Is Battlefield 2042 Game Worth it Gameplay Review

Is Battlefield 2042 Game Worth it? Gameplay Review

Battlefield 2042 game is the new entry into the series that takes place in the near future. The past two Battlefield games have the setting of the two great wars. This time everything is modern and it shows a believable concept of near-future warfare. Everything is modern yet, it is believable because it does take the sci-fi direction of the near future. Crazy weather events are also part of maps which is an interesting concept since the climate is messed up. It feels like realistic combat on a big map where two groups of players fight each other for dominance.

Despite having the core concept of Battlefield games, Battlefield 2042 does not have the essence of the series. It seems different than the previous Battlefield games. Yet, the same in some aspects. It’s not the same game that people have been playing for a long time. Gunplay can feel clunky and, the loudness of combat is questionable. It has big maps that can create problems and give an advantage to players with more vehicles. Despite its shortcoming, the core idea of large-scale combat is pretty interesting. It needs balancing and changes to make it more appealing. Let’s discuss how the Battlefield 2042 game feels in the current status and what it can improve upon.

The Setting

There is no campaign but the general setting of the Battlefield 2042 game is pretty interesting. It has a believable idea of near-future warfare. There are no extraordinary weapons that are not possible with the technologies of today. It does not show advanced weapons such as laser weapons which could have made it just another game with an imaginary near future. The setting is an important part of the game and acts as one of its good aspects.

Maps are well made but, they are way too big even though Battlefield 2042 game has the biggest matches. You will not find action because the maps are too big which arrows down the combat to a small part on the map. Sometimes it will take you a couple of minutes before you have a chance to shoot even, at a faraway enemy. Since maps are big, you will also find a lot of bots. It has a good multiplayer concept but, maps can make it seem horrible.

Portal maps are good and they are lighter versions of old games from the series. They look better in the Battlefield 2042 game. There are some good spots in these maps that make the combat fun. At times, they can outshine the main game as these maps offer better combat scenarios. The weather effect is a new thing in the maps. It is an interesting mechanic. The weather effect can increase the intensity of combat and make it feel better.

Maps and Types

Its large-scale near future battle is a good idea but it lacks proper integration. It has a solid foundation but poor implementation. Battlefield 2042 is more Battlefield but it does not have the same feeling as previous games in the series. There are a lot of things that give it a different kind of feeling. It is still a good experience for hardcore fans even at its current status. There were a lot of game-breaking glitches, most of which have been patched with updates. It is quite stable but the gameplay problems are still there. It needed more development before release.

There are different game modes with different rules. Warfare is a territory control mode on a large scale while Control is a conquest mode. Hard-Zone is about extracting and hunting the enemy team. Hard-Zone is an attack, defense mode, and it is a small-scale objective-oriented mode. There is a pointing system that will lead you to objectives. All these modes have the spirit of Battlefield but are not quite the same.

The vehicular combat, chaos, and huge maps make it a Battlefield type experience despite having some setbacks. There are some bad spots in the game which can increase the chances of camping. There is some good-looking stuff in the game. Seeing tornados and sandstorms swallowing the whole map is a good sight. Environmental effects are pretty interesting and they can make large-scale combat even more chaotic. Developers can make it fun since the raw multiplayer is a good concept. There is just not enough content to help you stick around the game for long.


The gunplay is not that good and it feels a bit clucky. It’s not as heavy as the previous game in the series and feels amateur from time to time. Switching load-outs on the go is a great idea but it can be problematic during combat. Changing attachment in the middle of combat can get you killed. It also depends on the playstyle and preferences of different players.

Maps are big which gives an advantage to the players that use vehicles. They can move quickly to the intense combat zone and turn the tide of a match. So the team with better vehicles can have a major advantage over opponents. The vehicle to soldier ratio is unbalanced, resulting in a multiplayer experience dominated by vehicles.

Vehicles can spawn quickly which makes the destruction of vehicles equal to the death of solider. The involvement of a large number of vehicles not only makes the gunplay less fun but also devoid the game of the intense foot soldier combat. Huge maps and intense shootouts can make this problem even more prominent. The Battlefield 2042 game needs a vehicle to soldier ratio balancing to make it better.

Class System

There is a class system in the game but changing it does not make much difference. This time the class system is not that impactful which makes it fall apart. Each class has gadgets that do little to make them much different than each other. You can just equip a healing item by using any class and become a healer. The fact that you can equip all types of gadgets makes the class system useless. The only thing that they do differently is the way they heal, the explosive they use, grappling hook, and things like that. The result would remain the same even if the mode of approach changes.

You can customize different load-outs which does not make sense since there are different classes. Load-out customization makes the class system obsolete as any class can do anything with the right equipment. The weapon verity is also not that extensive. There are just a few guns that make its gunplay a shallow experience.

There are also different operators which are only different in terms of animation and cheesy dialogues. Their personality makes them seem different only in terms of speaking. The way they make comments before and after a match, makes it feel like they are going on a joy ride. Their voice acting and animation have no seriousness to them even though they take part in dangerous battles. Operators are for microtransactions as they only serve as apparel. Operators are nothing more than a cash grab since the Battlefield 2042 game is a live service game.

General Gameplay

There are too many camping spots on some maps. One such example is the dessert map, in which a camper can pick out the players in open ground with ease. Spotting campers and then taking them down can be a hassle as it provides too much advantage to them. If you don’t have a sniper while in the open then survival can be extremely difficult. The level design is not balanced and it can have a major impact on the gameplay experience.

Battlefield 2042 game does not look good from time to time. It does not even perform well on good PCs. Even after the patches, frame rates have still not been given preference. There were some game-breaking issues with the game that made it unplayable most of the time. Nearly all of them have been fixed but you can still face some problems from time to time.

The game does not have the feeling of traditional Battlefield 2042. Maybe it is personal preference or technical issues but it does not strike me as close to the series as it should. There is no campaign which is another disappointment. It would not provide you with the intense Battlefield experience that we have all been familiar with.

Portal Mode Outshines The Core Game

Portal Mode seems better than the rest of the game as it is fairly more balanced. It allows you to play old Battlefield games with new graphics and looks. The balancing issues are not as prevalent in the portal mode because it takes place on smaller maps. Developers need to make the big maps of the Battlefield 2042 game more interactive or make smaller maps for small-scale modes.

You can create your server with custom rules. There are already many servers offering different types of matches. Be creative, and you can make any type of match. Portal mode is old Battlefield but it is not full World War 2. It is still a good experience.


Battlefield games usually launces with glitches and problems but get better with updates. Battlefield 2042 game is different than previous games both in terms of gameplay and feeling. It does not have the loud feeling of the series. Without the Battlefield name, it could have been hard to associate the game with the series. Its near-future setting is believable and provides a good setting for the game. However, its huge map and game-breaking issues can be problematic.

The game is facing some major balancing issues. There are too many camping spots on the map and large maps just make the general landscape even worse. Maps are too big which makes vehicles important to go around. Finding combat in such huge maps can take time if you land in a secluded spot. The vehicles to soldier ratio are not balanced which makes it more vehicle intensive. Balancing issues can have a major impact on the gameplay experience and Battlefield 2042 need to fix these issues. The core concept of the game is interesting it just needs more polishing to shine.

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