The Division 2 LMG Build (The Obliterate)

The Division 2 LMG Build (The Obliterate)

Builds are one of the important parts of Division 2 and if you are considering a DPS build then The Division 2 LMG build can be a good choice. LMGs are good for doing consistent damage due to their high magazine size. Stacking damage through hits is easier with LMG than any other weapon type. A good LMG build needs to have high damage that can be stacked for maximum efficiency. Doing so would keep your damage high without sacrificing armor unlike glass cannon build. The amount of damage you do would also depend on the LMG you are using. The Division 2 LMG build can enable you to do up to 700k to 1 million damage with each shot at max stacks.

Pieces You Need

To make The Division 2 LMG build, you need 3 Pieces of Providence, or 2 Pieces of Providence, and 1 Grupo Somba S.A. Along with these three pieces you would also need Contractor gloves which are Petrov named gloves, Fox’s Prayer which are named Overlord knee pads, and Coyote’s Mask which is an exotic mask. The six pieces will give you a large amount of damage.

The Division 2 LMG Build

3 Pieces Providence or 2 Pieces Providence and 1 Grupo Sombra S.A.

A piece of Providence can give you 15% headshot damage. Two pieces would give you 15% headshot damage and a 10% critical hit chance. Three pieces would give you 15% headshot damage, 10% critical hit chance, and 15% critical hit damage. If you don’t have three good Providence pieces then you can use Grupo Sombra S.A. to get 15% critical hit damage and the result would remain the same.

Petrov Contractor Gloves

Contractor gloves are named Petrov gloves that would give you 10% LMG damage and 8% damage to armor as a sub-core. Contractor gloves are the only gear piece with 8% damage to armor as a sub-core which is the highest on any gear piece in The Division 2. The only other gear piece with damage to armor is Walker, Harris & Co. but you have to equip two gear pieces to get 5% damage to armor. Walker, Harris & Co. offers 5% damage to armor as an attribute not as a sub-core. Contractor gloves are an important part of the Division 2 LMG build.

Fox’s Prayer

Fox’s Prayer is named Overlord knee pads with 8% damage to target out of cover as sub-core. These are the only knee pads with damage to target out of cover. Damage to target out of cover is the rarest form of damage that cannot be found on any other gear piece. Using Fox’s Prayer in The Division 2 LMG build will help you a lot in increasing your damage. It is multiplicative damage so it will add up with damage to target out of cover on your weapon because LMG has damage to target out of cover as secondary damage.

Fox's Prayer

Coyote’s Mask or Ceska Vyroba s.r.o.

Coyote’s Mask is an exotic mask that has Pack Instinct which can increase your critical hit chance and critical hit damage by 25%. Using Coyote’s Mask can increase your damage output by large numbers. If you don’t have Coyote’s Mask then use Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. to max out your critical hit chance.

Gear Talent

You would need to have Obliterate talent on your chest piece and Vigilance talent on your backpack. If you are using Coyote’s Mask you will have Pack Instinct talent since it is an exotic mask


Obliterate is the talent that makes The Division 2 LMG build different from other DPS builds. Critical hits increase weapon damage by 1% and max stacks are 25. So at the max stack, your weapon damage will increase by 25%. Stacks only last for 5 seconds and any critical hit will refresh the stacking time. So even if you land a single critical hit, you will have 5 seconds to apply the next stack. Since LMGs have large mag size you can easily keep sustained damage for a longer duration. Obliterate is a perfect talent for Division 2 LMG build.


Vigilance is a talent that can increase your damage by 25%. Your damage with Vigilance will increase by 25% if you have it on your bag pack. However, taking damage can disable this buff for 4 seconds. If you have Perfect Vigilance then taking damage will only disable it for 3 seconds. Perfect Vigilance can only be found on the named Providence bag pack called The Gift which is a Dark Zone exclusive.

Pack Instinct

Every Coyote’s Mask has Pack Instinct talent since it is an exotic gear piece. Pack Instinct can help you maximize your critical hit chance even if you are using a hybrid build. Coyote’s Mask is an important part of the build that will play a major role in increasing the damage of The Division 2 LMG build. Depending on your distance from enemies Coyote’s Mask can increase your critical hit chance and critical hit damage up to 25%.

From 0 to 15 meters you get 25% critical hit damage, from 15 to 25 meters you get 10% critical hit chance and 10% critical hit damage, Enemies that are at more than 25 meters away give you a 25% critical hit chance. These buffs are applied to everyone in the team, not just you. So you and your teammates can get all the buffs at the same time when in the team because everyone will have a different distance from enemies.

The Division 2


Since it is The Division 2 LMG build Light Machine Guns are an important part of the build. There are many options when choosing a machine gun for an LMG build. However, you should go for LMGs with high damage and RPM. All LMGs have high magazine sizes aside from a few. Using an LMG with 100 or more than 100 rounds is always a good option. You can use other LMGs if you prefer stability but it’s all about choice and play style. Using an LMG with high magazine size can help you do sustained damage with Obliterate talent. You can also use exotic LMG such as Bullet King and Pestilence. Your secondary weapon should be an AR because you need a weapon with high RPM that can do damage from a distance.

The Division 2 LMG Build

Weapon Talents

Any talent that helps you do more damage or stabilize your weapon will work with The Division 2 LMG build. LMGs are the most unstable weapons in the game and if you can’t handle its recoil then use talent or attachments to stabilize it. If you want to do damage then use Frenzy, Killer, Strained, Optimist, Ranger, or any talent that increases your DPS. Use weapons that give you weapon handling or stability if you want to stabilize the LMG. Using Sleipnir is also an option which is a named LMG and comes with Perfect Frenzy. Unlike normal Frenzy, Perfect Frenzy gives you a 3% rate of fire and 3% weapon damage for 5 seconds for every 8 bullets in the magazine. The buff activates if you reload from an empty magazine. The buff lasts for 5 seconds after the reload.

The Division 2 Strained Weapon Talent


Gunner Specialization works well with The Division 2 LMG build because the Large Pouch is exclusive to it which can increase the magazine capacity of LMGs by 50 rounds. It is the only magazine pouch that can add 50 rounds to an LMG. Every 3rd Reload is 50% faster, You will have 10% weapon handling when not moving for 1 second, You gain 10% of total ammo capacity after every 60 seconds, After each kills your rate of fire will increase by 5% for 5 seconds, Gunner Specialization will also give you 10% armor on kill. It is the perfect specialization for an LMG build.

How to Make The Division 2 LMG build

Equip three pieces of Providence or two pieces of Providence and one Grupo Sombra S.A. The end result would remain the same whichever one of them you equip. Equip Contractor gloves and Fox’s Prayer knee pads to increase the damage output. You should equip a Coyote’s Mask but if you don’t have it then equip Ceska Vyroba s.r.o to max out your critical hit chance. Reroll all sub cores to critical hit chance and critical hit damage. Reroll critical hit damage on both Fox’s Prayer and Contractor gloves since you can max out critical hit chance. Use critical hit damage on every mod slot for maximum damage output.

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