The Division 2 Healer Build (Heal Allies and Increase their Damage)

The Division 2 Healer Build (Heal Allies and Increase their Damage)

The Division 2 healer build is a support build that helps all the teammates to perform better. It is a build that could help players survive even the most intense situations. Healer build can be used in all types of scenarios to help teammates make it out alive. Good healer builds not only heal teammates but also help them to do more damage. Using talents that benefit everyone in the team is the way to go. The Division 2 Healer build not only heals players but it also increases their damage output.

Pieces You Need

To make this build you would need 4 pieces Future Initiative, 1 piece Alps Summit, and BTSU Datagloves. All these pieces work in synergy to maximize your skill repair. The talent from Future Initiative would not only give a buff to your repair skill but also the weapon and skill damage of everyone on the team. The Division 2 Healer build will help your teammates regardless of their build types.

The Division 2 Healer Build (Heal Allies and Increase their Damage)

4 Pieces Future Initiative

Using 2 pieces of Future Initiative would give you 30% repair skill, 3 pieces would give your 30% skill repair, 15 skill haste, and 30% skill duration. Using 4 prices would activate Ground Control talent of the Future Incentive gear set. Ground control will increase both weapon and skill damage of everyone in the team.

Alps Summit

Using 1 piece of Alps Summit would give you 20% repair skill. You have to use Alps Summit on the bag back because that is the only spot for it on the build due to the use of Future Initiative.

BTSU Datagloves

BTSU Datagloves are as important to the build as any other piece. It is an exotic gear piece that will give 15% skill haste to hive for every skill tier. Destroying the hive will give you an overcharge for 15 seconds. If your skill tier is 6 then your teammates also gain overcharge. The cooldown time of overcharge for your allies is 120 seconds. BTSU gloves not only help you but all of your teammates as well.

BTSU Gloves


SafeGuard and Ground Control talents will increase the amount of healing you do. Ground Control will increase the damage output of you and your teammates. It also indirectly helps in increasing the amount of healing you do. SafeGuard talent, on the other hand, is all about making your repair skill stronger.


You will be using SafeGuard talent for healing. SafeGuard talent increases your repair skill by 100% when your armor is full. Don’t worry about that full armor part because your skills will heal you as soon as you take damage. Using this talent will double the amount of healing.

Ground Control and Tactical Superiority

Using 4 pieces Future Initiative would give you Damage Control talent. This talent will increase the skill and weapon damage of everyone in the team by 15% when your armor is full. It doesn’t really matter what type of build your teammates are using, The Division 2 Healer build will increase their damage. Ground Control would also help in healing. When you repair a teammate then allies within 6 meters radius of that teammate would get 60% of that repair amount.

The talent of the chest piece of this build Is Tactical Superiority because it will be a Future Initiative Chest piece. Tactical Superiority will increase the damage of Ground Control talent from 15% to 25%. You will not only heal allies with talents but will also increase their damage to a great degree.

The Division 2 Healer Build Talent



Survivalist specialization is important for The Division 2 Healer Build. Mender Seeker can only be unlocked through Survivalist specialization. It will also give you 15% out-going healing which increases the amount of healing your teammates will receive by 15%.

Restorer Hive and Mender Seeker

You will need to use Restorer Hive and Mender Seeker. Using these two would tremendously increase your repair skill. By using Mender Seeker and Restorer Hive, you will never be without a repair skill. Mender Seeker has a very short cool time and BTSU gloves would increase the skill haste of your Restorer Hive. Even without much skill haste, your skill cool-down time will be very low. You can always destroy Hive to overcharge your skills.

How to Make the Division 2 healer build

You have to use Future Initiative Chest piece to make this build. The Future Initiative chest piece is Iron Horse Raid exclusive but once you complete the Iron Horse Project then you can get it from targeted loot. Use repair skills on every sub-attribute slot. Use Skill haste on the remaining slot. The only such slot is on the bag pack. Weapons are not that important for this build since it is all about healing and support. However, you can use Capacitor or any other weapon with talent reformation or InSync as your secondary weapon.

The Division 2

Healer Build in The Division 2

Most healer builds are partially focused on healing and support as skill damage is also a major part of such build. That is not the case with The Division 2 Healer build. This build is all about increasing the damage of your teammates and healing them at the same time. It is a build that prioritizes the damage of your teammates over your damage. With this, players can survive the most intense onslaught.

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