The Division 2 Sniper Build (Headshot Build)

The Division 2 Sniper Build (Headshot Build)

If you want a build that can help you do a large amount of damage or one-shot enemies then The Division 2 sniper build could help you do it. Depending on the talents you can either kill elites with one shot or two shots. Using Head Hunter will allow you to kill all enemies with one shot. If the head of the enemy is visible then you can kill them with a single headshot. All you have to do is take a single headshot and the enemy would be down. You can also use Focus talent if headshots are not your cup of tea. Regardless of the talent, you use The Division 2 sniper build will help you do a large amount of damage.

Pieces You Need

To make The Division 2 sniper build you would need three pieces of Providence, Fox’s Prayer, Grupo Sombra S.A. or Walker, Harris & Co., Coyote Mask, or 1 piece Airaldi Holdings. The combination of all these pieces can give you a large amount of damage and headshot damage.

3 Pieces of Providence or Grupo Sombra S.A.

Providence can work well with DPS builds and The Division 2 sniper build is no exception. Using 1 piece of Providence would give you 15% headshot, 2 pieces would give you 15% headshot and 10% critical chance, 3 pieces would give you 15% headshot damage, 10% critical chance, and 15% critical hit damage.

If you want some extra critical hit damage for The Division 2 sniper build then use Grupo Sombra S.A. It will give you 15% critical hit damage. Grupo Sombra S.A. is not that important for the build as you will still have enough critical damage even if you are not using it. If you want to have more critical hit damage then use it.

Using 3 pieces of Providence and one piece of Grupo Sombra S.A. will give you 15% additional critical hit damage. Using 2 pieces of Providence and 1 piece of Grupo Sombra S.A. is also an option since the end result would remain the same.

Fox’s Prayer

If you don’t want to use Airaldi Holdings and want to get multiplicative damage in the form of damage to target out of cover then Fox’s Prayer. It is the only gear piece with damage to target out of cover. It is going to add to your base damage thus increasing both your weapon damage and headshot damage.

The Division 2 LMG Build

Walker, Harris & Co. or Airaldi Holdings

You can use Walker, Harris & Co., it will give you 5% weapon damage. This 5% weapon will increase the damage of your secondary weapon as well even if it is not a marksman rifle. If you want to use a gear piece with the Perfect Head Hunter then you have to use Walker, Harris & Co. Its named chest piece is the only gear piece with Perfect Head Hunter.

Using Airaldi Holdings will give you 10% marksman rifle damage. Marksman rifle damage is sniper damage and it will increase the base damage of your sniper. Airaldi Holdings makes it easier for you to kill enemies with a single headshot.

Coyote Mask

Coyote Mask is an exotic mask that can increase critical hit chance and critical damage up to 25%. The buff of this mask is also applied to everyone in the team, not just the wearer. The more is the distance between you and your enemies the more will be the damage.

The Division2 Coyote Mask

Gear Talent

There are three or two talents on The Division 2 sniper build, depending on the pieces you use. Vigilance, Focus, or Head Hunter, or Pack Instincts. You can either use Focus or Head Hunter talent on your chest piece. If you are focusing on headshots then use Head Hunter and if you want to focus on raw damage as well as headshot then use Focus. Pack Instincts is available on Coyote Mask so if you don’t have Coyote Mask then you will only have talents on the bag pack and chest piece.

Head Hunter

Head Hunter is a talent that can help you kill enemies with a single headshot. Enemies are spongy in the game but Head Hunter can help get around this problem. Getting Perfect Headhunter talent is easier since it can drop outside the Dark Zone in target farming. Perfect Headhunter talent is available on named Walker, Harris & Co. called Chainkiller. When you kill an enemy with a headshot then the next shot from the weapon within 30 seconds does 125% (150% Perfect Headhunter) more damage of that killing blow. The damage will cap at 800% weapon damage. If your headshot is more than 150% then your weapon damage will cap at 1250%. Head Hunter can help you take down even the named enemies with a single headshot.

The Division 2 Head Hunter


Focus is a talent that can increase your weapon damage by 5% (6% Perfect Focus) for every second that you are aiming with an 8X or higher scoop. It can increase your weapon damage by 50% (60% Perfect Focus). You can achieve 60% max weapon damage by aiming for 10 seconds. The talent can only be activated if you are aiming with an 8X or higher scope. Reloads and blots do not deactivate this talent. The Focus can remain active for 1 second before deactivation. If taking headshots is not your cup of tea then you can use Focus with The Division 2 sniper build. It won’t give you as much damage as Head Hunter but it is more than any other talent.

The Division 2 Sniper Build (Headshot Build)


It is a talent that gives you 25% weapon damage as long as you don’t take damage. Taking damage will deactivate this buff for 4 seconds. Perfect Vigilance only disables it for 3 seconds if you take damage. However, Perfect Vigilance is only available on a named Providence bag pack called The Gift which is a Dark Zone exclusive piece.

Pack Instincts

Pack Instincts is a talent on Coyote exotic mask. It can increase your damage depending on your distance from the enemies. At 15 meters the buff will give you 25% critical hit damage, from 15 to 25 meters 10% extra critical hit damage and critical hit chance. Beyond 25 meters it will give you additional 25% critical hit damage. The buff is also applied to your teammates, so the damage is for everyone in the team.


Since it is The Division 2 sniper build, a marksman rifle would be your main source of damage. The build does not have any skill damage so all of your damage will come from weapons. I usually use Nemesis or Mentis both of which are exotic sniper rifles. Nemesis has the highest damage in the entire game with the raw damage of more than 2.2 million. On the other hand, Mantis Highlights weak points and heads of enemies making it easier to take headshots. You can use any other marksman rifles since you will still be able to one-shot named and elite enemies as long as you are using head hunter.


Nemesis is the weapon with the highest base damage in the entire game. It does as much damage as the Signature weapon of the Sharpshooter class. The problem with Nemesis is that you have to hold the trigger for maximum damage. You have to charge it for a couple of seconds to reach the max damage. If you don’t kill the enemy you are aiming at then the charge time is reduced. The damage of Nemesis is from 0-100% depending on the charging time.


The scope of Mentis will highlight weak points and heads of enemies along with other information if they are not targeting you. Your damage towards headshots or weak points of enemies that are not targeting you is amplified by 50%. Headshot kills will also reset the cooldown time of the Decoy Skill. If Decoy is active then the buff will wait till it’s back on cooldown to rest it. It means that your Decoy can stay active forever as long as you are killing with headshots.

Marksman Rifles

You can use any marksman rifle with The Division 2 sniper build. Marksman rifles have Headshot damage as their secondary damage core. So you can use any bolt action marksman rifle with decent stats to take down enemies with a single shot or do a large amount of damage. Just use the talent on your marksman rifle that increases your damage. Since you won’t have much armor unlike a shield build, you can use marksman rifles for a quick headshot.

Secondary Weapon

Using a secondary weapon is your choice and you can use any weapon type as a secondary weapon with this build. I use an assault rifle as a secondary weapon because it’s easy to take headshots with rifles and ARs.


The specialization for this build should be Sharp Shooter. It is the best specialization for The Division 2 sniper build just like Technician is a good specialization for a hybrid or skill builds. Using Sharp Shooter specialization would help buff your teammates’ damage as well. The specialization comes with Flashbang grenades that can blind enemies. You will get 15% weapon stability and target acquisition. Armor kits will remove bleed, poison, and burn status effects while giving you resistance against these effects for 20 seconds.

The specialization comes with Spotter Drone so you can use it for more awareness of the surroundings. Sharp Shooter specialization also comes with Digital Scope that can give you 45% headshot damage at the cost of 5% reduced critical hit damage. The Specialization weapon of Sharpshooter specialization is a .50 caliber sniper that can do an immense amount of damage.

Group members that are closer to enemies than you will get an additional 10% headshot damage. When you are in cover you will get some extra armor giving you a little protection. You will get 50% pulse resistance. When you stay in cover for 20 seconds you will start generating 5 marksmen and 5 rifle ammo every 10 seconds. This will keep your ammo supply consistent during combat. The most important aspect of this specialization is the 15% headshot damage that it gives you when using marksman rifles and rifles. Since it is The Division 2 sniper build so you will be using a marksman rifle or rifle so the damage will make a difference.

The Division 2 Sniper Build (Headshot Build)

How To Make The Division 2 Sniper Build?

Use three pieces of Providence or two pieces of Providence and one piece of Grupo Sombra S.A. The end result would remain the same, just like the LMG build. Use Fox’s Prayer knee pads for 8% damage to target out of cover. Walker, Harris & Co. would give you 5% weapon damage. The named chest piece of Walker, Harris & Co. also comes with Perfect Headhunter so if you have it then use it to make The Division 2 sniper build. In case you are not using ChainKiller which is a named Walker, Harris & Co. then use Pristine Example which is a named Airaldi Holdings chest piece that comes with Perfect Focus.

The last piece of the build is the Coyote mask and if you don’t have it then you can use any other piece mentioned above as a substitute. Use headshot damage mods on all of the mod slots to maximize your headshot damage. If you are using Focus then you can also use critical hit damage on the mode slots as well.

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