Is Marvel's Midnight Suns Worth It? Review

Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns Worth It? Review

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a turned base strategy game on the surface that has some deep and interesting ideas once you peel the layers. It is a good take on card-fighting games. It offers the superhero fight in the turn-based strategy game. The core gameplay is fun and really good. Once you start to play and see everything in motion it starts to shine. Though the game has its ups and downs it sits well in the turn base space. It is a good take on a card fighting game and does not lag in core gameplay ideas.

Positioning on the map can be an important factor along with the deck of cards a player has. It nails both of these ideas to present good gameplay. There are some sit-backs in the story as it is generic control of a squad to stop evil forces. Who the enemies are targeting, what to do with cards and all things need to be considered before attacks. There is a lot that the game offers. All this makes you wonder Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns worth it? Let’s find out.

Plot and Setting (Spoiler Free)

The story is not the strong suit of Marvel’s Midnight Suns but it is there. The game is focused more on providing a comic book-type experience. Story of the Marvel’s Midnight Suns is standard and generic. The big boss of the game is introduced in the beginning and Midnight Suns are sent into action. The story is neither good nor bad, it is just too generic. Most of the time, the story seems just as an excuse to send you on the next mission.

Your character is known as Hunter and it has a decent back story. Hunter was stuck between life and death for hundreds of years. Now Hunter is out and sees the world in a strange way since the world has advanced technologically. There is not much to improve the story. It is more like you have to team up with superheroes and take down enemies.

Despite its shortcomings, the story is ok but the writing is not so much. A big part of Marvel’s Midnight Suns revolves around talking to different enemies in the castle. You can see the impact of bad writing in these dialogues. Cut scenes are poorly directed. The voice acting of some characters is good while other is just ok. The plot needed some more consideration and it could have performed better.


Each superhero has a deck of cards that acts as its move set. You have limited resources and can only move once per turn. That’s where the majority of combat strategy lies. There is a deck of cards for all heroes. The specialty of a card depends on the hero, not the card itself.

Characters have different types of functionalities and attacks. There are range attacks, melee attacks, ability to debuff enemies or buff allies. Some abilities let you interact with the environment in interesting ways. There are a lot of ways that characters can be used creatively during gameplay.

The core gameplay is fun but the maps you are in are too small. Small maps could not have been an issue if there was no additional enemy spawn. When you defeat all the enemies on a map more enemies will spawn as reinforcements. It is not like they are invisible behind a fog. They just appear out of nowhere as the maps were small and the Marvel’s Midnight Suns couldn’t place it on a single map. In a map without a boss, such an appearance of enemies makes it seem more like a wave-based survival game.

Characters and Their Abilities

Animation is good so your attacks seem interesting. Characters look more like comic books than the cinematic universe. Attacks and abilities of different characters consider that character. The abilities of characters are not random and they consider the powers of superheroes.

Captain America is more of a tank and focuses on blocks since he has a shield. Wolverine can heal due to his healing abilities. Spiderman is quick and there is even a card that uses his spider-sense to make all characters in the team quicker. Doctor Strange can knock enemies back, and knock them into each other or environment to do more damage. Every hero card has a theme as mentioned earlier. Ironman has big weapons to damage enemies. Blade can steal life essence which lets you play more aggressively.

There are a lot of characters with lots of different trades. The abilities of a character can also change your playstyle. The buffs, debuffs, and abilities that different characters use can change how a player approaches to combat. Your character known as Hunter is a jack of all trades and master of none. It has cards for melee damage buff, other buffs, other attacks, and changing the position on the map. So there are lots of different abilities that character uses.

General Gameplay

There is a lot of busy work after completing a mission. It includes upgrading abilities by buying new workspaces to get additional rewards and building relationships with different characters by communicating with them. All of it is mostly about getting bonuses when you are back in the fight. There is still some roughness but it is better than how it was at launch.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns need a bigger map and it should rely less on the respawn of enemies. Even the current map could have all the enemies from the beginning and abilities are tuned according. At their present level, superheroes will do too much damage if all enemies are spawned from the beginning.

While playing you need to consider who the enemies are targeting, which card should be used, environmental impact, and how much heroism will an attack cost. A lot is happening at one time and all of it should be kept in mind. The elements of a good strategy game are there.


Your character is called Hunter and it does not sit well with the general feel of the Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It has multiple suites that can be upgraded. Hunter has all the basics of a superhero but it does not seem good. When you play a Marvel game you expect to play as a Marvel hero, not some made-up character. Hunter just does not have that Marvel vibe that other superheroes have which makes their gameplay way better. People get excited when they see Marvel’s character, not this unknown character called Hunter. Even lesser-known Marvel characters feel better than Hunter.

Hunter has a dark and light side that will unlock unique abilities. The dark side has the abilities that are more attuned to the dark side these abilities are more aggressive. Light abilities are less aggressive and they are not about killing but rather taking down enemies. Think of it as becoming an anti-hero and hero. It could have been fun if Marvel characters had the same choice of ability upgrades.


The game has some options for the customization of different characters. You can change the cosmetics of different characters. Both the superhero armor and normal clothes of all characters can be changed. You can select colors and types of dresses for superheroes. There is a lot of option when it comes to the customization option of different heroes.

Hunter also has the option of customization. You can change the clothes and superhero armor of Hunter as well. Its customization goes beyond clothes as you can even customize the living quarter and living room. You can change different furniture and all other kinds of things to change its looks. It is a shame that these upgrades do not add much to the gameplay other than looks.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns have the foundation to be a good game. It has an appealing card system that offers a lot of freedom during gameplay. It is a game that has gotten better with time. One can feel the vibe of Marvel Ultimate Alliance from it. It is all about Marvel heroes doing cool things as a Marvel team. Midnight Suns is a light-hearted experience that seems like a good strategy game under the surface. The game starts to show its fun side after spending some time with it. It is the type of game that sits perfectly with the saying “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”. Give it a try, it can be a fun experience.

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