Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Now Has a Release Date

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Now Has a Release Date

During the Xbox Games Showcase the Machine Games we got a look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. The new trailer shows us some cut scenes and the announcement of its release date.

The original movie trilogy created a solid image of the character so players will expect the same from the game. For the game to reach that mark it has to be really good.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is an action-adventure first-person game being developed by Machine Games. It will be directly related to the movies and will be set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It follows the adventures of India Jones as he tries his best to stop the formation of the Great Circle from different sites around the world.

Players will have the option of approaching a scenario in frontal combat or stealth. Whip which is a signature weapon of Indiana Jones, can also be used in combat. In certain sequences, the game will also shift to 3rd person perspective.

In the trailer, we see Indiana Jones in Icy Mountain. Later on, we see a ship stuck in ice. They are looking for an artifact but so are Nazis. Different events take place and the combat between Indiana Jones and the Nazis starts. Both parties do their best to get their hands on the artifact. It kind of reminds me of Uncharted. For good reason, Indiana Jones was one of the major inspirations for the Uncharted series.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is set to release in 2024 and will be available on Game Pass day one.

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