The Division 2 DPS Build AR Build With Survivability

The Division 2 DPS Build (Unbreakable DPS)

The Division 2 DPS build can really make a difference if you are planning on doing quick damage. There are multiple options while making a DPS build. The primary focus on DPS build is critical hit damage and critical hit chance. A DPS build makes you squishy but at the same time, it enables you to do maximum damage in minimum time. The Unbreakable Division 2 DPS build not only has more survivability but also packs a mean punch. Your maximum AR critical hit with this build will go as high as 1 million depending on the talent and AR you are using. This is all DPS build with a slight emphasis on survivability.

The Pieces You Need

You need three pieces Providence, Fenris Group AB or Coyote Mask (if you have it), Fox’s Prayer knee pads, and Grupo Sombra S.A.


To get the maximum amount of DPS, you need three pieces of Providence. Using three pieces of providence would give you 15% headshot damage, 10% critical hit chance, and 15% critical hit damage. Use critical hit chance and critical hit damage on every piece. If you don’t have a good Providence piece then use what you have. Gradually farm for better pieces and slowly make your build more powerful

The talent on your bag pack should be Vigilance. You can also use The Gift which is a named providence that comes with Perfect Vigilance. However, The Gift is a Dark Zone exclusive gear piece. Vigilance gives you 25% weapon damage but taking damage deactivates the buff for 4 seconds (3s for Perfect Vigilance). You can use Providence for any other part of the build. Unbreakable Division 2 DPS build needs these three pieces.

Fox’s Prayer

Fox’s Prayer is a must-use piece for any DPS builds. It is the only gear piece with damage to target out of cover. Using Fox’s prayer would give you 8% damage to target out of cover. You will also get 10% rifle damage from Fox’s Prayer because it is a named Overlord knee pad. You can change the third attribute to critical hit damage or critical hit chance. The Division 2 DPS build will do more damage with Fox’s Prayer.

Grupo Sombra S.A.

A piece of Grupo Smara would give you 15% critical hit damage. The 15% critical hit damage would give a huge boost to your overall DPS. You can change the sub-attributes to critical hit chance and critical hit damage.

You should focus on maxing out your critical hit chance and then critical hit damage. With more critical hit damage your critical hits will have more damage. At the same time, your chances of landing a critical hit would reduce, thus reducing your DPS. More critical hit chance will help you land more critical hits. Landing two critical hit of smaller damage are better than landing one critical hit with more damage. The damage per second of a build with a high critical hit chance is more than the build with less critical hit chance and more critical hit damage. Any one of these pieces would have an impact on The Division 2 DPS build.

Coyote Mask or Fenris

An exotic piece will have talent even if it is not a chest piece or backpack. Coyote mask is an exotic piece, equipping it will increase both critical hit chance and critical hit damage. Coyote mask can give you up to 10% critical hit chance and 25% critical hit damage, depending on your distance from enemies. Your teammates will also benefit from the perks of the mask. If you have a max 50% critical hit chance then you can reach the 60% cap through the use of the Coyote mask.

A piece of Fenris will give you 10% AR damage and that is all it has to offer. Using at least one of these gear pieces is important, for The Division 2 DPS build.

Weapons (Assault Rifles)

You can use ARs with this build as the primary weapon. You can use any other as your secondary weapon but rifles would work better. The impact of a weapon talent can vary depending on the RPM of a weapon. FAMAS, Carbine 7, and Police M4 work well with DPS builds. You can use any other AR depending on your choice.

Carbine 7 has high RPM and it has decent damage. It is also one of the most accurate and stable weapons in the game. However, Carbine 7 drops with Overflowing talent. It is hard to get one with good roles so that you can change the talent.

Police M4 has the second-highest rate of fire and it has also the lowest damage. It is one of the most stable weapons in the game.

FAMAS is the king of all Assault rifles with the highest RPM in all ARs (Chameleon has the highest but it is exotic) FAMAS is also a stable assault rifle but like Police M4 it has the lowest damage.

Depending on how you play and what you prefer, you can use any ARs that match your playstyle. Weapons will have a huge impact on The Division 2 DPS build.

Mods and Attachment

If you are using a Coyote mask then you can equip critical hit damage on all mod slots. If your critical hit chance is low then try to take it closer to the 60% cap value. Also, use critical hit chance and critical hit damage attachments on weapons. If you are worried about accuracy then that’s the build for another time. For now, you can equip attachments for stability and accuracy on weapons.


Talents would play a key role in the performance of your build. Depending on the talents, the way a DPS or any other build perform can vary. So talents play an important for the performance of a build.

Gear talent

For the gear piece, you require Vigilance and Unbreakable. Unbreakable would give you more survivability while Vigilance would give you more damage. The Division 2 DPS build can change depending on the talents you use on gear pieces.


You have to use Unbreakable talent on your chest piece. You will get 95% of your armor back when it breaks. The cooldown of the talent is 60 seconds so it means that after every 60 seconds you can get 95% of your armor when it breaks. Unbreakable talents will drastically improve your chances of survival.


On your backpack, you should use Vigilance talent. It will increase your weapon damage by 25% but taking damage will disable the buff for 4 seconds. You can also use Perfect Vigilance and taking damage disables Perfect Vigilance for 3 seconds. However, it is only found on the named Providence backpack called The Gift which is Dark Zone exclusive. Since you will be staying away from enemies most of the time, losing the talent for 4 or 3 seconds won’t have much impact on your DPS.

Weapon talent

You can use Strained, Ranger, Killer, or Optimist for maximum damage output. The weapon damage of these talents does not depend on skills. The Division 2 DPS build not only require good gear talent but weapon talent as well. You can use boomerang talent on your secondary weapon if it is a rifle. There are different talents available for all weapons including the aforementioned. Depending on the weapon you are using you can select any weapon you want since the primary focus of this build is AR.


Strained is a good weapon talent for weapons with low RPM.  It increases your critical hit damage by 10% for every 0.5 seconds you are firing. It can stack up to 5 times. You can lose the buff if you stop firing for 0.5 seconds.


Increases your total weapon damage by 2% for every 5 meters you are away from the target. Since you will be shooting from distance most of the time, Ranger will perform well with build.


With Killer talent, your critical damage will increase by 40% when you kill an enemy with a critical hit. The buff lasts for 10 seconds and every critical hit kill during that period would refresh the talent.


Optimist talent can perform well with all ARs. It increases your weapon damage by 3% for every 10% ammo missing from the magazine.

Skills and Specialization

You can use a reviver hive because it can revive you if Unbreakable is on the cool down. For your second skill, you can use a healer drone or healer chem launcher. If you want to do extra damage then equipping torrent and striker drone or any other damage skill is also an option. In the PVP shield and deflector drone would work better than any other skills.

Any specialization would work with Unbreakable The Division 2 DPS build. I use Gunner or Demolitionist for the build due to the way the build performs. Demolitionist offers more protection while Gunner specialization will help you land more shots.


With Gunner specialization, you get 10% armor on kill along with that you get 10% stability after not moving for 1 second. The attachment that it offers can only be used with LMGs. Every third reload is 50% faster with Gunner specialization. With Gunner specialization, your rpm will increase by 5% after a kill for 5 seconds. You get Riot Foam grenades from the Gunner Specialization. You can also use Banshee pulse to disorient enemies as it is Gunner exclusive. The Mini Gun of Gunner Specialization is not that good since you can not use it from the cover.


Demolitionist is more about survival because it gives you 10% explosive damage and 20% burn resistance. It also has an under-barrel attachment that can give you a 7% critical hit chance which is more than any other attachment available in the game. You can get Fragmentation grenades from Demolitionist specialization and these grades implicit bleed effect on enemies.. This specialization also gives you and your teammates 5% damage to target out of cover. You are immune to one explosion every 60 seconds. Mortar torrent from Demolitionist does not work well with DPS build so that’s the build for another day. The grenade launcher that Demolitionist specialization offers is better because you can use it from cover.

The Division 2 DPS build

The build is all about damage since it is a DPS build. All of the damage would be coming directly from your weapon without relying on skills. Every part of the build complements the weapon damage and increases it. The Division 2 DPS build does not work that well in solo if you are not an experienced player. However, when you are in a group then it will massively increase the overall damage of your team. A DPS build is all about killing enemies in the shortest amount of time. This is exactly what this build does without making you too squishy.

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