The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic Low User Score Have Reasons

The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic Low User Score Have Reasons

The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score is discouraging many from the game. The low user score is directly contradicting the good reviews that many have given it. Many are accusing the Naughty Dog of the reviews manipulation. Such accusations are making matters even worse for the game. They are presenting Metacritic user scores as proof during their argument. Most of the user score started appearing a couple of hours after the release of the game which makes them unreliable.

Leaks and controversy also played a big part in the rating of the game. Most players, that did not play the game relay on leaks and controversy to prove their point. There are two kinds of bad reviews on the internet. One with legit points and others with nothing but rants without any solid argument. The legit negative reviews are understandable and even people who like the game would agree on these points. The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score should not be taken as a final answer regarding the worth of the game.

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Understanding the Low Metacritic User Score of The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 has some of the lowest Metacritic user scores. Some people rely on user score while deciding if they want to buy a game or not. They might not believe what reviewers have to say about a game and would want to know the opinion of the general public. Such perspective is even more impactful on The Last of Us 2 due to its positive reviews by critics. Though there are some legit negative reviews, I will discuss that later. There are rumors that Sony has forged the reviews of the game. Such claims discourage people to take the word of reviewers so they have to rely on users. The low Metacritic user score would discourage them from enjoying the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score appeared a few hours after the release of the game. The minimum time in which a person can complete it with full speed is 16 to 18 hours. Even that’s not enough time to analyze the game because a person can’t focus on details in quick gameplay. If the user score had appeared in 16 to 18 hours then it would have been somewhat understandable, despite its shortcoming. That wasn’t the case because the user score started appearing soon after the release of the game. The user review system is kind of broken.

Even if you ignore time and focus on the content of the user score, you will realize that the user score is not the representation of the game. Most of these reviews are just rants of angry players who didn’t even play the game. The wording and context of these reviews are based on leaks and controversy surrounding the game.

Positive Reviews of The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part II has lots of positive reviews from some of the biggest reviewers. The overall critic score of the game is 95 despite its user score being low. It is now clear to some extent that people are review bombing it without even playing it. There is one issue that is being discussed from different angles. All genuine negativity is surrounding these aspects of the game. Let’s discuss all the positivity of the game and how people are ditching it through hate without playing the game.

All critics agree on certain good aspects of the game, despite their different opinion regarding the game. Combat, character development, stealth, AI of NPCs, attention of details, graphics and world design are the best aspects of the game. The perception regarding character development and combat is a little bit different. However, criticism of combat and character development is totally understandable. The combat of Last of Us Part 2 shares similarities with its sequel and the certain dialogues are vague. I have also discussed it in my review of the game. Graphics, attention to detail, and world design of the game are also amazing and people who disagree might not have played the game.

AI of enemies and companions is good as all critics regardless of their opinion agree on it. Some have a genuine problem with the way stealth and AI work with each other. I can guess where the negativity and positivity are coming from. Some elements of the game are an absolute blast while others will make you want to give up on the game. You shouldn’t take The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score with absolute certainty.

Problems with The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 is good for me but there are some undeniable problems with the game. Story choices and forced brutality can really mess up a player. Most of the people that played the game and didn’t like are actually focusing on this aspect of the game. The story choices can change the way you perceive the game. It has disappointed many including me but not to the point of frustration like other players. These story choices can leave you in a dark and gloomy mode. It is a story-driven game. So, the impact of the story can shake the game to its core. Many players will be able to accept story decisions by the end of the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score can’t tell you how you will feel about the game due to the difference of opinion and perception. As you will occasionally take control of Abby who is going to do some really bad thing to the characters we love. To make it even worse, you have to take control of Abby in some of these decisions. The game will force you to use her in a brutal situation to blur the line between right and wrong for both groups. Most of the negative reviews take force brutality and narrative into consideration while making their point. The point is that issues in the negative reviews are understandable. Players that loved the game will also agree with what these legit reviews are pointing at.

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The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic Low User Score and Review Bombing

The major issue is the review bombing of the game due to some unneeded hate. Controversies and leaks were the reason for the review bombing of the game. Just one look at the context of reviews can tell you that all the negative reviews are nothing but hate. Most of the legit negative user reviews are clear and you can guess that the person has played the game. Spotting false negative reviews is not that hard if you have played the game. In such reviews, users discuss the context of leaks and controversy. They would discuss narrative and story decisions without their personal input. It seems like the aftermath of leaks and controversies.

Most false reviews are easily identifiable even if you haven’t played the game. These reviews would be full of hate and lies. You will see homophobic content along with some ranting. Most of these reviews are just two to three sentences. These sentences show nothing but hate towards the game without a reason. The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score is now average because there are now honest reviews from players who actually played the game. The game is receiving some unjustifiable hate. Laura Bailey the actress who played the character of Abby is receiving death threats. Most of these death threats show the love that fans have for the characters. That doesn’t make it right but it shows how hateful people can be. Some criticism is genuine but most of the user criticism is pure hate.


The Last of Us Part 2 is facing lots of hate and this hate is leading to the problem of review bombing. Leaks and controversies are making players hateful towards the game without even playing it. Many wouldn’t have made homosexuality a primary target for their hate if there were no controversies. Players just want to hate the game without playing it. Forced brutality, narrative, and story decisions are problems of the game that everyone agrees on despite their different opinions. The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic low user score is improving but it shows that the system is broken.

Users are saying that combat, attention to detail, character development, and design of the game are bad. It is insane how people lie just because they hate something. Even the negative reviews praise these aspects of the game. Homophobia and hate are making the game suffer even if it is not deserving of it. Don’t take the user score as the final answer while buying The Last of Us Part 2. Just read and watch reviews of the game along with some informational videos, then decide for yourself.

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  1. Man, what a story, and what a game. Thank you so much for making this walkthrough. I honestly think the storyline would’ve been way better if Abby was tied to Marlene instead of the doctor. We were way more connected to Marlene in the first game, and it was a huge deal for Joel to kill the queen firefly.

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