fix most of these issues if not all.

Anthem 2.0 Overhaul is The Final Attempt

Anthem was a disaster from day one but Anthem 2.0 could have a future. There is no denying the game has potential but the implementation of it is bad. The overhaul could be the type of implementation that the game needs. PS5 and Xbox Series X are now out which also provides an opportunity for the game. The release of these consoles can give an opportunity to Anthem. On 8th gen consoles, the game was a disaster but that could change on 9th gen consoles. Players would be willing to give the game a second chance on the new generation consoles.

Anthem 2.0 overhaul is not only important for the game but Bioware as well. Bioware has been making some terrible games starting from Mass Effect Andromeda. The new Dragon Age game is also in development, so Bioware really needs the trust of gamers. If Anthem 2.0 fails to deliver on its promises then it would have an impact on the new Dragon Age. Considering their failed games for the past couple of years Bioware could disappear. EA is no stranger to closing studios so Anthem 2.0 overhaul is an important step for Bioware.

What to Expect from Anthem 2.0?

Anthem 2.0 is very important for a lot of people including me. For many, It was the most anticipated game of 2019. The hardcore fans of the game are waiting for the overhaul. I do agree that there is not a lot to do in Anthem as of now. Bugs and crashes can even make it unplayable. The game is now better than how it was in the beginning but it is still buggy. There is also some hate about the game from players that haven’t even played it. Anthem 2.0 is promising to bring changes to every aspect of the game.

Anthem 2.0 overhaul is only leaving some core gameplay physics and overhauling everything else. Loot system, progression, builds, general gameplay mechanics and the world of Anthem would see extreme changes. Skill trees would finally be a thing in the game along with a new javelin called Paladin. Anthem 2.0 could live up to the expectation that we all had from the game. Of course, all that could crumble as Anthem 2.0 is only a promise at this point. The final version of the overhaul will decide the worth of the game.


For a live service game or even a game in general, Anthem was a total disaster. It created hype but did not live up to the expectations. Anthem 2.0 overhaul could give the game a second chance to prove itself. The next-gen consoles allow it to present itself to new players as a new experience. If the overhaul stays true to its promise then it might change the bad reputation of Anthem. Things are looking good but the final version of Anthem 2.0 upon release will decide the fate of the game.

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