Is Forza Horizon 5 Worth It? Game Review

Is Forza Horizon 5 Worth It? Game Review

Forza is one of the famous racing games and, Forza Horizon 5 is the continuation of the series. Forza Horizon is a spin-off series of the Forza that provides a more light-hearted experience. It is more about fun rather than the hardcore racing simulation experience of the main Forza series. It is better than the previous games in the series and is one of the best-looking games to date.

The game takes everything from the previous entries and makes it into a full package. There are some new things to do, making it better. Everything feels fresh and new despite borrowing a lot from previous games in the series. There is also a new take on the old ideas and some additions to these ideas. It is a game for new Xbox consoles so, these many changes are expected. It is one of the best series that Xbox has to offer.

This time, it takes you to Mexico and, the setting is the true highlight of the game. There are different kinds of environments for racing which gives it a lot of verities. Every environment looks good and, there is a lot of stuff to do on the map. It is a game that sits perfectly between hardcore racing and realistic driving. The game gives you a lot of option on how you want to play it.

There is also a story that is just there as a formality. The voice acting and characters are not that good. Since it is a racing game, such things are secondary concerns for it. The driving mechanics are solid, which is a major element for these racing games. Forza Horizon 5 is more Forza with more car-related stuff to do.


Forza Horizon 5 starts with a good cinematic intro that sets the stage for the game. Once the cinematic is over a gameplay intro will start. In this intro, players would change different vehicles on the go. Locations will also change during the intro and, different vehicles will be given with each new location. You will keep on swiping vehicles on the go and, it will show you what to expect from the game. The game starts with a centralized Forza festival and, you are already an established person.

This time the game has a story though it is not that good. The story is usually not the focus of a racing game and, the situation is no different for Forza Horizon 5. It feels like the story is just an afterthought and formality to set the stage for the game. You will see characters mentioning the previous festival. Such elements show that there is a history to what is going on in the game making, it more interesting.

Cut scenes of characters are not that good and, the camera angles are horrible. Then again, it’s a racing game so, such things are afterthoughts. However, the story could have been better or not part of the equation. The story makes it seem bad rather than good and, it is one of its worse aspects.

 Forza Horizon 5


The game has a wide variety of settings that will take you on a colorful journey across the map. Unlike Forza Horizon 4, the game has different biomes thanks to Mexico’s diverse landscape. There are jungles, ancient Mayan ruins, volcanos, beaches, deserts, and Mexican town centers. The setting will keep on changing after every few minutes, keeping everything fresh. It offers good up-drift and down-drift races from mountains. Highways are long and, you can reach the max speed on them with ease. The map is huge and, it will take you quite some time to scale all of it. The setting is one of the main aspects of Forza Horizon 5 that feels like one of its characters.


Progression is straightforward, it will not beat around the bush to progress you forward. It is just about ranking up and unlocking new stuff. There are different types of quests, sending you on a wide range of adventures. One such quest involves collecting high-speed data for a scientist. In return, they will tell you the story about a car or Mexico. Increasing ranking will unlock more activities. You have to play different race modes to progress and rank up. The entire process is none linear and, you can play whichever mode you want to first.

Progressing will also unlock new modes thus, increasing how you could rank up. Forza Horizon 5 will throw a lot at you. So, you might get lost in all that and forget about progression. There is so much stuff to do making, it a good experience.


There are a lot of cars to choose from when playing Forza Horizon 5. Having the opportunity to drive such a large number of brands feels great. The game has good driving mechanics and, it is different than previous games in the series. Developers have made it clear that they have revamped the driving system of Forza Horizon 5. It takes time to get used to these new driving mechanics. However, once you get the hang of it then it is pretty good. So, you can drive fast and take a tight turn without worrying about the clucky driving getting in the way.

Tire smoke is also amazing and feels quite realistic. Races are tight and, outmaneuvering AI vehicles can prove to be challenging. The AI is tough and will give you a hard time while you are getting ahead of them. They will get ahead of you just when you think that you almost have them. Offroading is one of the main focuses and, the game will offer you a lot of chances to go off-road. The game will constantly reward you with trophies for different achievements. Tight turns, close misses, high speed, etc. will give you trophies. The game will even reward you for collecting a certain amount of cars. It serves as an appreciation for your driving which makes you feel better.

Race Types

There are a lot of different races in the game. These races range from racing cars, trains, bikes, jet skis, trains, and even plans. There is even a monster racing arena that lets you take charge of a monster truck. Horizon adventure acts as the main story. It has different types of races and, it will advance the game. Races are different depending on the environment.

Apex road racing is for straight races where you can speed up the car to your heart content. Baha is a cross country race, the Rush is about stunts, Wildlands is about dirt racing, and the Street Scene is about street racing. So there is a category of each type of race, giving it a lot of variety. Goliath is a big race and, it circles the entire map. Since Forza Horizon 5 has the biggest map in the series, it also has the toughest Goliath race.


If you want to stick to a specific environment, the game will allow you to do so through different race types. Barn finds are also back and, there are some pretty cool barns in the game. Their locations are good and, the way they are presented through cinematics is also awesome. Barns have randomized roles that can give you money, cars, and stuff like that. There is always something to do due to the extensive number of activities available. There are photo challenges, expedition points, and so much other stuff.

The Auction House is back and, one can make a lot of money through car trading. Prices constantly fluctuate and, prices can go from a million to thousands in a couple of minutes. You can buy cars and sell them which can help you earn a lot. Growing your collection of cars feels good which makes you want to collect all the cars that Forza Horizon 5 has to offer. Drift cars are back but premade drifting cars are not that different than normal cars tuned for drifting. You can tune any car and make it good at drifting.


There is a decent amount of customization in the game though it is not as extensive as Need for Speed Heat. You can change different aspects of the cars such as transmissions, tires, and even the sound of their engine. The part-by-part configuration lets you customize the sound of the engine. Ideas of changing tires and transmissions combos make the customization even better. Emote, Clothes, and other customization options are still part of the series. So there are a lot of cosmetic options for customization.

The tuning system is also back and, it is pretty much the same. It is a good thing since it is easy to understand and has a familiar vibe to it. You have to figure out what is good for you and what is not good for you. It makes tuning a major part of customization. It lags in certain aspects such as deep visual customization but, everything else about customization is top-notch.

Forza Horizon 5


Multiplayer is back in Forza Horizon 5 and, it is bringing back some old memories. Big world events are going on which has been a norm in these games. These events include group events, high drift score, point fill, stay in race area events, and so on. There is always something going on somewhere on the map. Such live world events make the world of the game more lively. A racing mode similar to battle royale is back and, it is the mode where the last man standing gets to be the winner.

There are also regular online racing modes that are the same as before. You can still form clubs do different activities with club members. Forza Horizon series get constant updates for its online mode. I can’t wait to see how it would look like in a year from now.

General Aspects

Forza Horizon 5 is the best-looking racing game. Everything about it looks amazing, from the lighting to reflection to the general look. Even the opening sequence is top-notch that excites you for everything else the game will throw at you. It is the prettiest racing game I have ever seen. The realism of the environment and the details on cars is amazing. The game has a good draw distance and, the visual effect of speed is pretty solid as well. Even the feedback of the controller and everything happening on the screen are solid. The different viewpoints of cars and the way they take turns are also good. Music is a cherry on top that makes everything more interesting.

The game has a lot of accessibility options. Developers have considered different disabilities which should be appertained similar to what Naughty Dog did with The Last of Us Part 2. There are lots of ways to enjoy the game making it more accessible. Such an approach carter to the need of differently disabled persons. The game will keep on getting updated constantly for at least a year.

Forza Horizon 5 runs pretty smooth on Xbox Series X, there are no load times. There are a lot of fast travel points so, the lack of loading time helps a lot. To unlock free fast travel you would need to buy a $2 million house. It is a lot of money that you might need for something else. You can also pay for fast travel which can be a drag in the long run.

Weather and Festival

Weather and seasons are returning which is one of the best aspects of the Forza Horizon series. Good graphics, environment, and story moments make it all the better. These aspects impacts season which brings fresh changes to the game keeping it interesting for a long time. There are also a lot of chances to explore and, the game will give you the incentive to do so.

Exploration is rewarding that will help you find new and hidden stuff. Environmental events such as sand storms and tornados can make it an adrenaline-pumping experience. The dreadful feeling of seeing a sand storm or tornado approaching you to feel good. Being surrounded by darkness as you go inside these storms feels amazing.

Festival sites are still pretty much the same. These locations are important and act as an integral part of the game, turning it into an identity for the Forza Horizon series. Locations for drag races are better as they are straight lines. These locations range from abandoned old airports to Mayan ruins. Locations let you connect with Mexican Culture which is a good thing since the game takes place in Mexico.


Forza Horizon 5 is a good racing game that improves all the aspects of previous games in the series. Despite lacking in car customization, it has most of the things that a good racing game needs. Driving mechanics are good and the way cars react to controls is quite good as well. Taking hard turns at high speed is possible thanks to its good driving mechanics. There are some heart-pumping moments in the game which make each encounter a better experience. Racing not just cars but planes, trains among other things make it a refreshing experience. Though it does lack a proper story and its story only acts as a formality.

If you are a fan of racing games then Forza Horizon 5 could be the game you are looking for. It has all the good stuff that one can expect from a good racing game. Driving at high speed and taking part in racing in some of the most beautiful locations is all part of it. The rewarding nature of the gameplay makes it an appreciable experience. It looks good and plays well, so if you want to have a good racing experience then this could be it. Besides, it is on Xbox Game Pass so there is no hard in trying it. Let me know your thoughts on the game in the comments.

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