Is Resident Evil 8 Worth It Gameplay Review

Is Resident Evil 8 Worth It? Gameplay Review

Resident Evil Village is maintaining a first-person perspective while getting a little further from intense horror as a sequel making you wonder “Is Resident Evil 8 worth it?” The introduction of the first-person perspective changed how players perceive the series. It shifted the focus of the series from grotesque biological enemies to dreadful humanoid biological weapons. Resident Evil Village is no different as it too focuses on such narrative. The connection between the earlier game and these new Resident Evil FPS games is pretty slim but it’s there. It feels more like a mystical game than a sci-fi game. Despite all that, the dread is as prevalent in Resident Evil 8 as it was in the RE 7.

The game is more action-focused and less horror-focused. There is still horror but not as strong as Resident Evil 7. There are some good moments and surprises in the game that will keep you glued to the seat. The combat-heavy nature of Resident Evil Village makes it the same while still keeping it fresh. It’s not like the game is full of action-packed combat but it leans more towards combat than survival. It gives you a chance to look around with ease, so the constant panic disappears from time to time. It is different than Resident Evil 7 but still retains the core feature of the series and acts as a good sequel. All this makes you wonder “Is Resident Evil 8 worth it?” Let’s find out.

The Premise of Resident Evil Village

The game takes place 3 years after the events of Resident Evil 7. Ethan Winters has now settled with his wife and they have a baby. As seen in the trailer, Chris Redfield kidnaps the baby and this is how the story begins. The vehicle of people transporting Ethan gets into an accident which leads to his escape. In search of his daughter, he ends up in the European wilderness. This is where the village is located and hence the name. The village seems to be located somewhere in Eastern Europe. It has Romania’s Transylvania vibe to it which is pretty evident from the beginning. The entire game takes place in Village as well as its surrounding as Ethan tackles challenges and find answers.


The game takes place in the village and its surrounding. There are four different areas, each one is controlled by a different lord. Lady Dimitrescu will be the first lord you face and her castle is the first area. She along with her daughters controls the caste. Each area has its own vibe to it and it impacts everything in that area. Castle, which is Lady Dimitrescu’s location has less combat. Escaping is the goal in the first area of the game. It mostly about escaping from her similar to how Nemesis acts in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Other areas have different types of vibe to them. Some would invoke panic while others will focus on stealth and action.

Village is not just a setting for the game as it plays an active part in making the game interesting. After each major event, you will keep on returning to the village. Environmental design is good, the game wants you to take your time and look around. It will give you breathing space from all the panic and dread to look at the amazing surrounding. Each area is unique and the sites that the game throws at you are amazing. Resident Evil Village has one of the best sights in the series. Light is also good and adds to the beauty of the environment helping them look better. Is Resident Evil 8 worth it for you for its premise and the way it looks? Well, there is more.

The Village

As mentioned earlier, that Village plays an active role in the game and that is true, every step of the way. The village is located in a big castle and most of the houses are broken. You will have the opportunity to get away from the Village but you will always come back to it after a big event, clearing an area, defeating a boss. When you come back to the village you will bring something with you that will give you access to previously inaccessible areas.

The situation is similar to other sandbox games where you need progression to access a location. The location you access can be a new small area that is not part of the four main areas or it could be a secret location of the village. You might even find a weapon or item that will help you in the game. Resident Evil games have the trend of rewarding players for exploration and that is true for Resident Evil Village as well. Exploration can help you find guns and items that you can’t find anywhere else. Is Resident Evil 8 worth it for its emphasis on the Village? Let’s discuss some more.


Resident Evil 8 is more about combat than horror. It does not mean that the game is devoid of horror because it goes hand in hand with combat. The game is more combat-focused and it gives you the chance to be better at combat. Ethan is better at combat due to his training in the three years’ time skip. There are more weapons, ammo, and opportunities for you which makes combat easier. Resident Evil Village does not have a large number of enemy variety but it’s enough for the type of game it is. However, enemy variety is certainly better than Resident Evil 7. Combat is a major aspect of the game which makes you think, Is Resident Evil 8 worth it? there is more.

The feeling of dread is still as prevalent in the game as it was in the RE 7 but this time you have a fighting chance. There is still the feeling of dread and survival. You will constantly craft health items and other consumables. The dread of running out of items is still there when you need it the most, this intensity in the middle of combat makes Resident Evil 8 a fun game. It is easier than the first game since there is a fighting chance for you.

Boss encounters are short but they are intense. The scale and looks of bosses are good but they are not as intense. Most of them have glowing parts on the back that acts as weak points which makes it easier to take them down. Unlike previous Resident Evil games, bosses are kind of human which makes them look less frightening and evil looking. In RE7 bosses were also human-looking but they had a sense of dread which is lacking in the Resident Evil 8.

You Are Slow But So Are the Enemies

Ethan is slow but so are the enemies that he fights. Not even a single enemy is fast enough to outrun you. You can make a quick escape by shooting the weak point and slowing them down. Nearly all enemies have weak points that can help you quickly take them down. Anticipate their movement and escape before they even have a chance to attack you. It is all about hit and run tactic. All you have to do is keep your distance between you and your enemies which is easy since you are faster than them.

Holding your hand can reduce the damage you take. Even though your movements are slow you can still outpace enemies. The fast movement is a reminiscence of Resident Evil 4 because it is making the FPS perspective of RE8 fast just like what RE4 did with the series. Combat and the setting of Resident Evil Village share some similarities with Resident Evil 4. It might disappoint you if you like the slow horror driven nature of RE7.


Weapons always had strong feedback in the series. RE7 also had solid gunplay but Resident Evil 8 is making it look even better. Part of the reason for the strong gunplay is the first-person perspective and combat-heavy nature of the game. Weapons have amazing feedback and their sound effects are good as well. The way projectiles hit targets the target and the way weapons react after firing is quite satisfying. Headshot kills make a satisfying effect that will let you know that you don’t have to worry about enemies anymore.

Shots can take multiple enemies at the same time. Especially the shotgun which can stop a group of enemies in their tracks. The carnage of taking down multiple enemies with a single shot makes the gunplay even more fun. Unlike RE7 or other difficult games, small enemies won’t even terrify you. You can kill them with ease but if they attack in large numbers then they can overwhelm you. However, just keeping distance and shooting such enemies can keep them at bay. Is Resident Evil 8 worth it for its gunplay and combat?

Stealth and intense combat are both parts of the game but it still maintains that dread through mystery. There are still spooky moments in the game that will get you into a panic. Despite all its differences, the game keeps on evolving with each area keeping it fresh throughout 7 to 10 hours of playtime. The game will experience stealth, intense combat, dread, and spookiness while still retaining the core features.

General Gameplay

Resident Evil Village is fast like RE4 yet it plays similar to the Resident Evil Biohazard. Movements are still low but combat and action are fast. It has the same intense beginning as Resident Evil 7. Despite having more combat, the intensity of sequences is still as good as the last game. There is a lot of exploration in the game and the exploration is as rewarding as all the previous Resident Evil games. Is Resident Evil 8 worth it for you for its general gameplay?

Some of the weapon attachments and weapons can only be found through exploration, making exploration more desirable. You can also kill different small animals and bring them back to The Duke. He will cook dishes for you that can improve your health, block, etc.

You might need to solve puzzles to get a weapon attachment or weapon like the previous RE games. The game has a decent amount of puzzles though none of them are mind-boggling. You can usually find the answer somewhere nearby. Nearly all of the puzzles are not part of the main storyline. This might disappoint some players since most of the games in the series have puzzles but for me, it was a good thing.

Crafting and Merchant

You can craft more bullets and consumables by using supplies that you find around the map. The good thing about crafting ingredients is they don’t take any space in the inventory. So you can carry as much of them as you want since there is no storage box. You have the suitcase and everything you have will be in that suitcase. All your weapons, ammo, and consumables can only be stored in the suitcase. If you are out of space then you can buy a larger suitcase from The Duke that will help you store more items. You can also buy ammo and consumables from the Merchant called The Duke. What do you think Is Resident Evil 8 worth it? For the inclusion of RPG mechanics.

The inclusion of the merchant is another similarity that it shares with Resident Evil 4. Merchant can also help you in upgrading your weapons. You can improve different aspects of guns such as clip size, reload speed, damage, etc. You can also buy ammo and other stuff from the merchant. To get upgrades and other items from the merchant you will need currency. This currency can be taken from downed enemies and can also be found in different places on the map. These RPG-type mechanics make exploration more rewarding since they will help you get more stuff. You will also find weapons and upgrades around the map which makes exploration rewarding.


You can get a lot of guns as you progress and search around. The only way to store them by using the suitcase. Sorting inventory is fun and challenging at the same time. If you can sort inventory with care then you can actually make more space and take more stuff with you. So carrying capacity is not just numbers but requires careful consideration as well.

End Game Content

The game has a Mercenary mode, that offers furious combat. You have to kill enemies as quickly as possible to earn points. The more enemies you kill the better will be your score. It is a traditional arcade-style mode that is just there to be an extra mode besides the story mode. Survival is the goal and the longer you survive the better will be your score. The mode takes place in the four areas of the base game so don’t expect to see any new sights. Is Resident Evil 8 worth it? to you for its end-game content. There is more to it.

Mercenary mode is being held back by the slow nature of the game. The mode has chaotic combat but the limitation of movements can be nascence. Slow movements just do not sit well with the fast combat of the game. It is not as fast as a combat-driven game but it certainly deserves better than the slow movements it has. There are also perks in the mode that will let you do more damage, increase headshot damage, increase health, explode enemies, etc. The Mercenary mode is not something new to the series but it feels new because it is in the first-person perspective.

The Gripping Feeling

You will get access to the Mercenary mode after completing the game. Despite being more combat-heavy, the game is still slow but Ethan is now stronger compared to Resident Evil 7. His experience along with more availability of weapons and items makes the game easier compared to the last one. There is a large amount of exploration and enemies are better than before. Werewolves will throw weapons and arrows at you rather than normal attacks like other RE games. Enemies are humanoid rather than being monsters without intelligence. Is Resident Evil 8 worth it for the horror and dread that it offers?

The setting has the feeling of Transylvania though the game itself is less frightening than RE7. Bosses are not as aggressive and frightening as they were in the previous one. Each area will evolve the game and let you experience, stealth, psychological horror, combat, and so on. The constant evolution of the game keeps it interesting.

A New Path

Resident Evil Village is a deep game that capitalizes on horror and integrates it into combat. There is a deep sense of exploration and the feeling of dread throughout the game. Since it is an FPS game, you feel a deeper connection to Ethan. His scare, panic, and dread reflect on you. You get to experience everything up-close due to the first-person perspective of the game.

One of the main things that make RE8 different than other games in the series is the way it feels and looks. It does not feel like a sci-fi game but rather a supernatural game. RE7 gives the series a different kind of feeling and Resident Evil 8 is taking that to the next level. These first-person shooter Resident Evil games have a different type of identity. Enemies are more human and some of the character choices might not sit well with some players. You can find evidence of Umbrella Corporation involvement but it not that strong. In a sense, the game is barely keeping its link with the series.


Resident Evil Village is another first-person game in the series that is more action-oriented. There is still intense horror in the game but it is not that prevalent. Most of the game is pretty similar to Resident Evil Biohazard and does not bring something unique to the table. There is nothing that the game does better than other games of the series besides the integration of horror with combat. The fan service was also an important part of the game before release but it not that extensive in the game. Resident Evil Village has good combat with constant horror and some weird movements. The constant evolution of the game makes it even better.

Now let’s answer the question “Is Resident Evil 8 worth it?” The game is not as strong as RE7 in the horror department so if you expect the same experience then you might be disappointed. At its core, it is similar to Resident Evil 7 so despite some differences it has a similar feeling. So you have enjoyed the previous game then you will enjoy this one as well. Resident Evil Village is a good sequel and continuation of Resident Evil 7. It is a treat for fans of horror as well as new and old fans of the series. If you have anything to say about the game then let us know in the comments.

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