The Callisto Protocol Game (What We Know So Far)

The Callisto Protocol game seems like the spiritual successor of Dead Space even though Dead Space Remake has been announced. The Developer of the game is Striking Distance Studios and takes place in the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Universe. The game shares a lot of similarities with Dead Space. For good reason, since the founder of its developers is Glen Schofield, who was also co-founder of Dead Space. Many of the team members working on The Callisto Protocol also worked on Dead Space games. So it shares similarities with the Dead Space games as seen in the trailer. Let’s discuss The Callisto Protocol game based on the available information.

Callisto the Moon of Jupiter

Callisto is of Jupiter’s moon and the game takes place on that moon. It is a horror game that seemed to be a spiritual successor of Dead Space. It does not take place in space but rather in Callisto. So both games take place outside the earth which makes them somewhat relatable even in settings. It takes place in the year 2320, in the PUBG universe. A prison colony named Black Iron has been established on the Callisto. The United Jupiter Company operates the Black Iron Prison colony.

You will take control of a prisoner from the Black Iron colony. There is an Alien invasion going on in the colony that is turning prisoners into mutated beings. From what we can see in the trailer, it seems like the creatures are similar to Necromorphes from Dead Space. The prison’s warden seems to be the one behind all of it. United Jupiter Company could also be part of all this. The Callisto Protocol game has a perfect name considering the setting and premise.

The Prison on Callisto

According to the developers, The Callisto Protocol game will take inspiration from Dead Space but it will still be a different kind of experience. So it will have the essence of Dead Space while still have a unique identity. One of the key features that it share with Dead Space is the neck indicator, which clearly shows how it takes inspiration from Dead Space. Being a prisoner makes sense for the plot of The Callisto Protocol game since it takes place in the PUBG universe. It could be that being a prisoner has something to do with the battle royale of PUBG. We will see the exact connection of these games once the game releases in 2022.

Jupiter’s moon Callisto is will play a major role in both plot and gameplay as per the developers. The game takes place on Calisto due to its properties.. It is possible that the moon will get colonized which is one of the key reasons for its selection. The moon also has a sub-surface ocean which can play a key role in the game. It is also one of the oldest surfaces of the solar system with lots of craters. These craters contain iron, rock, and ice which can play a role in the story. It could be that these materials will be part of the crafting system or other gameplay elements in The Callisto Protocol game. So the properties of Callisto can a play major role in the game.

The Next-Gen Horror

The Callisto Protocol game is a next-gen game so it will only be available on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. According to Glen Schofield, the game is intended to be made the scariest game on the next-gen consoles. It also takes advantage of 3D audio and ray tracing to deliver the best experience possible. Similar to what Dead Space Remake is trying to do. The Haptic Feedback and Adaptive triggers of DualSense will also use for more immersion.

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