The Division 2 Chameleon Build (High RPM Killer)

Chameleon is an assault rifle with one of the highest RPM, The Division 2 Chameleon build capitalizes on its attributes and talent making it an amazing combination. It is one of the three highest RPM assault rifles which enables it to do massive damage in a short time. It is one of the few weapons that enable you to reach the critical hit chance cap with minimum use of this attribute. The Division 2 Chameleon Build considers everything that the weapon is bringing to the table. It uses talents, gear pieces, and attributes to make the most out of it. Every piece of the Striker build is there to max out the efficiency of the build and make it as good as possible.

Pieces You Need

You would need 4 pieces of Striker’s Battlegear. Using it would give you Weapon Handling, Rate of Fire, and Striker’s Gamble Talent. The talent and attributes of the gear set will have a massive impact on the DPS of The Division 2 Chameleon Build. Your chest piece can be Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. or Grupo Sombra S.A. or Walker, Harris & Co. Your backpack has to be Memento because the three cores on the exotic piece are important for the build.

4 Pieces Striker’s Battlegear

Striker’s Battlegear is a green gear set so you have to use 4 of them to unlock everything that the gear set offering. Using 2 pieces would give you 15% weapon handling. 3 pieces would give you 15% weapon handling you and a 15% rate of fire. Using 4 pieces will give you 15% weapon handling, 15% rate of fire and will also unlock Striker’s Gamble talent which will increase the weapon damage of the build to a great degree.

Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. or Grupo Sombra S.A. or Walker, Harris & Co.

Using Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. would give you a 10% critical hit chance and it can enable you to max out the critical hit chance on The Division 2 Chameleon build. If you are using Ceska Vyroba s.r.o. then you do not need to use critical hit chance as a sub-attribute on most pieces since Chameleon has a lot of critical hit chance.

Grupo Sombra S.A. is a gear piece with a 15% critical hit chance as the first core attribute. Using a piece of Grupo Sombra S.A. would grant you 15% critical hit damage. You would need to use critical hit chance on at least 2 gear pieces to max out the critical hit chance on the build if you use Grupo Sombra S.A.

Walker, Harris & Co. is also an option since it can give you 5% weapon damage or you can use Fenris Group AB since it has 10% Assault Rifle Damage. However, using Fenris would not give a buff to other types of weapons on the Striker build. Walker, Harris & Co. is a better option since it will increase the damage of every type of weapon on the build including the Signature Weapon.

Memento Bag Pack

Memento is an exotic bag pack it has an Armor core, Weapon Damage Core, and Skill Core. Using Memento will give 2 skill tiers to the shield since it gets tiers from both yellow and blue core. If you want to make The Division 2 Chameleon build more tanky then a Memento backpack is a must. All you would need to max out your shield tier would be 3 blue cores, a skill tier from Technician Specialization, and a Memento backpack.



There are three talents on the build Striker’s Gamble, Obliterate, and Kill Confirmed. Talents are the main source of damage for The Division 2 Chameleon build not the attributes.

Kill Confirmed

Memento is an exotic bag pack that has kill confirmed talent. When you kill enemies they will drop a trophy. Picking the trophy will grant you 5% weapon damage for each red core, 10% bonus armor for each blue core, and 5% skill efficacy for each skill core for 10 seconds.

Kill Confirmed talent will also increase your weapon damage, skill efficiency by 30% and give you up to 3% armor regen for 5 minutes. You have to kill 30 enemies to reach the max stacks. Picking even a single trophy will refresh the buff. You can keep the long-term buff throughout the game as long as you pick a trophy in the 5 minutes while the buff is active. There is a bug in the game so you might need to pick more than one trophy in 5 minutes to keep the buff active.

Striker’s Gamble

It is the talent that you get by using 4 pieces of Striker’s Battlegear. When you hit an enemy then it will amplify weapon damage by 0.5% for each hit. It can stack up to 50 times so your weapon damage will amplify by 25% at max stack. You will lose one stack each second and 2 stacks every time you miss the hit. Since you will be close to the enemies most of the time the chances of missing shots are not that high.

Chameleon has high RPM, you can quickly max out the stacks. With 15% RPM from Striker’s Battlegear, your RPM will be 1035, and 15% weapon handling from Striker’s Battlegear will help you aim more easily. Striker’s Gamble has multiplicative damage so it’s more than just 25%.


Obliterate is a talent that will work hand in hand with Striker’s Gamble talent to increase the damage. Landing critical hits on enemies will increase weapon damage by 1% and it stacks up to 25 times. So at max stacks, you will have 25% weapon damage. It lasts for 5 seconds and landing even a single critical hit will refresh the talent.

You will be at max stack by the time the magazine is empty. Since you will be close to enemies, you will have max stacks for the second magazine. Obliterate is additive damage so it is exactly 25% and is not as powerful as Striker’s Gamble. However, you won’t lose any shots upon missing hits which keep The Division 2 Chameleon build balanced.


Technician Specialization is a must for the Striker Build if you want to make the most out of it. The skill tier and Artificer Hive from Technician specialization is important for the shield. The specialization will also give you damage to robotics and 10% healing skill among other things.


You have to use the Crusader Shield as one of the skills. Your second skill should be Artificer Hive because it will heal your shield. The Memento will increase the Efficiency of your shield and Artificer Hive as well.

Crusader Shield

The Crusader Shield will help you get close to enemies so, the chances of missing shots are minimum when you are shooting enemies. We don’t want to miss any shots because missing shots would mean losing stacks. The skill tier from Technician specialization will give one skill tier to the shield. Memento will give you two shield tiers from its skill and armor core. So you will have three shield tiers from a gear piece and specialization alone.

Artificer Hive

Artificer Hive will increase the efficiency of your shield to a great degree. The hive will also get buff from 10% healing skill of the Technician Specialization. Artificer Hive will refresh a specific amount of your shield’s health after every few seconds. The amount of healing does depend on the skill tier. So you don’t have to worry about the health of the shield that much on The Division 2 Chameleon build.


The main source of damage on Striker build is Chameleon since every part of it supports it to maximize the damage. You will have 1035 RPM with The Division 2 Chameleon build. Your secondary weapon should be an SMG since SMGs are the only weapons that can keep up with the low critical hit chance of the build.

The Division 2 Chameleon Build (High RPM Killer)


Chameleon is the weapon of choice for the Striker build since it relies on its talent and attributes to maximize the damage. The weapon has Adaptive Instinct talent which increases the damage based on the body parts you are hitting. Landing 30 Headshots will grant you a 20% critical hit chance, and 50% critical hit damage for 45 seconds. Lading 75 shots on the body will grant you 90% weapon damage for 45 seconds. 30 leg shots will grant you 150% reload speed for 45 seconds. Each part of the Adaptive Instinct will activate separately. So your weapon damage will keep on increasing as long as you are landing hits.


You can use any SMG as a secondary weapon since you will only be using it when you are out of ammo. SMGs are the only weapon type that has 21% critical hit damage as a secondary attribute.  The Division 2 Chameleon build has a low critical hit chance. SMGs are the only weapons that can max out critical hit chance without relying on critical hit chance from the gear pieces. The talent on SMG can be Optimist, Killer, Strained, or any other talent that helps you get more damage. SMGs are closed-range weapons and you will be close to the enemies most of the time since it is a closed-range build.

The Division 2 Chameleon Build (High RPM Killer)

How to Make The Division 2 Chameleon Build?

Use critical hit damage on most of the gear pieces and try to get close to at least 50% critical hit chance. You will be getting most of your critical hit chance from the weapons. Use critical hit damage and critical hit chance mods on mod slots depending on your requirements. Find at least 1 Striker’s Battlegear piece with critical hit damage and critical hit chance. You have to change its weapon damage core with armor cores to increase your shield skill tier and survivability. You can also use 3 Striker’s Battlegear pieces to make your shield tier 6. This is how you can increase the damage and efficiency of the Striker build.

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