Is RoboCop: Rough City Worth It? Review

Is RoboCop: Rough City Worth It? Review

Developed by the developers of Terminator: Resistance Teyon, RoboCop: Rough City is the continuation of a franchise that fans have grown to love. TV and film adaptations had a bad reputation that has been plaguing the industry but new games have been changing that perception. Studios would take adaption lightly which made them feel shallow at best. The release of games like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Hogwarts Legacy, Spiderman, Batman, and other games are changing the perception. We are finally at the point where such games are taken seriously.

The previous game of Teyon has flaws but is still well-received and perfectly aligned with the franchise. This time, it is the Robocop franchise that the studio has aimed to adapt. At its core, the game understands the franchise and tries to deliver an experience close to the movies. It is an old-school Robocop that does not rely on fancy moves and mechanics. RoboCop: Rough City is great as a RoboCop game but lacks something as a game in general. All this makes you wonder “Is RoboCop: Rough City worth it? Let’s find out.

The Setup

RoboCop: Rough City is another take on an 80s franchise that does not modernize it but rather adapts it as it is. It does not add fancy new toys to change how the game feels and plays. Just like the developer’s previous game, Rough City is an FPS that has smaller open-world areas. In these open-world areas, players can explore and complete additional objectives that are not part of the main story missions.

Become The Robocop

You are a cop that is supposed to serve the public interest. Unlike modern shooters, RoboCobp is all about living the fantasy of being a robotic cop. The way your character shoots and moves will make sure that you feel so. You are walking in a robotic body with a serious intent. Holding sprint will make you fast but you will still be hulking. It makes sense for the character and does not distract you. You can take a lot of damage which does justice to the character. Such an approach lets you prioritize kill over cover.

Upgrades can be found in the form of OCP charges and parts can be found around the world to repair character. Being shot feels natural and does not feel out of place. Holding the scan button will show all enemies in your view.

The Upgrades

RoboCop: Rough City focuses more on the nonlinear progression similar to Terminator Resistance. You will visit different areas and each area is explorable. Though not a completely open world, there is plenty of room to explore in Detriot. Side objectives are necessary to get XP for upgrades. You can pick the weapons of the enemies you take down so there is a wide variety of guns at your disposal. And of course, you have the iconic RoboCop gun.

Upgrades include defense, engineering, vitality, armor, and so on. Focusing on an upgrade will increase a certain stat. Upgrading vitality will give you more sources to heal. So upgrades are not just about pure stats. You will get access to more options the more you upgrade your skills. Access to certain skills can help you gain access to a certain room that could contain collectibles and extra routes.

RoboCop: Rough City

The Encounters

RoboCop: Rough City is not about jumping from shoot-out to shoot-out. There is detective work and other stuff thrown in the middle. These extra encounters don’t feel dull but rather offer more information about the world. Speaking to the people on the street offers clues to the investigation.

Choosing between different dialogues is also an option between investigations. You can choose between upholding the law or keeping public trust. A criminal can be cornered and that criminal will plead with you for their petty crime to let him go. You can let him go with a warning which will be considered public interest. On the other hand, you can sign a hefty fine which will be considered enforcing the law. RoboCop often needs to choose between one or the other which makes encounters more engaging.


RoboCop: Rough City looks visually good with the world having quite a bit of detail. Detroit looks beautiful and dystopian. It creates the world in the 80s with big monitors on tables and the vibe of the city is on the spot. Human models don’t have that many details which leaves much to be desired. The characters look good but that’s about it.  Characters lack emotions and have no depth to them when speaking. Voice acting is not up to par which makes the characters seem worse.


RoboCop: Rough City is a good adaptation of a movie. It has everything that you can expect from a RoboCop game such as violence and portrayal of Cyberpunk City imagined in the 80s. One can say that it is an experience meant for RoboCop fans with its details and all or at least can be enjoyed the best if you are a RoboCop fan. The Developers have done their best despite the game not being a AAA title. It is still easy to recommend to fans. The game focuses on a fan-focused experience and delivers it.

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