The Division 2 Technician Build (The Deflector Shield)

The Division 2 Technician Build (The Deflector Shield)

Making a reliable deflector shield build has always been an issue but not anymore, The Division 2 Technician Build can deflect damage while at the same time help you survive intense combat. Foundry Bulwark is the best solution to make The Deflector Shield build. It will make The Deflector Shield build not only survivable but damaging as well. The Deflector Shield build will not only protect you but give you high skill and pistol damage as well. Depending on the pieces you use, your skill damage can come from two to three sources. The more the enemies are shooting you the more will be damage. The build requires you to stay near enemies while playing carefully for survivability. It is one of the most fun builds to play as a tank.

Pieces You Need

You would need 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark,  2 red cores for the build, and Technician Specialization. The 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark will increase the chances of your survivability to a great degree. The talent on the Foundry Bulwark is the most important part of it since it will help you stay alive. 2 Pieces of Foundry Bulwark will grant you 10% armor. Using 3 pieces would give you 10% armor, 1% armor regen and, 50% Shield health. 4 pieces would give you 10% armor, 1% armor regen, 50% Shield health, and will unlock Makeshift Repair talent.

Foundry Bulwark

Exotic Pieces and Talents

Since you will be using technician specialization, you will only need 5 blue and one yellow core to get a tier 6 shield. If you are using TDI “Kard” Custom then you can use four armor core and two red core since the pistol has a yellow core. You need to have a Foundry gear piece with a red core to maximize efficiency. You will also need Ridgeway’s Pride to increase the armor regen.


Depending on the gear pieces you use, there are two to three talents on The Division 2 Technician Build. Foundry Bulwark will give you Makeshift Repairs, other talents on The Division 2 Technician build, Bleeding Edge (Ridgeway’s Pride) Adrenaline Rush, or Kill Confirmed (Memento).

Bleeding Edge (Ridgeway’s Pride),

Bleeding Edge is the talent of the exotic chest piece called Ridgeway’s Pride. The talent on Ridgeway’s Pride can repair 3% to 40% of your armor per second depending on the number of enemies bleeding within 15 meters radius.

Ridgeway Pride

Adrenaline Rush and Kill Confirmed (Memento)

Kill confirmed is a talent on Memento exotic bag pack that will give you skill damage, weapon damage, and armor. It will increase the amount of weapon damage and skill damage by 30% and will also give you up to 3% armor regen. It will also give you a short-term buff each time you kill enemies and pick the trophy.

Adrenaline Rush is a talent that will give you bonus armor each time you are within 15 meters radius of enemies. It stacks up to three times and the cool-down time of the talent is 5 seconds. The cool-down time for each stack is separate so you will have bonus armor nearly all the time. Adrenaline Rush is the perfect talent to run with The Division 2 Technician Build. Perfect Adrenaline Rush is also an option.

Adrenaline Rush


Since it is The Deflector Shield build one of your skills will be the Deflector shield and the second skill can either be the Striker Drone or the Artificer Hive. If you are using Striker Drone then use Liberty Exotic pistol and Foundry Bulwark because they will make your shield better since you won’t have an Artificer hive. In the end, it all depends on the amount of yellow and red core you are using.


The Division 2 Technician Build is a skill build with weapon damage, armor, and skill damage. So basically it is a rainbow build that offers different types of damages and protection. Technician specialization will give you 10% skill damage. The specialization will also give you 1 skill tier which is very important for The Division 2 Technician build.


Liberty Exotic

You will be using a pistol since you can’t use any other type of weapon with Deflector Shield. Use either TDI “Kard” Custom or Liberty to increase the efficiency of your build. TDI “Kard” Custom will give you a skill tier that will enable you to use 2 red core without using Memento. On the other hand, Liberty can help you repair your shield which can make it more efficient without even using the Artificer hive. You use any of the two pistols depending on your play style and skills.

The Division 2 Shield Build

How to Make the Division 2 Technician Build?

To make the Foundry Bulwark The Division 2 Technician Build, you need 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark, Ridgeway’s Pride exotic chest piece, and backpack with Adrenaline Rush talent or Momento bag pack. The build requires 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark, A Ridgeway’s Pride, and a bag pack with Adrenaline Rush talent. If you are using 2 red cores then you would need to use TDI “Kard” Custom. Using it will make your shield tier 6 since it has one skill tier. You can use either an Artificer Hive or Striker drone as your secondary skill but Artificer Hive will increase the health of your shield.

The Division 2 Technician Build (The Deflector Shield)

The Deflector Shield Build

Use critical hit damage and critical hit chance mods on the mod core to increase the damage of your pistol. You can also use protection from an elite mod for more protection since elites have more health and take your shield down more quickly. Use critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and skill damage as your sub-attributes on all sub-cores of the build to increase weapon and skill damage.

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