Fortnite VS Warzone (Which One is Better?)

Fortnite and Warzone are two of the most famous battle royale games that are free-to-play making Fortnite VS Warzone a valid argument. There are few things that the two games share though these few things can have a major impact on the perception of the two games. Their free-to-play and battle royale nature makes them competitors of each other. Though, Fortnite and Warzone are profoundly different when it comes to gameplay mechanics and combat. However, their PVP and free-to-play nature could attract similar players. Such similarities make them indirect competitors. Players will need to eliminate all the opponents on the map to get the victory.

Warzone has realistic combat with good gunplay. It is a fast-paced shooter and has a first-person perspective. There is no sci-fi or fantasy involved as it is all about general gunplay. It is a serious experience and there is no light-heartedness in the gameplay. Fortnite on the other hand is all about a light-hearted experience. It gets more updates than any other game which can bring a lot of changes. All this makes the two games, indirect competitors of each other. Fortnite VS Warzone is an obvious choice since both share similarities.

Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone is one of the most famous battle royale games. It has a large active player base that regularly plays the game. Call of Duty Warzone has realistic combat with intense shootouts. There is no direct involvement of Fantasy and Sci-fi elements. However, certain in-game events can bring fantasy or sci-fi elements to the game. It has good gunplay that can result and in good combat sequences. COD Warzone is a skill-based game where players with more skill can dominate in combat.

Call of Duty Warzone relies on other Call of Duty games as well. It was released after Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. Modern Warfare 2019 was the first game that was integrated into the Warzone. Since the release, each new Call of Duty game brings lots of changes to Warzone. A new COD game introduces new items and changes that were previously not part of the game. In a sense, a new Call of Duty game refreshes the entire game making it a fresh experience.

There are in-game events in Warzone just like other battle royale games. There was an in-game with the release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which brought a lot of changes to Warzone. The event also took the map back to the Cold War era. The release of Call of Duty Vanguard will change it even further. There has already been an in-game Vanguard event. Warzone can have an advantage over other battle royales with such changes which can be part of the Fortnite VS Warzone discussion as well.


It is one of the most famous games of all time that helped made Epic games what it is. Fortnite was the reason that Epic Games was able to create Epic Games Store. It was one of the first battle royale games. Fortnite was also the first game to perfectly implement the idea of a free-to-play live service game. It is a light-hearted experience with unique gameplay mechanics. The building mechanics of Fortnite provides a different kind of experience when it comes to general gameplay and combat. While deciding between Fortnite VS Warzone, you should consider its building mechanics.

Fortnite is the game that has brought more franchises as part of in-game content than any other. Anime, Marvel, DC, Halo, God of War, Star Wars, etc. have been part of the game at some point. Fortnite will get new gameplay mechanics whenever there is an update for the game. Thor’s Mjollnir, Capitan America’s Shield, Light Saber, etc. have all been part of the game at some point. So it gets more changes than any other game. Constant updates are one of the main reasons for the fame of Fortnite.

The building mechanics of Fortnite and its art design has become the identity of the game. Getting better in building and general combat can make players quite efficient in the game. Being better in either combat or building can also work. Some players can be better at one while aspect others at both. The fun gameplay and combat that it offers make it a favorite game of many players. Constant upgrades keep it fresh which gives players the reason to keep coming back.

Fortnite VS Warzone (Differences and Similarities)

Fortnite shares some similarities with Warzone while there are also some differences between the two games. The gameplay of both games is different as discussed earlier. These similarities and differences can make one of them a better choice than the other for different players.

Similarities and Differences between Fortnite and Warzone.

There are some obvious similarities between the two games. Fortnite and Warzone are battle royale games that rely on the concept of the last man standing. Both games are free-to-play so you don’t have to buy them. All you have to do is download and start playing. This helps the game attract more players to give it a try. Both Warzone and Fortnite are battle royales that follow the idea of the last man standing. There are options of trios, quads, duos, and solo in both games. The last player left standing of any team or the last player left standing in solo, gets to be the winner. These are the main similarities when it comes to Fortnite VS Warzone.

Both are crossplay that offers matchmaking across all of the platforms where they are available. Warzone is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. So it does not matter which one of these platforms you are on. You will be able to play it on every platform where it is available. However, Fortnite is also available on smartphones which makes its crossplay more varied. Both games have multiple game modes that offer more than a battle royale experience. These game modes are different in Fortnite and Warzone, giving them a distinct identity.

The major difference between the two games is their perspective. Call of Duty Warzone is an FPS while Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter. Such a change could make it different for different players. Depending on the preference of a player just a change in perspective could be their final answer. Warzone is also being plagued by cheaters which is not the case with Fortnite. Though Fortnite has cheaters as well, they are not as extensive as Warzone.


There is no concept of pay-to-win in Warzone and Fornite. However, Call of Duty Warzone has an indirect aspect of pay-to-win in the form of perks and weapons. In Warzone, players have the ability to customize drops. So depending on the type of perks, and weapons, the power of drops can vary. Players that have bought other Call of Duty games can get access to powerful weapons. Additionally, it is a lot easier to complete challenges in other Call of Duty games. Completing challenges can grant players access to certain perks, attachments, and weapons. Some of these challenges are hard if not impossible to complete in Warzone.

Some of the items available in Battle Pass of COD Warzone can also provide an indirect advantage to players. On the other hand, the Season Pass of Fortnite is purely cosmetics. Though players did lose some skins upon the release of Fortnite Chapter 2. Despite all the differences, it is clear that Warzone can be more rewarding to players who are spending more money on it. It could be a major factor when considering Fortnite VS Warzone.

Verdict (Fortnite VS Warzone)

Fortnite and Warzone have unique identities, yet they are indirect competitors since both are battle royales. Their BR and PVP nature makes it favorable to similar players. Though both games have a large number of differences which could make them favorable to different players. Warzone is first-person while Fortnite is 3rd person which is one of the major differences between the two. Fortnite has building mechanics and offers a light-hearted experience. Warzone on the other hand focuses more on realism making it different than Fortnite.  However, at their core, both are battle royales which could make them attractive to similar players. The inclusion of indirect pay-to-play in Warzone can also deter some players towards Fortnite. In the end, it all depends on the personal preference of players.

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