Is Remnant 2 Worth It? Review

Remnant 2 is a 3rd person co-op shooter and a direct sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. There was not much marketing before the release of the game. Developers have just let the game speak for itself. It is a soul-like game with guns and a pinch of looter shooter thrown into it. There are loot-driven mechanics involved in the game. Players have to work on their character to turn them into a complete badass. It is a difficult game so players have to be cautious of the enemies even at lower difficulty.

The thing that makes Remnant 2 different than other games is the random generation of the world. Every time a player goes out, the environment will randomly generate making each encounter different than the last. The experiences of the two players will be completely different from each other. The random generation of environment not only makes it easier to play the same area, again and again, to farm for items but makes each run fresh as well. There are secrets waiting for players every time they go out.

The game focuses on co-op by scaling up the difficulty depending on the number of players in a team. Shooting mechanics is not as polished but it gets the job done and will not fail you in intense situations. The combination of random generation with its other aspects presents a decent outcome. All this makes you wonder Is Remnant 2 worth it? Let’s find out.

Premise and Setting (Spoiler Free)

Remnant 2 is the sequel to 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes as mentioned earlier. There was a prequel in the middle called Chronos: Before the Ashes that serves as a prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. Chronos is a melee-focused game, unlike the others which are focused on shooting. Neither Chronos nor Remnant 1 is required to be played to understand what is happening in Remnant 2.

The game takes place two decades after the first one in a post-apocalyptic world. Once you get into interdimensional crystal the world starts to shine. It takes you on a wild journey through different worlds that ranges from lush green forest to sci-fi robotic worlds. The random generation of the world makes each experience unique and fun.

The story is generic with not that many complications but it is good enough. Games like Remnant are not that complicated in terms of story. It’s not like Remnant 2 is a story-driven game so the story does not hold that much importance. The primary focus of the game is moment-to-moment shooting and character progression. It does a good job of keeping players interested in the gameplay. Its loot-driven nature makes up for a fantastic gameplay experience.

Remnant 2 onboard you with a good amount of details. It pits players against a new threat known as Roots. Players have to survive and save humanity from this impending doom. In the process of saving the world, you go through different dynamically generated areas, dungeons, and regions. The combination of random generation and lore makes up for a decent enough premise.


The combat of Remnant 2 is a combination of dodges, melee, and shooting. You will be running dodging casting abilities and shooting. Shooting feels great and responsive but it can get in the way of combat from time to time. Its shooting mechanics are not as smooth as some of the other multiplayer games. Though it is better than some of the triple-A co-op games.

Melee attacks are necessary because enemies can get close to you pretty quickly. One of the major issues with combat is the movement of enemies. Enemies will get behind you and there won’t be any indicators to let you know about their location. You have to keep an eye on the enemies to see if they have gotten behind you.

The combination of its different aspects such as shooting, looting, and random generation can have a major impact on the combat. Worlds constantly change, one moment you will be in the desert, and the next moment you will be in a jungle. One moment you will be fighting a robot and the next moment some otherworldly monster. The change in the environment can have a major impact on the combat since it changes everything around you.


Some of the bosses can be frustrating. At times the shooting mechanics during a boss fight might also get in the way. However, the difficulty is solid like a souls-like game, and does not feel like cheat difficulty. Spawning in a faraway safe zone after dying can be frustrating and get in the way of fun.

There are a couple of difficulty options. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. In the beginning, it feels like the Remnant 2 has too much grind but opens up as you play more of it. The difficulty also depends on how much tolerance you have for such combat situations. The combination of co-op and random generation lets you create your own adventure.


You have to pick one of the main classes in the beginning. Later on, as you play the game, you will find other classes you can equip that can make your character even more powerful. The game will not hold your hand to help you find classes. A class item can be anywhere in an area. Since maps are randomly generated the location of an item to unlock a new class will be different for different players. You cannot expect to find an item in the same location as another player so the guide will not work.

Each class has sub-perks that give active and passive buffs in Remnant 2. You can have a special stomp as Challenger, a class that is focused on tanking damage. Everything has mutations and that includes abilities as well. You can focus on different perks and abilities to improve them. Your power level matters but so does all the abilities you have.

Play and Evolve

At the base level characters are not strong in Remnant 2. As you level up you will become stronger. There are basic classes and then there are secret classes that you discover while exploring the world. All classes are good and will continue to evolve as you play. At base level you are not strong but as you level up and discover classes, loot, and secrets you will become stronger. All classes are good and can work from the beginning to the end. The choice of class depends on your playstyle.

There are trait cards tied to each class and you will discover others through quests or killing bosses. Unlocking 10 trait points will let you equip two classes, one primary and one secondary. The combination of primary and secondary classes opens up possibilities that were never available before. You can combine the Medic class with Engineer and things like that to do things that were not possible with a single class.

Gameplay Loop

Players start from a hub area do quests and kill enemies in the process. There is a story as explained earlier but it can be played for a long time due to random generation. You can go through the same area again and it will be a completely different experience. Random generation makes sure that your runs are fresh which makes farming easier. The random generation, how the world is, and the ability to make each run unique make it such a good experience.

The core loop of Remnant 2 is loot driven and random generation adds an extra layer of fun to it. After completing the campaign you can start the game in the adventure mode. It lets you go through the same area in a completely different structure. The random generation makes everything different. You can make new decisions in the story which can change the loot you get. If you choose to fight one boss, the second run will enable you to take down the other boss as well.

You can join someone else while they are going through an area or you can go through the same area on your own. There are a couple of difficulty options to choose from. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards you get. Remnant 2 scales up with the number of players in a team. Enemies will hit harder depending on the number of players in a team. There is a nightmare difficulty option and it is no joke.


Character creation is limited but you will be in armor most of the time so it doesn’t matter that much. Some of the bosses are good and excite you to stumble upon such bosses again. Remnant 2  doubles down on RPG stuff through loot and progression. As explained earlier, there are multiple difficulty options so you are not done even after completing the game.


There are a lot of customization options. Aside from classes and sub-classes, there are multiple things that you can add to a character to customize it. You can get a Dragon Heart which is a relic that can be used for healing, increasing the rate of fire, and other active buffs. You can use an amulet for active perks and four ring slots to add different perks to your character.

It is fun to micromanage all this as you put more stuff to upgrade your character in Remnant 2. You will get trait points as you level up which can be used to make your character stronger by reducing cool-down time, increasing health, and so on. There is even an option to respec your skills which adds another layer of depth to the build-making.


Remnant 2 remakes the idea of a souls-like game by adding more layers than simple difficulty. Its random generation mechanics make each run unique. Two players will have completely different experiences in the same area. One moment you will be fighting a robot and the next moment some other world creatures. The random generation of the world presents a new set of possibilities. In a sense, the game is building its own genre with areas that never feel old.

Shooting mechanics, music, and dialogues are good and there are not many cinematics. The story is enough to support the game and make sense of everything that’s happening. It is a loot-driven game that can be completely different a year from now. Remnant 2 is going to be getting updates but it is not a live service game. The base game is good and it is going to get expansions in the next few years. The only issue is the life of the game and how many players will play it a year from now. Remnant is not going to be future-proof like Destiny 2 but it does offer a good experience.

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