Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion is Going Away

Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion is Going Away

Destiny 2 Forsaken will become part of the vault and won’t be accessible anymore. The content will disappear in the same way as it was done before. With the release of Beyond Light, Bungie deleted all of the legacy content. The base game was made free and it had a lot of content but now it’s only a shadow of its former self. If you want to have more content then you have to spend money. So in a sense, the base game only shows you what to expect from the rest of it. It is essentially a demonstration of all that Destiny 2 has to offer. With the removal of Destiny 2 Forsaken, the game is taking a drastic turn.

Free-to-Play Destiny 2

Upon release, Destiny 2 was not a free game and many players bought it thanks to the success of Destiny. It was one of the first looter shooters to perfectly implement the idea of a live service looter shooter. Once Bungie parted ways with Activision, the base Destiny 2 was made free-to-play. The free-to-play version of the game also included year one expansions Curse of Osiris and Warmind. So all of the players who purchased the base game and the two expansions felt scammed. It was also a good thing for many players and now new players were into Destiny 2. There was nothing to be angry about since the content was still there but it was free and more accessible.

If players wanted to explore all the game has to offer then they had to purchase Destiny 2 Forsaken and Shadow Keep DLCs. The situation was a little similar to the Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2. With the release of Beyond Light, developers made many changes to the game. The most prominent change was the introduction of Vault. All of the old content was removed from the game and moved to the Vault. Entire planets were removed and many activities were removed. It severely impacted the base game also known as New Light. All of the major content of the game is now coming from Destiny 2 Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light.

The Removal of Destiny 2 Forsaken

With the release of Destiny 2’s upcoming DLC The Witch Queen, Bungie is going to move Destiny 2 Forsaken content to vault as well. Just like most of the content from the base game was removed, Forsaken content will also be removed in the same way. Even if you buy Forsaken a day before the release of The Witch Queen you will still lose it. Many were thinking that Destiny 2 Forsaken will now be part of the free-to-play version of the game but that won’t be the case. It is important to note that Bungie has hinted at the return of legacy content at some point. So all of the content could return in some form as some missions from the base game are already returning as legacy missions.

Destiny 2 was released on September 6, 2017, so the time for the release of Destiny 3 was imminent. Beyond Light is more like Destiny 3 as it brings lots of changes to the game. The constant release of content was making it big which could be a nuisance for many players. Especially for those playing the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version of it. Developers just want to keep the game in check with such strategies. Call of Duty Warzone is also nescience for many players due to its immense size. Bungie does not want to be in the same boat. We can even see the return of content in the form of optional downloads.


The removal of Destiny 2 Forsaken content seems to be worrisome for many players including me. Such removals are actually reducing the amount of content the game has. Matchmaking will not be a problem anymore since Destiny 2 is now crossplay. The thing that was putting developers on edge is the game size. It is worrisome that content is disappearing but Bungie knows that it can have a negative effect on the game. Given the surge of players in Destiny 2, the content will return in some time in the future.

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