Destiny 2 Warlock Guide For All The New Player

Destiny 2 Warlock Guide For All The New Players

Warlock is one of the three Guardian classes with a DPS intensive nature and the Destiny 2 Warlock guide considers all of the factors to help players use it in the best way. Depending on how one makes a Warlock build, it can do both damage and insane healing. The class ability of Warlock is Rift that can be a lifesaver when it comes to healing or damage. The thing that makes the class ability one of the best is the fact that it gets buff from regeneration. Regeneration is one of the most important stat, making rift extremely useful. The Combination of all the Warlock can make it a formidable force in combat. Destiny 2 Warlock guide will show all basics of Warlock to help you become a powerful Warlock.


When it comes to doing consistent damage and support, Warlock performs better than any other class. The subclasses of warlock have some of the best abilities in the Destiny 2 game. They can unleash a volley of powerful attacks in a short time. Their ability to do constant damage makes them proficient in taking a group of enemies. Grenades abilities of Warlock are the best among all classes. Their grenades are some of the best that the game has to offer.

Melee abilities are not their strong suit but using them can also make them more proficient in combat. However, melee ability can be an important factor for some of its builds. With a good build, one can turn them into unstoppable killing machines. Destiny 2 Warlock guide aims to do exactly that by showing you all that Warlock has to offer.

The class ability of Warlock is Rift, which is one of the strongest abilities. They have the second most useful ability (Hunters have the most useful class ability). However, when used as a support ability, it is better than any other class even the Hunter. So for the survivability of the entire group, it is the best among all. Mods, weapons traits, and gear pieces can make it even stronger. Depending on the build, the performance of Rift can change.

Warlock’s Stats

Stats have a major impact on the performance of any class or build in Destiny 2. Warlock is no different as different stats can change how it performs in combat. There are only three stats that impact the class ability of each guardian type. Mobility impacts the class ability of Hunter, Resilience impacts the class ability of Titan, and Regeneration impacts the class ability of Warlock. All other stats are universal for each class of guardian. Discipline reduces the cool downtime of grenades and Strength will reduce the cool-down time of melee ability. Intellect is all about reducing the time it takes to recharge super. Destiny 2 Warlock guide will help you understand all that to make you a good Warlock.

Warlocks are all about damage and support, both of which are an important part of the game and Destiny 2 Warlock guide. As mentioned earlier, Warlocks has better grenades than any other class of guardians. To make a good Warlock build, players need to consider both the damage and regeneration. To make the most out of Warlock the primary focus is regeneration. However, depending on the build, it can be discipline or intellect as well. High intellect and discipline can help Warlock do an insane amount of damage in a short time. Depending on the mods and gear pieces, Rift can do an insane amount of damage while also healing you. In the end, it’s all about the build and playstyle of the player.


The class ability of Warlock is Rift, as explained earlier. Just like all other classes, Warlock also has two types of class abilities. These class abilities include Healing Rift and Empowering Rift. When you use Healing Rift, a pool will form, it will heal both you and your allies standing in it. It will give over-shield to you once your health is full. Empowering Rift on the other hand will increase your weapon damage. Standing in it can increase 20% weapon damage in PVE so it will not impact your ability damage.

Rift is tied to regeneration, and the more regeneration you have, the less is the cooldown time of its class ability. Regeneration is an important stat for survivability, so you won’t be sacrificing another stat to focus on the class ability of Warlock. Using Healing Rift at max regeneration can make you nearly immortal if you have a decent amount of resilience. You absorb a lot of damage while standing in the Rift. Certain mods and gear pieces can make it even more efficient. Making a build around Rift can be a lifesaver for everyone on the team.

Destiny 2 Warlock guide considers all the abilities of a warlock for good guidance. Pairing Rift with grenades and super can help Warlock do a lot of damage while also giving it survivability. Certain gear pieces can give a lot of Rift energy upon kills. Depending on the gear pieces, it could be damage type, grenade ability, melee, or weapon damage. With the Void build, you can get all that just by killing enemies with Void damage. So gear pieces and mod can play an important part in how your build performs.

Sub Class

Different subclasses provide different perks and can even change how certain abilities perform. For instance, Amendments of the Elements sub-class of Arc will give you an arc soul upon using Rift. This arc soul will do damage and will be given to any ally that stands in it. Other subclasses can provide different buffs to each ability type. Amendment of the Chaos Void subclass can increase the grenade damage by holding the grenade button. So different subclasses can change how your character performs. Before making a build read the description of the sub-class to know what it offers.


Using the Destiny 2 Warlock guide you can make use of all that Warlock has to offer. By utilizing its damage and support potential, Warlock can become a worthy opponent in combat. The combination of its grenade abilities and supers can help the player clear the enemies with ease. Unlike other classes, Warlock needs the power of both grenades and the class ability for optimum performance. It does not mean that you can make a pure Rift build as it is still important. Depending on mods in gear pieces you can get Rift on kill or grenades on using Rifts. So it’s all about what type of build a player makes. So keep on visiting Play Ludos as we upload Destiny 2 content regularly.

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