The Division 2 AR Build (Melt Armor of Enemies)

The Division 2 AR Build (Melt Armor of Enemies)

Assault rifles are an important part of any game and Division 2 is no different with The Division 2 AR build you can shoot enemies from distance without losing range, stability and RPM. ARs are the best weapon type of the game and in the TU12.1 they are dominating. Most players make DPS builds with Assault Rifle acting as a primary or secondary weapon. They have damage to health as secondary damage which makes them quite good against enemies especially robots and big guys. Assault rifles have the second-highest RPM in the game. You can use Assault Rifle from distance without losing damage to the range. The Division 2 AR build is a build that works well whenever you need high DPS to take down enemies.

Pieces You Need

You would need 2 pieces Walker Harris & Co. 1 piece of Grupo Sombra S.A., Named Petrov Defense Group gloves called Contractor Gloves, Named Overlord Armaments knee pads called Fox’s Prayer, Ceska Vyroba s.r.o or Coyote Mask. All these pieces would give you damage to armor, damage to target out of cover, weapon damage, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage. It’s going to melt the armor but if you want a build with high critical damage then make the DPS build. The Division 2 AR build is going to melt armor like nothing else.

2 Pieces of Walker Harris & Co.

Using a piece of Walker Harris & Co. is going to give you 5% weapon damage. 2 pieces would give you 5% weapon damage and 5% damage to armor. Since damage to armor is multiplicative damage, it’s going to increase your overall damage output.

Walker, Harris & Co

1 Piece of Grupo Sombra S.A.

A piece of Grupo Sombra S.A. will give you 15% critical hit damage. This will help in increasing the critical hit damage of The Division 2 AR build.

Contractor Gloves

Contractor Gloves are named Petrov Defense Group gloves that will give you 10% LMG damage but that’s not what we are using them for unless LMG is your secondary weapon. It is the only gear piece with 8% damage to armor which will combine with 5% damage to the armor of Walker Harris & Co. Both these pieces will give you damage to armor 13% from gear pieces alone. It is multiplicative damage so you will be doing 13% extra damage whenever you are shooting the armor of enemies.

Fox’s Prayer

The named Overlord knee pads are Fox’s Prayer. It is the only gear piece with damage to target out of cover. Using Fox’s Prayer will give you 8% damage to target out of cover which is multiplicative damage. Every enemy that is not taking cover will be taking 8% extra damage which is practically every enemy since enemies get out or cover when they are shooting. Multiplicative damage is always preferable over additive damage since it gives you more DPS.

The Division 2 AR Build

Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. or Coyote

There is no gear piece on The Division 2 AR build that gives you the critical hit chance as the main attribute. Using Ceska Vyroba s.r.o can help you max out your critical hit chance. You can use critical hit chance mods on weapons to max out the critical hit chance. Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. won’t give you any damage attribute but it will increase your chances of landing more critical hits.

Coyote mask is the best gear set if you want both critical hit chance and critical hit damage. The distance from the last enemy you hit will dictate how much damage you do to enemies. 0 to 15 meters will give you 25% critical damage, 15 to 25 meters will give you 10% critical hit chance, and critical hit damage. Beyond 25 meters, it will give you 25% critical hit damage. Since you will be staying between 0 to 25 meters of enemies most of the time, the first two buffs will be active most of the time. Your allies will also get the buff so they can activate it for you as well.


You can use a variety of talents on The Division 2 AR build depending on your playstyle. However, Vigilance works best on bag packs due to the high weapon damage that it gives you. You can use Obliterate, Spotter, or Glass Cannon on the chest piece. For more survivability, you can use Unbreakable with The Division 2 AR build.

Valiance (Bag Pack Talent)

Valiance is a talent on bag pack that will increase your weapon damage by 25%. This buff will disable for 4 seconds whenever you take damage.


Obliterate (Chest Piece talent)

Landing a critical hit will increase your weapon damage by 1% and it stacks up to 25 times. Stacks last for 5 seconds and any critical hit that you land in that 5 seconds window will refresh the buff. You can keep up Obliterate stacks as long as you are landing a critical hit in 5 seconds. It works best with weapons that have high RPM.

The Division 2 AR Build

Spotter (Chest Piece talent)

Spotter is a talent with multiplicative damage talent and it will increase your weapon damage by 15% against pulsed enemies. The problem with this talent is that you have to pulse enemies. You can either use skills such as pulse, striker drone, and spotter drone or under-barrel attachment from Technician Specialization to pulse enemies.

Glass Cannon (Chest Piece talent)

Glass Cannon is the talent that will increase your damage whether you are using skill build or DPS build or Hybrid Build. It will increase your damage by 25% and it does not need any condition to activate. The problem with this talent is that it will also increase the damage you receive by 50%. So it will reduce your armor by half making you extremely squishy.

Unbreakable (Chest Piece talent)

Unbreakable won’t give you any damage but it will give you a second chance just like the solo build. Whenever your armor breaks, you will get 95% of your armor back. The cool-down time of this talent is 60 seconds. So after every 60 seconds, you will have a second chance and it will save you from death.


Since it is The Division 2 AR build, Assault Rifle is an obvious choice. Your secondary weapon can either be LMG or Rifle because two of the gear pieces on the build are giving you attribute for these weapons. The only thing that you have to worry about is using damage talent of weapons.

Assault Rifle

You can use any assault rifle you want with The Division 2 AR build. Use the talent that either gives you stability, accuracy, or damage. I use a variety of AR weapons depending on the scenario. You can use Carbine 7, FAMAS, Any AK, Police M4, Any FAL, or any other assault rifle as long as you are comfortable using it. Just make sure that its third sub-attribute is either damage to armor or damage to target out of cover.

Using Measured, Strained, Optimist, Ranger, Breakfast, or any other damage talent will give you more damage while using other talents will give you weapon handling. You can also use weapon mods to increase weapon handling (accuracy, stability and reload speed. You can also use Eagle Bearer if you have it but I would not recommend it since it is not as strong as it used to be.

The Division 2 AR Build

LMG or Rifle

You have to use LMG or Rifle as a secondary weapon with The Division 2 AR build. Two of the gear pieces on the build are giving you 10% LMG damage and 10% Rifle damage. Just like the ARs, use the talent that gives you damage. You can use weapon mods to stabilize the weapons. LMGs have high RPM so use that if you are using Obliterate talent on the chest piece.


Any specialization would work well with The Division 2 AR build since it’s all about DPS. If you are using Spotter talent on chest pieces then use Technician since it will give you an under-barrel attachment that will pulse enemies thus activating the talent. You can also use Sharp Shooter specialization with spotter since Spotter Drone can pulse a large number of enemies. Gunner works well if your secondary weapon is an LMG because it gives bigger mag to LMGs. If you want more survivability then use Demolitionist or Survivalist specialization.

The Division 2 AR Build (Melt Armor of Enemies)

How to make The Division 2 Assault Rifle build?

To make the AR build, you would need to put critical hit chance and critical hit damage on all sub-cores. Use critical hit damage on the second sub-core of both Contractor gloves and Fox’s Prayer gloves because their first core will already be occupied. Don’t use critical hit chance on them since you can max out your critical hit chance with weapon mods. Use critical hit damage and critical hit chance wherever you can place them. To increase your critical hit damage you would need to use critical hit damage mods on all gear mod slots. If you have Coyote mask then the 50% critical hit chance is enough since you can max it out through Pack Instinct talent from the mask. Now that you know how to make Division 2 AR build it’s time to get started.

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