The Division 2 Tank Build (The Unbreakable Shield Build)

The Division 2 Tank Build (The Unbreakable Shield Build)

The Division 2 has a lot of tank build types but when it comes to survivability The Division 2 tank build is the way to go due to its insane shield health. A good tank builds not only have a large amount of armor and shield health but armor regen as well. It should be built with a shield that would not break even when it is under intense damage. No matter how you make such a build its shield is going to break under intense damage.

What if you could make a build that has an unbreakable shield? It is possible to make a The Division 2 tank build that not only does damage but has an unbreakable shield and a decent amount of armor regen. The shield of the build will be far stronger than The Shield build but it will have less armor regen. Let’s discuss the process of making such a build.

Pieces Needed for The Build

You need four pieces of Foundry Bulwark since The Division 2 tank build won’t work without Foundry pieces. The Unbreakable Shield Build also requires Forge Holster which is named Richter & Kaiser GmbH holster. You can use any gear piece for your bag pack as long as you are comfortable with it. Use Grupo Sambra S.A., Cheska Vyroba s.r.o., Walker, Harris & Co., Providence Defense, or Douglas & Harding is a better option if you want more damage. Batstone Armory or Gila guard Armory you require more armor regen or armor.

Foundry Bulwark

4 Pieces of Foundry Bulwark

Using 2 pieces of Foundry Bulwark will give you 10% total armor. 3 pieces will give you, 10% total armor, 1% armor regen, and 50% shield health. Using 4 of Foundry Bulwark will give you 10% total armor, 1% armor regen, 50% shield health and it will also unlock makeshift repair talent. The 4 Foundry Bulwark pieces are the most important pieces of The Division 2 tank build.



Forge is  Richter & Kaiser GmbH named holster. It will give you 50% shield health, 20% incoming repair, and a sub-attribute slot. You can recalibrate the sub-attribute slot to armor regen for more survivability or critical hit chance and critical hit damage for more damage. The 20% incoming repair will help you shield repair through Artificer hive and armor regen. Forge brand set has skill core so it will also help in increasing the skill tier of Artificer hive as well.

Bag pack

If you use Forge on The Division 2 tank build then you would need to use Foundry Bulwark on the chest or bag pack. You need Adrenaline Rush or Vigilance talent on the bag pack. Since these talents can only be found on the bag pack, you will need to use the Foundry Bulwark chest piece since you are using the Forge holster.

If you want more damage then use Douglas & Harding for 20% pistol damage. Grupo Sombra S.A. for 15% critical hit damage. Česká Výroba s.r.o. for 10% critical hit chance. Walker, Harris & Co. for 5% weapon damage. Providence Defense for 15% headshot damage. Using any of these brand sets can help in increasing the damage.

If you want more armor then use Gila Guard to get 5% total armor. For 1% armor regen you can use Belstone Armory. It will increase your total armor regen to 2% since you are also getting a 1% armor regen from the Foundry Bulwark Gear set as well.


There are three talents on The Division 2 Tank Build. The talent on the Foundry Bulwark chest piece is Improved Materials. Talent on the bag pack can either be Adrenaline Rush or Vigilance depending on whether you want more damage or survivability. You will also get Makeshift Repair talent from the Foundry Bulwark gear set.

Adrenaline Rush or Vigilance

Adrenaline Rush is the talent that can give you a lot of bonus armor when you get close to enemies. Whenever you are within 10 meters radius of enemies you will get 20% bonus armor (23% for perfect Adrenaline Rush found on the named Walker, Harris & Co. bag pack called Matador). This bonus armor can stack up to three times. Each stack lasts for 5 seconds and the cool down time of the talent is 5 seconds. Each stack lasts for 5 seconds and each one has a separate cool down. If there are three enemies in the 10 meters radius of you then you can have 60% bonus armor. It will give you a lot of survivability to The Division 2 tank build if you use it.

Adrenaline Rush

If you want to do more damage then use Vigilance, it will give you 25% weapon damage. When you take damage the talent will deactivate for 4 seconds (3 seconds with perfect Vigilance found on named Providence Defense bag pack called The Gift) since your shield will be taking the damage, the talent will remain active most of the time. If your armor is not taking damage then the talent will remain active. The shield will keep the talent active.

The Division 2 Providence Defense

Makeshift Repairs

Makeshift Repair is a talent that helps you take less damage and gives you a large amount of armor regen. It will help in turning The Division 2 tank build into the Unbreakable Shield build. Whenever you or your shield take damage, 20% of the damage taken will be used to repair both your armor and shield in 15 seconds. It means that you and your shield are taking 20% less damage since the repair will remain active as long as you are taking damage. Your shield will take a lot of damage and when 20% of that damage start repairing then it will give you a lot of armor regen.

Improved Materials

This talent cannot work alone and only helps in making the Makeshift repair talent better. It will increase Makeshift Repairs from 20% to 30%. Improved Materials talent will help in increasing the armor regen on the Unbreakable shield build.

The Division 2 Improved Materials


Technician specialization is a must because Artificer Hive is exclusive to Technician specialization. Artificer Hiver is very important for The Division 2 tank build since it can make its shield unbreakable. Technician specialization will also give you 10% repair skill, 30% damage to drones & robotics, and 1 skill tier among other things. All these attributes will not only help you in tanking but also increase your damage output.

Bulwark Shield and Artificer Hive

Since it is The Unbreakable shield build, Bulwark Shield is an obvious choice because it will help you take a lot of damage. You can even stand in front of all the enemies on legendry difficulty without having to worry about breaking the shield. You will have 100% extra shield health from Foundry Bulwark and Forge. Your shield will also regenerate faster thanks to the incoming repair from Forge and armor regen of The Division 2 tank build.

Artificer Hive will help in making your shield unbreakable. No shield is unbreakable but you will rarely find such damage that can break the Unbreakable shield on legendry difficulty. Artificer Hive will repair nearly 50% of your shield after every 7 seconds. That’s 100% health of a normal shield since you have 200% shield health. Incoming repair Forge and repair skills from Technician specialization are some of the reasons for such high shield repairs. With Artificer Hive, you don’t have to worry about running out of shield health.

The Division 2 Tank Build


The pistol will be the main source of damage for The Division 2 tank build because you can only use a pistol with Bulwark Ballistic Shield. You can use any other weapon as your primary and secondary weapons but the sidearm is the main source of damage for you. Liberty is the best option due to the large amount of damage that it offers. The damage of Liberty increases with stacks. It will also repair your shield the moment you take a headshot by consuming the stacks. At max stacks, you can repair 90% of your shield which can truly make it the unbreakable shield build.

The Division 2 Liberty Exotic

How to Make The Division 2 Tank Build?

To make the unbreakable shield build, you need to use critical hit damage and critical hit chance on all the sub-attributes. Don’t worry about armor regen since you will have a lot of that from the Foundry Bulwark gear set. Depending on your preferences you can use critical hit chance, critical hit damage, Incoming repairs, or protection of elite mods in the mod slots. Now equip the gear pieces mentioned above and you will have the unbreakable shield build.

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