Is Marvel's Spiderman 2 Worth It? Review

Is Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Worth It? Review

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 is a continuation of the fan-favorite series that takes place after the first game and its spin-off. Developers have again delivered a good experience that continues the amazingness that the first game in the series started. Despite some hick-up, it is a good package overall. It is less emotional and more bombastic with some crazy moments. It still has some character and emotional moments but its grander moments are the star of the show. At times it feels like the game is a call out to the 90s Spiderman that millennials grew up with.

Intense action, heroism, and threatening enemies add to the general feeling of the game. The gameplay and cool stuff happening on screen will keep the player on screen. It adds more to all the first game offers and presents it in a new light despite retaining some old aspects. The idea of two Spidermans working together makes the overall experience more interesting. The presentation of the first Spiderman was strong but this one felt overall more incredible. Some cool surprises in the game will keep players intrigued for more. All this makes you wonder, Is Marvel’s Spiderman 2 worth It? Let’s find out.

Premise (Spoiler Free)

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 takes place a few months after the events of Spiderman Miles Morales. The two Spiderman are in full action. Everything is going well but then Kraven, Harry Osborn, and Venom show up. The pace of the story is good but some stops can break the flow of the story.

Mary Jane’s section can break the pace and pull you back from the exciting adventure. It also depends on the type of player you are and what you prefer. These sections don’t have details of the theme but rather act as generic sections. However, the story of Mary Jane explained through these sections is good and sheds light on her life beyond Spiderman.

Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop is similar to the previous game. You are in the city progressing through the adventure that you have in it. The main story missions get broken up by a game asking you to go into the open world and do stuff. After a mission when you are out in the world, your character will say something like “I should check on the crimes”. That’s when you go out and do the open-world stuff.

There are hidden collectibles around the city and enemy bases to take down, just the standard open-world stuff. If you like Spiderman then it can be a treat from start to end. Marvel’s Spiderman 2 is mostly streamlined but has been shaken up here and there to feel less repetitive. This time around doing random side activities such as stopping a car is not a big deal, it is just something that you can do in a few seconds. It is the small quality of life changes that make a difference.

Collectibles are more interesting this time around and there are quite a few of them. A lot of them have sub-stories, which makes them more fun to collect. The inclusion of sub-stories for collectibles makes it feel less like busy work and more like something important.

It feels good to complete side missions with detailed stories and stuff. Some of the things you see might surprise you even if it is light-hearted and simple. It offers a stronger diversion than just clearing another bad guy. Some of the stuff in the side stories shows familiar faces while others have surprises in Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Missions and Factions

There are two main factions and two minor factions. A lot of the side stuff you do revolves around these factions. Side missions and collectibles are connected to these factions in some ways. Even though there are a limited number of factions, it will still keep you busy. More enemy factions could have made it more interesting. Enemy verity for the factions is good and you will meet a wide range of enemy types while fighting these factions in both main missions and side content.

The main missions are great and offer an amazing Spiderman adventure. There are some slower moments with characters in Marvel’s Spiderman 2. Mary Jane sequences and puzzles are some of the moments that slow down the action.  There are some solid boss battles and big set-piece moments. Some of the boss battles have a challenge to them. Good things are happening on the screen with weapons and all the other stuff.



Combat mostly feels similar to the first game but there are some changes here in there. Miles’s powers are strong and can be used from one button and the other button is used to use gadgets. You will be using these powers to a great effect whether it is Peter or Miles.

Zipping enemies through the air, doing the area-of-effect attack, and stun-locking enemies are some of the few things you will be doing during combat. Peter also has new powers in the form of mechanical arms and Symbiote power. There is a rage meter that temporarily activates and is used for special abilities in Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Perry is the new thing in combat. Enemies will flash a certain color before a big attack. These attacks can be deflected back at enemies. It works well enough and changes up the feel of the combat. Smart changes have been made here and there especially in certain enemies that have seen big changes. In harder difficulty setting, it is almost necessary to use these attacks.

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Skill Tree

Skill tee is solid and straightforward with not many distractions. Peter and Miles have separate skill trees. There is more depth to upgrading and unlocking different options in the skill tree. The skill tree of both Miles and Peter braches into different skill trees as per the character’s ability.

The major difference between Peter and Miles is Peter’s Symbiote/Mechanical Arms and Miles’s Venom abilities respectively.  These abilities are the only major difference as the rest remains the same. Normal fight and attacks for both characters is nearly the same. A few more changes could have made it a lot better for Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Another type of upgrade is suite abilities. These abilities keep things fresh as they can be really handy in combat. Suite tech has its skill tree that you can dump points into. You will get these points from open-world exploration. These upgrades include health upgrades, damage upgrades, and stuff like that.

Aside from a separate skill tree Miles and Peter have a shared tree as well. This shared tree is not about combat but rather for transversal through the map. The transversal abilities you unlock give you abilities such as better web swings, wing suits, and things like that. The animation of swimming and jumping around is good. Characters have more fun going around because they are more expressive.

General Gameplay

You can get the momentum up to navigate the city quickly. Marvel’s Spiderman 2 loads up fast and takes full advantage of PS5 SSD. You can slingshot to a great distance, use normal swinging, or swing around horizontally to get around the city. Fast travel opens up once you spend enough time in an area. So it takes some time to open up fast travel in that area.

Web swings are the way to travel through the area. When you combine the web swing with a wingsuit, traveling becomes easy. You can go through a wind tunnel to shoot yourself at a high speed. It is a good way to travel around the city. The city is bigger but still manageable. Even some parts of the city feel the same with more traffic and details added to them.

There are more day and night effect which makes the overall looks better in Marvel’s Spiderman 2. Some new areas have been added to the game such as Brooklyn and Queens. The best thing is that there are no performance issues. Everything works well, fast travel is great and everything has an added layer of details.


There is a lot of good stuff to be found and that goes for everything that the game has to offer. It has done a great job of involving Miles Morales in the story. The inclusion of all the villains and Miles has shaken up things quite a bit. Marvel’s Spiderman 2 keeps the relationship between Peter and Miles interesting. Action in the game is interesting which keeps you playing more. The pace of the story is good despite being broken up by some hiccups. The gameplay loop is pretty much the same as the previous game.

Combat has seen changes with special abilities having major changes. The normal combat and attacks for both Spiderman remain mostly the same. Their special attacks are completely different. The way they attack and their animation is different than each other. Enemy variety and different factions make the combat more diverse.

The variation of skill trees and the amount of upgrades they offer is quite diverse. General Gameplay has also seen improvements which have a drastic effect on the way it feels and plays. There are some reused assets but overall, Spiderman 2 offers a stark and good continuation of the series. So what is your answer to the query, Is Marvel’s Spiderman 2 worth it?

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