Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it Gameplay Review

Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it? Gameplay Review

Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it? Now that the game is out. Let’s discuss what the new Call of Duty is bringing to the table. Unlike other COD games, Black Ops Cold war focuses on story choices and spaying rather than full-on hardcore action. For a Call of Duty game, you spend a lot of time with holstered weapons. The game emphasis on story, making it a different kind of game in the franchise. It’s not like there isn’t a lot of action in the game. Cold War still has as much action as any other Call of Duty game but it offers other types of gameplay that make its story fun. The inclusion of safe houses and emphasis on crew gives it a different kind of feeling.

The campaign is a good addition to the game but it does not offer good zombie and multiplayer mode. Customization mechanics are still pretty much the same. The class building, killstreaks, and operators are still part of the game. There isn’t much innovation in the multiplayer modes making it a repeatable experience. Maps are also not that good and it seems like the game lack innovation. It is not an extensive multiplayer experience compared to other such games. Zombie mode is especially repetitive that does not offer a decent experience. Everything is the same as we have come to expect from a COD zombie mode. It lacks innovation and seems quite a reminiscence of the old Zombie Mode. The lack of invasion is pretty evident making you think Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Campaign Is One of the Good Aspects of the Game

Campaign of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is different than any other game in the franchise. It not all about gun-blazing action this time. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of Call of Duty style action with loud combat scenarios. There are missions where you act as a double agent, there is vehicle action in the game along with lots of COD style action. The rooftop chasing and assassin are still very much a thing. You play with your team as people rather than being generic NPCs. Despite all the action, the game still gives you breathing space to play as a spy. You will spend more time with holstered weapons in Call of Duty Cold War than any other Call of Duty game. The campaign offers a different type of story and it’s a damn good one.


As the name suggests Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War takes place in the Cold War era. It acts as a direct sequel of the original Black Ops game. It takes place in the early 80s with a heavy emphasis on that era. The visual representation of the 80s can be seen throughout the game. It has a Cold War setting that encompasses everything in the game. NPC’s dialogues, environment, and events correlate with the 80s.

You see people around you having clothes and hairstyles from the 1980s. Even TVs feature in the game has designs of the same era. There are some famous tracks from the 80s that you can hear in the game in different missions. NPCs listen to music from the 80s and even the stuff being played on TVs is the reminiscence of that era. The environmental storytelling of the game is quite good for the campaign. Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it for you? Based on the setting.


At the start of the game, you need to create a character. You have to choose their background, personality, and traits. Background includes CIA, MIA, and other such agencies while personality focuses on how your character behaves. You have to select perks for different buffs. Perks provide different buffs to a specific aspect of your character. Faster reload speed, bullet damage, more defense, extra health, etc. Other than that, there is not much character customization but the amount of customization that the game has is good enough. It is the first Call of Duty game to implement such mechanics in the game.

The game takes place 13 years after the events of the Original Black Ops. It takes place between the events of Back Ops and Black Ops 2. As a player, you are supposed to stop a soviet spy named Perseus from doing some really bad things. The pursuit of Perseus leads you on different missions around the world resulting in an interesting campaign. Characters such as Woods and Mason are back along with some new ones. Returning characters don’t have much role in the story but occasionally, you do get a chance to play as Mason.

Russel Adler is a new character in the game. He has more screen time than any other character. Russel is the character that recruits you to stop Perseus from tilting the balance of power toward the Soviet Union. The villain is generic and does not have a unique personality like other games. However, the way you pursuit the objective of stopping Perseus is well perceived. You get through different scenarios that include both spaying and hardcore combat. Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it for its story? Well, there is more.

Plot Twists and Your Fate

Though Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is not an RPG at its core, there are still role-playing elements in the game. You get to choose what to do in certain parts of a mission and these choices impact the story to some extent. There would be choices to kill or capture characters. The character accompanying you would change depending on the choices you make. Some dialogues would change but changes in dialogues would only be there to support the presence of a person or event. They don’t impact the story of the game. You can even get a chance to select dialogues in conversation but these dialogue trees are only there to give your character a role play. Such mechanics makes you wonder Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it?

There are different missions in the game from solid Call of Duty type action missions to stealth missions. In one of the missions, you have to infiltrate the KGP building. During the infiltration, you have the choice to complete the mission without firing a single round. It is somewhat similar to one of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare missions. You get to try different plot twists and the combination of all the story choices impacts the ending of the story. There are different endings depending on the choices you make. Some endings are good others are bad while some in between. The inclusion of different endings makes you want to go back and replay with different choices. The role-playing element is strongly tied to the ending of the story.

There Are Some New Mechanics

After each mission, you go to a safe house. You can meet your team in the safe house and make conversation with other agents. The choices you make during these conversations do not impact the story of the game. You can review evidence that you have gathered in other missions. Reviewing evidence will give you more insight into the world of the COD Cold War. Some of the evidence must be reviewed to progress in the game. There would also be secret codes in the safe house that you can solve for more information. Solving the secret codes is optional and you can skip that part if you want to. There are collectibles in the game that are relevant to the game. Getting collectible and solving puzzles will unlock optional missions. There are two optional missions in the game, so doing optional stuff can be useful.

There are missions where you have to take pictures or do lock picking. You act more as a Spy in such missions than a soldier. There aren’t many gadgets to use in the game unlike other Call of Duty Campaigns. RC remote car is the only gadget you use during the campaign. Stealth is a huge part of the game if you are acting as a spy but once the action starts then it’s pretty loud. Some armored enemies can act like bullet sponges but they are far and rare. You can complete the entire campaign in six to seven hours. In the end, it’s a Call of Duty game with a different campaign. Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it? For its campaign.


At its core, the Cold War is a Call of Duty game so the main focus is gunplay. It is an FPS game the focuses on combat so gunplay is the main aspect of the game. Weapons are nearly the same with some new weapons from the Cold War era. The sounds of guns were good in last year’s COD and it has remained the same this year. The sounds of the guns are realistic but the overall combat is somewhat faster than Modern Warfare. The combat is nearly the same but the little changes make it feel different to some extent. Mounting isn’t a thing anymore so you have to stabilize your weapon through recoil control. Combat is still good and these little changes just feel a little different rather than something new.

Multiplayer Mode of the Game

Multiplayer does not bring a lot to the table. It just more Calls of Duty because nearly every aspect is the same aside from few changes. The class system, customization, operators, killstreaks, and perks are still part of the multiplayer mode. Before the start of a match, there would always be a cut scene. These cut scenes are good and act as an introduction before the start of a match. The general mechanics of the multilayer are still the same. Killstreak includes spy planes, gunships, napalm, etc. RC Car bomb is a good addition to the killstreaks. It’s the same mechanics with little to no tweaking. Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it for you based on the multiplayer? Let’s find out

Weapon load-outs are pretty much the same. It’s the same gunsmith system and you have to level up a weapon to unlock attachments for it. The more you use a weapon the more attachments will be available for it. As you play the game you will unlock more weapons just like before. All your progress from Modern Warfare and Warzone would be transferred to it. You don’t have to worry about losing anything. You get to select perks for each loadout and the field upgrades also work in the same way. When it comes to customization and the general setting of multiplayer, nothing has changed. Opponents in matches now have more health and they take more damage. There is a damage bar on top of each opponent showing their health. I like the inclusion of the health bar but some players might not like it.

Multiplayer Game Modes

There are three new multiplayer modes in the game along with the old modes. The three new multiplayer modes include VIP Escort, Fire Team Dirty Bomb, and Combined Armed. The total number of multilayer modes in COD Cold War is eleven.

Team Death Match

Team Death Match is the staple of Call of Duty games and the Cold War also has this mode. In this mode, two teams get to fight and achieve a specific number of kills. The team that reaches the target number of kills, gets to be the winner.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is somewhat similar to Team Death Match. You have to kill player take their tags to earn scores. You also need to get your teammates’ tags to stop them from earning scores. The team that reaches the target score gets to be the winner.


It’s a classic mode in which two teams need to take control of three locations on the map. Teams need to control locations A, B, and C. After 100 points half time occurs and teams switch sides. The team that reaches 200 posits first gets to be the winner. Respawns does not impact the score.


In the Hardpoint mode, two teams fight for a single rotating objective. The objective is called Hill of Hardpoint. Players need to remain inside objective to earn points. Hardpoint stays for a minute before it is shifted to another position. The first team to reach the score limit becomes the winner.  There is no respawn restriction.


Control is returning to the Call of Duty Back Ops Cold War. In this mode, players need to control and defend two static objectives. Each round lasts for one and a half minutes. Both teams have 30 lives and all team members share these lives. The attacking team needs to capture the objective while the defending team would defend it. The attacking team needs to win by either capturing both objectives or finishing all 30 of their opponent’s lives. On the other hand, the defending can win by defending at least one objective or ending 30 lives of their opponents. The first team to win three rounds becomes the winner.

Free For All

It’s everyone for themselves kind of mode. In Free for All, all players are expected to get the target number of kills. The player that reaches the target number of kills before the clock runs out, gets to be the winner.

Search and Destroy

It’s one of the most common modes in PVP games. In Search and Destroy mode teams act as either attackers or defenders in each round. If the attacking team plant and detonate a bomb in one of the two designated locations then they can win. The defending team can win if they stop the attacking team from detonating the bomb. The defending team can also win if they prevent the attacking team from planting it before the time runs out. Both teams can win if they eliminate all the members of their opposing team in each round since there are no respawns.

New Modes

Only one of the new modes is innovative as all other new modes are variants of the older modes. VIP Escort is the only mode with something new. Even that is not enough to innovate the multiplayer aspect of the game. The lack of innovation in the game makes you ask Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it?

VIP Escort

VIP Escort is one of the newest addition to the game. In this mode, one player in the four-team members would be given the status of VIP. Other members of the team need to protect the VIP player at all cost so that it can reach one of the two extraction zones. The Opposing team needs to kill the VIP or stop it from escaping before time runs out. The escorting team can either win if the VIP escapes or if they kill all of the opposing team members.

VIP personal of the team will only have a pistol while other team members can equip their normal load-outs. There are no respawns but team members can revive you if you are in a downed state. The team that wins four rounds first gets to be the winner. The mode requires good communication. If your team members are not communicating well then winning it can be very difficult. Make sure to have a reliable team for VIP Escort mode. It’s a good addition to the game but it is not the type of mode that carries the entire weight of the game’s multiplayer mode.

Fire Team Dirty Bomb

It is one of the new modes in the game. Fire Team Dirty Bomb share similarities with plunder mode from Warzone to some extent. It is a grand multiplayer mode with 40 players and four squads. Each squad has 10 players and they need to work together to collect uranium caches, deposit them and take out opponents. The deposition sites are dirty bombs that are located throughout the map. Teams can deposit uranium in the dirty bomb until they are ready for detonation.

To win the match team need to reach a set amount of score. The first team to reach the score limit becomes the winner. Teams can earn scores by eliminating opponents, depositing uranium caches, or detonating the bomb. The mode seems like a scaled-down version of plunder mode. It’s a new mode but it is not something that keeps you want to come for more. For hard-core fans, it could be good but for casual COD players, I don’t think the mode is innovative.

Combine Arms

Combine Arms is also a new multiplayer mode in the game that share seminaries with Ground War mode from Modern Warfare. The mode offers 12 vs 12 combat action on a map. It has two modes called Assault and Demolition.

Combine Arms: Assault

It takes place on a comparatively large map. The mode includes vehicles such as tanks, wave runners, gunboats, and snowmobiles. Vehicles can vary depending on the map. This mode requires aggressive combat for players to win the match. In the beginning, there will be a neutral objective in the middle of the map. The first team to capture the objective will activate the next objective deeper into their opponent’s base.

As a team starts to capture zones and kill enemies they will build momentum thus reducing the capture time of the next zone. If there is a draw then over time will be given and the team that captures even a single neutral zone in that time gets to be the winner. Combine Arms: Assault is a new addition to the game but it’s not that big of a phenomenon. Vehicles are too strong and can shred enemies to pieces. Rockets can easily destroy vehicles creating an uneasy balance. Each team needs to have a couple of anti-armor weapons just to take down the vehicles. The mode is a variant of other competitive modes from COD games.

Combine Arms: Demolition

It is Demolition mode on a larger scale. In this mode, two teams of 12 members each need to capture objectives and defend them from their opponents. The mode takes place on a larger map with more players which is the reason that it has more objectives.

Players earn scores as their team takes control of the objectives. There is no halftime and the teams that reach the score limit become the winner. Respawn is available and does not impact the score of a team. Combine arms does not add much other than being a bigger version of Demolition. COD fans might find it a good addition to the game.

Analysis of the Multiplayer Mode

There are 19 maps in the game at the time of this writing. Some of these maps are used for small multiplayer modes while other for bigger multiplayer mode. Different maps require different combat style for success. Satellite map offers small hills for cover, making it best for medium range, close-range, and long-range combat. It does not offer flanking points to surprise enemies. On the other hand, Garrison is all about close combat with some long-range combat scenarios. Maps are not that complex and feels kind of hallow.

Some bigger maps have two variants for both 6v6 and 12v12 combat. Armada is one such map that offers some amazing flanking points. Some maps are still too big for the type of game they offer. Camping is still a problem in the game and enemies can attack you from dark corners. Enemies can flank you in plain sight in some maps. Players now have more health and they are not as squishy as they were in Call of Duty Warzone. The game has cross-progression so you can carry your progress from Modern Warfare and Warzone to the Cold War. The game depends on multiplayer for success but multiplayer mode lack content to support itself. This year Call of Duty does not bring something interesting to the table.

Zombie Mode

There is a Zombie mode in this year’s Call of Duty since it is a Black Ops game. There are some new varieties of zombies, Juggernaut being one of them. You can bring operators to the Zombie mode of the game. There is no intro and the game will just throw you at Nazi zombies. Gear upgrade is now easier and so is taking items. When you kill zombies you get resources that can be used to get perks, weapon upgrades, and other stuff. While playing the zombie mode, if you die then you lose everything. However, if get knocked then only a single perk is removed. So be sure to rely on your teammate if you are down.

There is only one map in Zombie mode at the time of this writing. Hopefully, more content would be added in the future with updates. Zombie Mode is the same as all such modes in other Call of Duty games. It continues the legacy of the mode without bringing something interesting. One thing is sure that the blood and gore of the zombie mode is still a big part of it. The map doesn’t offer much but it is enough to support Zombie mode at launch. Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it for its Zombie mode?

Playing of PlayStation

For PlayStation players, there is an added benefit to the game. An exclusive coop mode called Onslaught in COD Zombies is available for PlayStation players. In this mode, you need to survive in a small safe zone from swarms of zombies. The more waves you survive the more score you earn. It’s not a very good mode but rather good ok-ish. However, it is only available for PlayStation players even though players from all platforms paid equally to buy the game. The exclusivity of a mode in a multiplatform game is an unethical move.

On PlayStation 5, the game uses adaptive triggers thus providing more immersion. The behavior of adaptive triggers is different for each weapon which makes it quite interesting. You might need to turn off adaptive triggers in multiplayer since it can hinder your performance. For anyone playing on PlayStation, Cold War offers more than other platforms. Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it for you on the PlayStation compared to other platforms?

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War In a Nutshell

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War presents one of the most unique campaigns in the series. It’s not like a traditional COD campaign with hardcore action only. This time, the game puts you into the shoes of a spy rather than a combat-ready soldier. There are moments of stealth and role-play in the game along with Call of Duty style action. Environmental storytelling is in sync with the plot of the game. NPCs are not just dummies but rather play a key role in the plot. There are different endings based on the decision you make. Cold War has a different kind of story compared to what previous entries in the series but it is a damn good one.

The Multiplayer mode of the game lacks innovation which is a problem plaguing the Call of Duty series for quite some time. Each entry in the game is reducing the amount of innovation in the multiplayer. It is understandable because we see a new COD game every year. When it comes to general gameplay, Call of Duty Cold War is no different than Modern Warfare 2019. There are only three new multiplayer modes. Only one of the three modes is a new concept all other are derivatives of the old modes.

Cold War does not feel different than any other COD game. In most cases, it is the same. Zombie mode is still just a generic addition. It does not bring anything new but rather serve as a filler. The game depends on multiplayer to carry its wait but it has failed to do so. With Modern Warfare and Warzone still active, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War seems unnecessary.

Is Call of Duty Cold War Your Type of Game?

Now let’s answer the question Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it? The answer depends on what you expect from the game. If you are looking for an FPS game with a decent short campaign then the Cold War could be the game for you. If you want a game with an extensive focus on PVP multiplayer along with a good story then it is still the game for you. In case, you are a long-time Call of Duty fan and want to try the new one then this could be it.

If you are expecting a good COD game with an innovative multiplayer then it might not be the game for you. It is also not the game for players who are expecting a new type of PVP game. In short, it is for players that are long-term fans of the Call of Duty franchise and know what they are getting into.

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