The Division 2 Best Build (The Rainbow Build)

The Division 2 Best Build (The Rainbow Build)

Definition of The Division 2 best build varies from player to player. Depending on a player it could be a DPS build, skill build, tank build, or a hybrid build. What if there is a build that has an equal amount of blue, red, and yellow cores. Such a build would cater to everyone’s needs. It will be a tank, skill, build, DPS build, and hybrid build at the same time. Such a build is possible even after the update. The Jack of All trade build will have 3 skill cores, 3 armor cores, and 3 weapon damage cores.

The build will have a tier 6 shield which will make it tank as well. Along with the shield, it will have a striker drone or turret and primary weapon for damage. The Division 2 best build is a tank, skill build, and DPS build at the same time making it The Jack of all trades build.

Pieces You Need

You would need 2 pieces with armor cores, 2 pieces with weapon damage cores, a named Richter & Kaiser GmbH piece called Forge, and a Memento bag pack. It doesn’t matter which pieces you use as long as the build has 2 armor core and 2 weapon damage core then it can function as The Division 2 best build. Memento is the most important piece of the build because it stabilizes the build. Every talent on this build is completely in integration with each other so every gear piece is important.

The Division 2 Best Build (The Rainbow Build)

2 Armor Core

You can use any 2 gear piece as long as they have an armor core. The two armor pieces will not only increase your armor but also helps in making your shield tier 6. With a tier 6 shield, you will be able to tank while still retaining high weapon and skill damage. I use a Gila Piece and a Batstone Armory piece. Gila piece gives me 5% total armor which increases my overall armor while the Belstone Armory piece gives me 1% armor regen. The 1% armor regen will combine with the armor regen from the Memento back bag and incoming repair from Forge making it even better.

2 Weapon Damage Core

Since the Jack of all Trade is aiming to be The Division 2 best build, it would need 2 weapon damage cores. You can use any gear pieces as long as they have a weapon damage core. Using them would increase your weapon damage to a great degree. You can use Walker, Harris & Co., Grupo Sombra S.A., Česká Výroba s.r.o., or Fox’s Prayer Any of these gear pieces can help in increasing the damage of The Division 2 best build.


Forge will give you one skill tier and one shield tier while also giving you 50% shield health making your shield a lot better. Since Forge is a named Richter & Kaiser GmbH piece it will also give you 20% incoming repair. This incoming repair will help in increasing the armor regen on the build as well. So Forge works in complete synergy with other aspects of the build.

The Division 2 Forge


It is the most important piece of the build and the Jack of all trades build cannot become The Division 2 best build without it. Memento will give you 1 skill core, 1 weapon damage core, and 1 armor core. You will get 1 skill core from the Technician specialization as well. The build will have build 3 skill cores, 3 weapon damage cores, and 3 armor cores. Memento can give you up to 30% skill efficiency, 30% weapon damage, and 3% armor regen.

The Division 2 Memento


There are two talents on the build and both of these talents work in combustion with every aspect of the build. Talents on the build are Spotter and Kill Confirmed from the Memento Bag pack. Both talents can give you skill and weapon damage.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Merchandise 

Kill Confirmed

Memento has Kill Confirmed talent which gives you can give you up to 30% weapon damage, 30 skill efficiency, and 3% armor regen. The talent on the Memento bag pack will improve your weapon damage, skill damage, and defense. The talent also has a short-term buff that will give your 10% bonus armor for every armor core, 5% weapon damage for every red core, and 5% skill efficacy for every yellow core for 10 seconds. So every time you kill someone you will get these buffs and you can also stack them multiple times.


Spotter talent is one of the most versatile talents in The Division 2. You can use it will all kinds of builds since it gives you both skill and weapon damage. The talent amplifies your weapon and skill damage against pulsed enemies by 15%. Since you will be using under-barrel attachment from Technician specialization whenever you aim at enemies they will be pulsed. If you are using the Striker drone then it will also pulse enemies so you will have two sources to pulse enemies.

The Division 2 Spotter


You have to use assault rifles or rifles because you will be shooting from distance. AR and rifles can enable you to shoot from afar. Shooting from distance will increase the chances of survivability making it The Division 2 best build. You can face tank enemies when playing heroic content and use any weapons you want. Using SMG or shotgun is also an option but one of your weapons should be AR or Rifle if you are doing legendry content.

Weapon talent

The weapon talent that works best with the Jack of all trade build is In Sync. It will give you both weapon and skill damage which is essential for this build since it has both. Whenever you use skill or damage enemies with the skill you will get 15% weapon damage for 5 seconds. When you damage enemies with a weapon then you will get 15% skill damage for 5 seconds. Your damage will be 30% if both buffs are active at the same time. So as long as your drone/ turret and you are shooting enemies you will have 30% weapon and skill damage. You can also activate this talent just by deploying the shield. You can also use Capacitor if you want more skill damage.

The Division 2 Best Build Carbine 7


One of your skills should be a Crusader shield since it will enable you to use the primary and secondary weapons as main weapons. You can use either drone or turret as your second skill depending on your play style. If you are moving a lot then a striker drone is the obvious choice. If you are sticking to a limited area then the turret will perform better. So it all depends on your playstyle and preferences.


You need Technician specialization to make it The Division 2 best build. The Technician specialization is important for this build because it gives you one skill tier, 10% skill damage, and Linked Laser Pointer under-barrel attachment. Skill tier and under-barrel attachment are the most important part of this build because these two will stabilize the build. You need the under-barrel attachment to pulse enemies which is important for the activation of Spotter talent. The skill tier from the specialization will not only help in increasing the skill damage but also help in maxing out your shield tier.

How to Make The Division 2 best build?

Use gear pieces, talents, and weapons mentioned above. To increase the weapon damage of The Division 2 best build you would need to use critical hit damage or critical hit chance mods on the mod slots. Reroll all of the sub-attributes to critical hit damage, critical hit chance, and skill damage depending on your preferences. I use critical hit chance and critical hit chance on every piece since I want it to feel more like a DPS build. In the end, it depends on your preferences, so you can even use armor regen if you want more survivability.

Build In Action:

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