Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build (The Support Build)

Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build (The Support Build)

The solar subclass has interesting elements of healing, making Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build seems like a legit option. A lot of different builds can be made using the solar subclass. However, making a support build that gives you high ability regeneration and healing can be a complicated task. Destiny 2 Warlock Support builds do exactly that. The build will help you clear Grand Master with ease. It will not only keep your allies alive but increase their damage while also enabling you to gain ability energy.

The build is all about supporting your allies and making enemies weaker. It will help you take down enemies pretty quickly. Swap a couple of mods and, you can use it for any activity you want. Destiny 2 solar warlock build is a support build that will keep everyone alive while also letting you do high damage.

Exotic Armor (Boots of The Assembler)

Boots of The Assembler is the exotic armor for Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build. It is one of the best exotic armor for a support build. Boots of The Assembler has the Blessing of Order trait that gives it an amazing healing power.

While standing in a healing rift you will create Noble Seekers. These Noble Seekers will seek your allies and heal them. Standing in empowering rift will create Noble Seekers that will increase the damage of your allies. Every time Noble Seekers finds an ally it will also extend your rift duration if you are standing in it. Boots of The Assembler will also increase the airborne effectiveness of the Lumina hand cannon.

Weapon (Lumina)

Lumina is an important part of the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build. Lumina enables Boots of The Assembler to heal allies while also increasing their damage. Kills with Lumina leave a remnant that you can absorb. It converts your next shot into ally seeking noble round and partially refills the magazine. Using a noble round on an ally will increase both you and their damage for a brief duration.

Boots of The Assembler enables you to shoot noble rounds without defeating any enemy. The Noble Seekers from Boots of The Assembler activate Lumina’s trait. It increases the weapon damage of both you and your allies just by standing in the rift. The combination of Lumina and Boots of The Assembler turns the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build into a powerful support build. You can use any other weapons as the remaining two.



The most important stat of the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build is regeneration. The class ability (Rift) of Warlock is dictated by regeneration. Having more regeneration will reduce the cooldown time of your Rift. I have explained all this in the Warlock guide. Resilience is the second most important stat since it increases the super recharge rate. The third most important stat is Discipline because it will increase your grenade energy.


Mods on Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build will reduce ability cooldown while also letting you do damage to enemies. The Destiny 2 Solar build is really efficient against Champion, making it a good choice in Master and Grand Master.


Helmet mods grant you super energy.

Ashes to Asset

Defeating an enemy with a grenade will grant you super energy. Since you will be throwing grenades constantly, it will help you regain super. Use two Ashes to Asset mods to gain more super energy.

Destiny 2 Warlock Ashes to Asset


Using class ability near enemies will heal you. Dynamo is a good choice for easier content. Only use it if you have the energy for it.


Gauntlets mods create orbs of power and reduce the class ability cooldown time.


Defeating an enemy with a grenade will create an orb of power. The more enemies you defeat with grenades the more orb of power you will create. Collecting orbs of power will give you armor charges and other mods will use armor charges for ability regeneration.

Bolstering Detonation

Damaging an enemy with a grenade will grant you class-ability energy. It will help you reduce the cooldown time of class ability since that is one of the most important parts of the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build.

Heavy Handed

Defeating an enemy with the melee ability will create an orb of power. Only use Heavy Handed if you have the energy for it.

Destiny 2 Warlock Heavy Handed

Chest Armor

Chest armor will increase the number of charges you can carry.

Charged Up

It will increase the number of armor charges you can carry by one. You will be able to carry four armor charges by equipping the Charged Up mod.

Up to You

The second mod is up to you and you can use any mod you see fit.


Mods on boots will help with ability regain and armor charges.

Stacks on Stacks

Stack on Stacks will grant an additional armor charge upon getting an armor charge. So picking up an orb of power will grant you two stacks instead of one. You can use these stacks through the Utility Kickstart with Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build.


Picking up an orb of power will grant class ability energy.

Orbs of Restoration

Picking up an orb of power will give energy to your least charged ability. Orbs of Restoration is a good choice because it will give energy to any ability as long as it’s used. Only use Orbs of Restoration  if you have the energy for it or else use two insulation mods.

Class Item (Warlock Bond)

Warlock bond mods work with the use of the class ability.


Defeating an enemy with a weapon after using class ability will spawn an orb of power. Since you will be using class ability constantly it will let you create orbs of power through weapon kills.

Utility Kickstart

Utility Kickstart will use the armor charges that you gain by picking up orbs of power. It will grant you class ability energy when you use class ability. Utility Kickstart will keep your class ability full because that is the most important ability for Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build.

Sub Class

Solar is the obvious choice of subclass since it is Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build.


Use any grenades you see fit as the choice is up to you. However, Solar and Fusion grenades work best. Both these grenade types are helpful.

Destiny 2 Warlock Solar Grenade


Healing rift is the way to go as it will help a lot in increasing the overall efficiency.

Destiny 2 Warlock Solar Healing Rift


Both Incinerator Snap and Celestial Fire melees work well with Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build so you can use either one of them. However, in harder content, Celestial Fire is a better choice because it lets you do damage from a distance.

Destiny 2 Warlock Incinerator SnapDestiny 2 Warlock Celestial Fire


Use Well of Radiance Super because it is a Warlock Support build. Well of Radiance will not only keep you and your allies safe but it will also increase the damage output. The Well of Radiance super will also activate the Ember of Benovelence fragment which will increase your ability regeneration.


Aspects are an important part of the Destiny 2 Warlock support build.

Touch of Flame

It increases the efficiency of your Healing, Solar, Fusion, and Firebolt grenades.

Healing Grenades have improved cured and restoration effects.

Solar Grenades last longer and periodically emits lava that damages enemies.

Firebolt Grenades have increased scorched radius and apply scorch to more targets.

Fusion Grenades explode twice.

Touch of Flames will make your grenade more deadly and efficient. Your grenades will do a lot more damage.

Destiny 2 Warlock Touch of Flame

Heat Rises

You can fire weapons, use melee and throw grenades while in the air. Holding the grenade button will consume the grenade that will heal you and allies near you while also activating Heat Rises. While Heat Rises is active you can stay in the air for a longer duration and it increases your airborne effectiveness. Final blows while airborne will extend the duration of Heat Rises. Defeating enemies while in the air grant melee energy, it can even be a bunny hop.

Destiny 2 Warlock Heat Rises


Fragments will help in ability regeneration and will increase the overall efficiency of the Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build.

Ember of Benevolence

Ember of Benevolence is the most important fragment of the Warlock support build. It increases the regeneration of all your abilities. Applying radiant, restoration, or cure effects to allies increases the regeneration of the grenade, melee, and class ability. Ember of Benevolence lasts for 6 seconds and applying any of the solar buffs will reset its duration.

You will be applying radiant effect through melee thanks to Ember of Torches. Restoration effects will be applied through the rift and Noble Seekers from Lumina and Boots of The Assembler. The cure effect will be applied whenever you activate Heat Rises near enemies. Multiple sources of solar buffs will make sure that Ember of Benevolence is active nearly all the time.

Destiny 2 Warlock Ember of Benevolence

Ember of Ashes

You will apply more scorch stacks to enemies. Ember of Ashes will not only increase your solar ability damage but also makes igniting enemies a lot easier. It will make the grenades and melee ability of Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build deadlier.

Destiny 2 Warlock Ember of Ashes

Ember of Singeing

Applying scorch will grant you class-ability energy. Ember of Singeing will make it easier to gain class ability energy.

Destiny 2 Warlock Ember of Singeing

Ember of Torches

Powered melee attacks will make you and your nearby allies Radiant. While Radiant, your weapon damage will increase. Ember of Torches will also activate Ember of Benevolence which will help in ability regeneration.

Destiny 2 Warlock Ember of Torches

How to Make Destiny 2 Warlock Support Build?

To make the support build, you would need the exotic piece, weapon, mods, aspects, and fragments mentioned above. After that, use all the mods in the mod description section. Try to get at least tier 7 regeneration, tier 7 resilience or more, tier 5 discipline, and other stats per your choice. Heal your allies as much as possible to get ability energy and keep them alive in combat. If you are out of Rift, you can consume the grenade for the cure effect. With Well of Radiance Super, you and your allies can stand your ground even in intense combat. Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build is really useful in Master and Grand Master difficulty.

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