Is Atlas Fallen Worth It? Review

Is Atlas Fallen Worth It? Review

Atlas Fallen is a hack-and-slash semi-open-world adventure that takes you on a journey across am other worldly dessert. There is a decent amount of lore thrown in the mixture which ties everything together. Players will face off against otherworldly Gods in a ruined wasteland. There are options to use different kinds of weapons. Sand manipulation is a major part of combat that binds the lore with the gameplay. The combat is hard-hitting with big enemies and different armor sets. Despite all the good aspects it falls short and there is still a lot to talk about.

As a hack-and-slash, Atlas Fallen does a great job of delivering a good experience. However, its combat mechanics are not as polished. The world of the game perfectly aligned with the story and the power that the main characters have. There is not enough variation of land as the entire game takes place in a desert. Side stories are not as good as other games that have taken the same route. The game can be good or bad depending on how much depth you like in an RPG. All this makes you wonder Is Atlas Fallen worth It? Let’s find out.

Premise (Spoiler Free)

Atlas Fallen takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been enslaved by a malicious power known as the Sun God. The prosperous world has been turned into a desert of destruction that is overrun by deadly creatures. The story follows a slave who comes in contact with a Gauntlet that gives immense power to your characters. You will make the character so you can decide their looks and gender. This artifact gives your character the power to manipulate sand and an entity talks to you through this Gauntlet. The discovery of the artifact sets you on the journey to take down the Sun God and free humanity from corruption.

The story of Atlas Fallen is straightforward with cut scenes that give a decent amount of information to understand back stories of characters. Side missions that you get from characters and notes that you find the world shed more light on the lore of the world. It is not a groundbreaking experience but it is good enough.

The story and characters are not interesting because there is no depth to them. It has a world with lore, serious characters, and motivation, but it’s not on par with other RPGs. There are no memorable characters in Atlas Fallen. Most characters feel like they were made in character creation. Characters do not stand out both visually and audio-wise.


Combat is among the good aspects of Atlas Fallen. Different weapons are tied to different buttons and different weapons have different use cases. You can mix attacks or hold a button for a heavy attack that can be charged. Heavy attacks leave you open for an attack, so you must time it right. There is also the option of hitting an enemy with an upward hit and then bringing them down through a downward attack.

You can use combos while also using dash, dodge, and parry. Pressing the button at the right time will deflect which freezes enemies, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds. Bigger enemies need to be deflected multiple times before they are frozen. The combat is based on a risk-reward situation. Timing your attacks right is a key part of combat.

Aspects of Combat

Aside from normal attacks, there is also the momentum meter that fills up when you are fighting. There are multiple thresholds of momentum meter, passing it will make your weapon bigger and will let you do more damage. Burning the momentum meter will unleash special abilities such as tornadoes, interrupt blasts, magic blasts, healing strikes, big area-of-effect attacks, and things like that. You can target different body parts of bigger enemies to do more damage. It feels good to attack with a sand fist, axe, hammer, and things like that, all the while dodging and doing momentum attacks.

You can stay in the air for quite a while and there are some decent air attacks, the game is generous with air attacks. It is nice to play a game that shakes things up. Finishing big enemies is good even if it is simple. Atlas Fallen’s combat is not as precise as the combat of other games of the same caliber. The overall combat can feel imprecise. Hits that you land on enemies might not connect.

The camera can screw you over because it obscures your view. The lock-on camera is not good and it can stop you from doing what you need to do. It reminds me of the early game from 2000 which can be frustrating at times. Dealing with a boss when there are small enemies around can be rough. The camera and lock-on are worse which can get in the way of combat. There is a general weird inconsistency in the combat.

General Gameplay

In terms of looks, Atlas Fallen is pretty stale. The open-world areas are barren that look the same which makes them less gripping. Though it feels fine because there are cool surfing and magic guys. A lot of it feels like old-school RPG areas. You will wander around, fight an enemy, and then go find a town. There is some good stuff here and there. You will find some platforming section that offers a distraction from the general feel of the game. The amount of stuff you find on the map is not enough but it looks visually cool. So the loop of the game is pretty simple.

The character progression is pretty simple. You can upgrade your gauntlets, and equip armor sets that can be upgraded through resources that you can find around the world. Upgrading more armor will unlock more gem slots. Putting gems in the gem slots grants passive and active buffs which can boost the overall performance.

You would need to find treasures and beat enemies so that they can drop recipes to craft a new type of gemstone. The amount of stuff you find can be surprising. There is also the option of playing the game in co-op. So you can play it with a friend as well if they have Atlas Fallen. Running around in the world with someone else can make it better.


There are a lot of things that the game tries to do but still leaves much to be desired. Atlas Fallen has a decent amount of exploration but it could have been better. Though there are side quests and small quests that are called favors, they fail to leave a mark. There is no motivation to continue once the main missions are over. Other than generic side quests, there is nothing else to do besides the main mission. Most of the time quests are all about, go there do that, do this, and things like that. There is also a lot of story and chatty characters with a lot of dialogue.

Character creation is limited and there is little weapon variety with a limited amount of armor sets. Atlas Fallen is not long but it is not a full-price game which makes it a fair deal. You can play it in different difficulty modes. After completing the main quests there is some stuff for completionists. The story can be generic. Gliding around and taking enemies down is fun. It is a mediocre game that some people will like and some won’t.

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