The Division 2 Shield Build (Insane Armor Regen & Damage )

The Division 2 shield build types are an important part of the game because they not only help you but the entire team. A shield-bearer can grab the attention of enemies so that the teammates can take down enemies without breaking a sweat. Good shield build not only has high armor and shield health but also armor regen as well. As a tank, players are mostly restricted to pistols so high DPS is not an option. However, with the Technician Shield build you will have high armor, high shield health, armor regen, and high pistol damage. All of this is possible thanks to Foundry Bulwark and Ridgeway Pride. Every piece of The Division 2 shield build is important and works in complete synergy with each other.

Piece You Need

To make The Division 2 shield build you would need 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark. A Ridgeway Pride exotic chest piece and a Golan Gear Ltd bag pack with Wicked talent. Every part of this build supports each other for maximum efficiency. Ridgway Pride will bleed enemies for you which will activate wicked. Both Ridgeway Pride and Foundry Bulwark would give you a large amount of armor reign.

The Division 2 Shield Build

4 Pieces Foundry Bulwark

Using 2 Foundry Bulwark will give you 10% total armor which will increase your armor tremendously. 3 pieces would give you 10% armor, 50% shield health, and 1% armor regen. When you use 4 pieces then it will give you 10% armor, 50% Shield, 1% armor regen, and Make Shift Repair talent. Foundry Bulwark is a green gear set so you would need 4 pieces to activate all of its perks. Makeshift Repair is a talent that will give you both shield health and armor regen.

Ridgeway Pride

Ridgeway Pride is an exotic chest piece that has Bleeding Edge talent. This talent not only bleeds enemies but also gives armor based on the number of emeries bleeding. So it is a chest piece with both status effect and armor regen.

Golan Gear Ltd

On the backpack you can use Golan Gear Ltd. Using Golan Gear Ltd will give you 10% status effects. If you have the named Golan Gear Ltd bag pack called Anarchist’s Cookbook then use it. Anarchist’s Cookbook comes with perfectly Wicked which performs better than normal Wicked talent. 10% status effect will also give you extra bleed damage.


Your main weapon with this build would be a pistol. You cannot use any other weapon with Bulwark Shield when it’s deployed. Pistols have lower Optimal range, Damage, and RPM. The Division 2 shield build takes all of that into consideration. Talents would help in increasing the pistol damage without compromising on total armor and armor regen.

Liberty works best with The Technician shield build due to its high damage and ability to repair the shield. Liberty pistol has Liberty or Death talent. Each hit gives users 2% weapon damage which stacks up to 30 times. At max stacks, Liberty will do 60% extra damage. If you take a head shot then all the stacks would be used to repair your shield. At max stack, a headshot will repair 90% of your shield. Liberty is an exotic pistol so if you don’t have it then you can use TDI “Kard” Custom. It comes with a skill tier that will help with healing your shield through Artificer Hive. You can use shotgun and SMG as your primary and secondary weapons the build. At maximum stacks, your critical damage per hot would be more than 1.35 million with Liberty.

The Division 2 Liberty ExoticThe Division 2 Shield Build


Talents are an important part of The Division 2 shield build. There are three talents on the build. Wicked, Makeshift Repair and Bleeding Edge. All three talents work in synergy for maximum efficiency.


Using wicked talent will increase your weapon damage by 18% for 20 seconds. If you are using Anarchist’s Cookbook then your weapon damage will increase by 18% for 27 seconds. Anarchist’s Cookbook is a named Golan Gear Ltd Chest piece that comes with Perfectly Wicked talent. Bleeding Edge talent from Ridgeway Pride chest piece would bleed enemies which will activate Wicked talent.

Bleeding Edge

Shooting an enemy within 15 meters would apply the bleed effect to them. Depending on the number of enemies bleeding within 15 meters, you can get up to 48% of armor regen per second. 1 bleeding enemy will give you 3% armor, 2 will give you 6%, 3 will give you 12%, 4 will give you 24% and 5 will give you 48% armor regen per second. Using Bleeding Edge will not only give you armor regen but also activate Wicked talent which will increase weapon damage by 18%. Since you will be using Shield you will be within 15 meters of enemies most of the time.

The Division 2 Ridgeway Pride

Makeshift Repair

Makeshift repair talent will increase both your shield health and armor regen. When you or your shield take damage then both you and your shield will get 20% repair of the damage done over 15 seconds. Makeshift repair talent will increase your survivability. The combined power of Bleeding Edge and makeshift Repair will give you an immense amount of armor regen.


You need Technician specialization for The Division 2 Shield build. Technician specialization would give you Artificer Hive which will increase your shield health immensely. Technician specialization has 10% repair skill which will increase the amount of shield repair you receive from Artificer Hive. You will also receive 1 skill tier from Technician specialization, enabling you to have a tier 6 shield even while using 5 blue cores. The extra skill tier will also increase the skill tier of your Artificer Hive.


You have to use Artificer Hive and Bulwark Shield with this build to increase the efficiency of the shield.

Artificer Hive

Artificer Hive is a Technician specialization exclusive hive that increases skill efficiency of skills. It increases skill health, duration, damage, haste, and repair just like the Memento bag pack. When holstered, the hive will release a drone to increase your skill efficiency. Every time it releases a drone, it will heal your shield and make it better. If you are using TDI “Kard” Custom then your shield will receive more healing due to the extra skill tier.

Bulwark Shield

You have to use Bulwark Shield since it is The Division 2 shield build. Shield has the largest armor and it can survive some of the most intense combat scenarios. With the help of Foundry Bulwark, your Bulwark Shield health at tier 6 would be more than 14.8 million. Artificer hive will keep healing your shield making it last for longer and regenerate faster.

The Division 2 Shield Build The Division 2 Shield Build

How to Make the Technician Shield build?

The combination of talents is important for Division 2. All three talents of The Division 2 shield build, depend on each other for maximum output. You have to use 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark and recalibrate all of the sub-attribute to critical hit chance or critical hit damage. Green gear pieces have only one sub-core so reroll 3 of them to critical hit chance and 1 to critical hit damage. Your bag pack should be a Golan Gear Ltd with Wicked or perfectly Wicked. Use Ridgeway Pride as your chest piece for the bleed damage. Use critical hit chance and critical hit damage on all of the mod slots depending on the amount of critical chance you need.

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Build in Action:




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