Project Magnum Is Destiny Meets Outriders

Project Magnum seems like a combination of Destiny, Final Fantasy, Outriders, Anthem, and Gears of War. Destiny seems to be the most prominent inspiration for the game and visually it seems more like a Final Fantasy. It will have a different name as Project Magnum is just a code name for its concept. The game looks pretty impressive with amazing combat and gameplay. However, the actual caliber of the game is yet to be seen as it is just a project at this point. Let’s discuss what we know so far about Project Magnum.

The Gameplay

It is a third-person shooter that seems to take place in a sci-fi fantasy setting. There are magic and some otherworldly weapons shown in the game. There is a grappling hook that can lead to more environmental transversal options. The gameplay consists of jumping, sliding, sliding, wall-running, and other such movements. So it is not just about straightforward movements. Such diverse movements, give more versatility to players which is different than how some other looter shooters work.

A couple of things becomes evident just by one look at the game. Project Magnum takes inspiration from Destiny, Outriders, Gears of War, and Anthem. The loot-driven nature of some of these games makes them similar to each other a well. Destiny seems to be a major inspiration for many looter shooters. So naturally, Outriders, Anthem, and Project magnum are no exceptions.

Project Magnum is might be trying to improve on all that these games have to offer. Anthem was a huge mess and one of the two most disappointing games in recent memory (Cyberpunk 2077 is the second one). Let’s just hope that Project Magnum does not become the same thing. Looter shooters have a bad reputation for their underdeveloped nature upon release. The Division 2 seems to be the only looter shooter that was stable from the start.

What to Expect?

Project Magnum is a looter shooter so it could be a live service game. It is still in the initial phase so nothing has been decided by the developers. However, it won’t have a pay-to-win scenario just like other looter shooters. If it turns out well, then it can be a treat for the looter shooter lovers. Given the status of recent looter shooters, players should keep their expectations low.

It is developed by Korean developers Nat Games and they have experience in gaming. Project Magnum seems to be their most ambitious project and I just hope that they don’t mess it up. It also seems a lot similar to Plan 8 which is an upcoming looter shooter from another Korean developer. Project Magnum could be the game that delivers everything that other looter shooter lacks. Just don’t get too excited as it could turn into a mess as well.

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