Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build (The Support Build)

Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build (The Support Build)

Solar is one of the four subclasses, making Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build seems like a legit option. A lot of different builds can be made using the solar subclass. However, making a Solar build that not only gives you high ability regen but healing is only possible with Attunement of Grace. The build will help you clear Grand Master with ease. It will not only keep your allies alive but increase their damage while also enabling you to gain ability energy. The build is all about supporting your allies and making enemies weaker. It will help you take down unstoppable enemies pretty quickly. Swap a couple of mods and, you can use it for any activity you want. Destiny 2 solar warlock build is a support build that will keep everyone alive while also letting you do an insane amount of damage.

Pieces Need For the Support Build

There is no need for an exotic piece but, having Eye of Another World can be helpful. Eye of Another World will increase the recharge rate of your abilities. Boots of the Assembler will grant you noble seekers that will heal your allies when cast the Rift wherever they are. You can also use The Stag to make more rifts. I use Eye of Another World since it increases the recharge rate of all my abilities. If you have Boots of the Assembler, use them because they can help you a lot.

Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build

Sub Class

Solar is the sub-class of the build since it is Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build that utilizes all that Attunement of Grace offers. It is primarily a support build and, the attack is its secondary purpose. The build will not only heal all friendlies but increase their damage as well. So, even if you have low discipline, melee, and intellect, you will still get ability energy.

As long as you are healing allies or, empowering them, you will get Benevolent Dawn. Healing or empowering your allies will activate Benevolent Dawn which will, in turn, increase your ability regeneration. Benevolent Dawn is the main reason that you need to use Attunement of Grace with it. Attunement of Grace will also enable you to change your grenade into a blessing that will heal both you and your allies upon picking it up. Keep using rift to heal allies and, you can get ability energy enabling you to use super constantly.

Destiny 2 Dawnblade


The most important stat of Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build is regeneration. The class ability (Rift) of Warlock is dictated by regeneration. Having more regeneration will reduce the cooldown time of your Rift. I have explained all this in the Warlock guide. The second most important stat is Discipline because it will increase your grenade energy. Using solar fusion grenades will help you take down champions quickly. Intellect is the third most important stat since it increases the super recharge rate. Having more intellect will give you more chances to use Well of Radiance. The mod on the bond will allow these grenades to do more damage.


There is no specific requirement for a weapon. However, using a weapon with Thresh (give ability energy on kill) or demolitionist (give grenade ability energy on kill) can help you get abilities back. Using Lumina with Boots of The Assembler can make this build even more powerful. I will make that build in another guide.


Mods on Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build will reduce abilities cool down while also letting you do damage to enemies. The Destiny 2 Solar build will let you do massive damage to Champion, making it extremely efficient in Master and Grand Master.


You can use any energy on your helmet but, having Void can help you perform better. Using void energy will enable you to use Dynamo mod. This mod will give you super energy every time you use class ability. Another mod on your helmet can be hands-on. It will give you super energy, every time you kill an enemy with melee.

Eye of Another World Destiny 2



To make the most out of the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build, you would need gauntlets with stasis energy. Having stasis energy on gauntlets will enable you to use Grenade Kickstarter and Melee Kickstarter. Using grenade Kickstarter will give you grenade energy when your grenade energy is fully expanded. Melee Kickstarter will give you melee energy when your melee energy has been fully expanded.

Void energy is also a choice since using it will let you use Focusing Strike and Bolstering Detonation. Focusing Strike will give you class ability energy, every time you cause damage with a melee attack. Bolstering Detonation will grant you class ability energy every time you cause damage with grenades.

Destiny 2 Focusing StrikeDestiny 2 Bolstering Detonation

Note: To fight champions, you would need to remove these mods (Night Fall) and use champion mods

Chest Armor

You can use any energy on the chest piece depending on the preference. Chest Armor energy type will only change energy resistance and combat-style mods. I will get to combat-style mods later but, using universal mod on that socket will not force you to use a specific type of energy.

Destiny 2 Melee Wellmaker


There is no specific energy requirement for boots but using Void will enable you to use mods for class ability. Insulation mod will grant you class ability energy every time you pick an orb of power. It is a Void energy exclusive mod so you would need void energy on boots to use it. The second mod on boots is Absolution and, it will give energy to all abilities. Absolution is a universal mod so you do not need a specific energy type to use it on the boots.

Destiny 2 InsulationDestiny 2 Absolution


Heaving stasis energy on bond can help in getting class ability (Rift) back quickly. Stasis energy on the bond will enable you to use Utility Kickstarter. It will give you some of the class ability when your class ability is fully expanded.

Most of the Solar damage that you do to champions will come from Withering Heat mod. Withering Heat will increase the damage to do to the champions when you hit them with a solar ability. So stunning champions and then throwing a grenade at them will do a large amount of damage to them. Use Distribution mod if you are not facing any champions in an activity.

Destiny 2 Warlock Utility KickstartDestiny 2 Warlock Withering Heat

Combat Style Mods

To make the most of the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build, use Elemental Well mods and charge with light mods. High-Energy Fire mod will turn these stacks into high damage that will help you do more damage. All these mods are universal, you can use them in any piece of the build.

Elemental Well Mods

Elemental Ordinance mod will let you make an Elemental Well every time you kill someone with grenades. Since you will be using a lot of Fusion Grenades, you will kill many enemies with grenades while using Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build. Every time you pick up these wells, you will gain ability energy. These wells will match your subclass so they will help you regain every ability energy.

To utilize these Elemental wells, even more, you would need to use the Elemental Charge mod. Elemental Charge will allow you to become Charged with light every time you pick up an Elemental Well. Picking up a well that matches your subclass will grant you two stacks of Charged with light. Elemental Ordinance will drop wells that match your subclass so you will get two stacks every time you pick an Elemental Well.

Destiny 2 Elemental Ordinance

Charged with Light Mods

Taking charge will let you become charged with light every time you pick up an orb of power.

Use Shield Break mod on the combat style mod socket. Shield Break mod will enable you to become changed with light every time you break a shield of the enemy with matching energy.

You can also use Melee Well Maker mod if you are doing quests that don’t have a champion. Withering Heat uses 6 energy so, not using it will free up two more energy stacks.

These mods will increase your chances of getting charged with light, letting you use it more often.

Destiny 2 Taking ChargeDestiny 2 Elemental Charge

Using Charges

High-Energy Fire mod will utilize the charges that you have. So every time you become Charged with light, your weapon damage will increase. Killing an enemy with a weapon will consume one stack of Charged with light. High-Energy Fire will let you do high weapon damage that can help you take down champions.

Destiny 2 Warlock High Energy Fire


How to Make Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build?

To make the support build, you would need one of the exotic pieces mentioned above. After that, use all the mods in the mod description section. Try to get at least tier 9 regeneration, tier 4 intellect, tier 5 discipline, and other stats per your choice. Heal your allies as much as possible to get ability energy and keep them alive in combat. If you are out of Rift, turn the grenade into a blessing to heal. With Well of Radiance Super, you and your allies can stand your ground even in intense combat. Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build will let you and your allies annihilate enemies.

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