Should I Buy Predator Hunting Grounds Gameplay Review

Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? Gameplay Review

Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? That is the question, now that the game is out. After all, it is the game that is based on the original Predator movie. It’s a competitive multiplayer game where a Fireteam has to fight against a predator. The Fireteam contains 4 members that will have to take down the Predator while also fighting against AI enemies. Another player would control the Predator to hunt down players before they can complete objectives. Both Predator and Fireteam have different classes with different abilities. The game makes you relive the memory of the original Predator movie. The game suffers from some issues but it does justice to the source material.

In Predator: Hunting Grounds you can either be the pray or hunter. The name Hunting Grounds is a perfect representation of the game’s execution. Playing as Fireteam gives you the advantage of numbers while playing as Predator gives you the advantage of power. You have to sacrifice one for the other. Both sides have to battle some dumb AI enemies while killing or stopping each other from achieving their goal. There is a lot of blood and gore in the game. Loot boxes are a thing in the game but you don’t have to pay real money for them. It is a decent multiplayer game that makes you ask the question Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds?

Setting and Gameplay of Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a competitive multiplayer game with lots of NPCs. The game is based on original predator movie so it mostly takes place in jungles. There are different maps to choose from but nearly all maps are identical with little difference. Sure you can see the difference between different maps. However, the mashes of these maps are strikingly similar which makes the game feel more repeatable. It is a multiplayer game without a plot after all. You either have to be Predator or Fireteam to play the game. The map for both sides will remain the same but the use of the map will be different.

The Predator uses maps differently than Fireteam creating two different types of gameplay in every aspect. As Fireteam, you will have the advantage of numbers. The Fireteam has different classes that specialize in specific attributes. You can use all four classes of Fireteam at the same time. On the other hand, you can only use one class of predators. The advantage of numbers can be countered by the sheer power of Predator.

As Fireteam, you will play as a normal human without any super strength. While playing as the Predator, you can climb on trees and will have more mobility. The two sides offer different gameplay with different combat experience. The environment of the game won’t be wasted in any form. Both sides will use it for their advantage. What is your answer to the question Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? Now.

Playing As Fire Team

Fireteam starts form infiltration point. The infiltration point is based on the vote form lobby. Fireteam members have to choose the infiltration point in the lobby before the match through voting. Once the Fireteam lands they have to complete objectives. Objectives can vary and are randomly generated. Regardless of their randomness all of the objectives are pretty generic. Sometimes you have to take out a target to complete an objective. The target is an NPC that only serves as a small obstacle to keep you engaged. Sometimes you have to blow a drug lab by planting a bomb in it. There is also an objective of defending the location of time etc. All of the objectives are simple. While completing objectives you also have to fight predator which can make the situation more intense. Matchmaking for Fireteam doesn’t take much time thanks to the crossplay.

You have to play in FPS mode while playing as Fireteam. During the match, you will face lots of dumb NPCs. Their dumbness is in par if not excel other games which have improved over time. NPCs don’t pose that much of a threat but they can take you down if you are not careful. They can kill you but if you keep their presence in mind then it won’t be much of a problem. You also need to consider Predator because it will be hunting you throughout the match. NPCs will fight both Fireteam and Predator but they are more of a threat to Fireteam. There is more to the question should I buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? So keep reading.

Combat of Predator: Hunting Grounds As Fire Team

It is not a good competitive FPS compared to others but it severs its purpose. I mean the game is not even in the same genre as some famous competitive games. So the genre should be taken into consideration while playing the game. The controls are a little clunky but in the end, it gets the job done. You can blow enemies to pieces, so there is lots of blood and gore in the game. Just shot a person with a shotgun or other powerful weapon on a body part and it will blow away. There is a lot of brutal combat in the game even for Fireteam. You will hear the iconic crooking sound of Predator during the match. The sound serves both as a reminder of its fear and its tool of distraction.

The combat effectiveness and difficulty largely depend on the skill of the player playing as a Predator. A good Predator can pose a huge threat and make the game challenging. Predator controlled by an unskilled player can die in a single encounter with the Fireteam. The Predator would use different tactics to hunt you down. It became invisible, climb on trees, use different weapons or simple attacks. Each of its ability can be countered with a specific class of Fire Team. Mud cloaking ability is universal and it can help a lot to hide your presence from Predator. Sound is your biggest enemy so try to avoid making it as much as possible. All these factors add up to what the original Predator movie was portraying. Based on Fireteam combat what is your answer to the question should I buy Predator: Hunting Grounds?

Fire Team has Four Different Classes

There are four different solider classes in the game. Each class excels at certain attributes while lagging in others. A faster class will have higher stamina and lower health. Other attributes and abilities of classes differ which balance out what a class is lacking.

Assault Class

Assault Class is all about the attack, as evident from the name of the class. It is the class that can be considered the jack of all trades like Ranger from Anthem. Its second in every basic attribute but perks of it are unique like other classes. Assault soldiers can revive teammates quickly when they are down. Other classes can also revive but at a slower rate. The Assault class has higher hip-fire accuracy than any other class. All of its other attributes are balanced such as health, speed, and stamina.

Scout Class

Scout class is all about ranged attacks. All of its attributes offer speed and everything related to speed making it a Sniper. Scout is the fastest class and it also has the highest stamina making it the most mobile class. The secondary weapon of Scout soldier has more damage than any other character. Scout soldiers can switch weapons faster. The Scout class is quick on feet but it has the lowest damage and gear.

Recon Class

Recon class is all about stealth and tracking. This class can be used to track predators through different signs.  It is hard for Predator to spot the Recon class soldier. Recon class can track predators better than other classes. Mud cloak duration of Recon soldier is higher than any other class. It is the third-fastest class with the third-highest stamina. It also has third health and gear.

Support Class

Support class has the highest health and gear making it the front line of defense. It is the tank of the team that should be used in close-quarter combat. The support class is also the slowest movement with the lowest stamina. It is more resistant to explosive damage. The support soldier has the highest ammo reserve.

Weapons for Fire Class

All classes can use any weapon they want but certain weapon works best with a specific class. Scout is used for ranged combat so it is more compatible with Snipers. Support works best with heavy weapons or shotguns. Assault class has medium skills with all while Recon works best with mid-ranged weapons. What do your answer to the question “Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds?” based on classes and weapons of Fireteam.

Playing As Predator

As Predator, you play as 3rd person and stalk the Fireteam. Matchmaking as Predator can take time and I don’t blame developers for it. After all, there is one Predator player for every 4 players of a Fireteam. Resident Evil Resistance suffers from the same problem. The new update has reduced this time while also solving other problems of the game. As Predator, you can turn invisible which helps a lot. Fireteam members need to look real close to know your location once you are cloaked. Cloaking is the most important factor while playing as a Predator. You can move through trees, jump from tree to tree or leap high in the air. The combination of all the abilities give high mobility to the player.

AI will present a threat for Predator too. There is also a thermal vision that can show you the position of Fire Team and AI. Fire Team can counter thermal vision just the movie but it is still helpful. Green blood will give away your location so you have to be careful during attack or escape. Water can affect your abilities and stop energy from regeneration. Avoiding water during combat is also important. Both Predator and Fireteam have their weakness and strengths. Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? While playing as Predator. What is your answer now?

Combat of Predator: Hunting Grounds As Predator

You will have different iconic weapons to use while playing as Predator. Shoulder canon, blades, bows, disc, etc. All these weapons can present a threat to the Fireteam. Before the update, Predator was not that strong and the combined firepower of Fireteam could easily take it down. Now with the new update Predator is stronger and it can present quite a challenge. Just like the movie you have to divide Fireteam and then pick them one by one. All of Predator’s abilities are tied to an energy meter. The use of abilities such as cloaking, canons, etc. will drain that meter. It will automatically refill but it takes time to do so.  The Predator can damage enemies just by landing from a higher location. It slows down enemies and gives you time to attack.

As you level up you will unlock new weapons. The Predator will make different sounds that can serve as a double edge sword in combat. The iconic clicking sound will make the atmosphere of the game grimmer. Predator vision feels realistic and helps a lot in combat. Once you take down a soldier, you will have two options. Kill it so that its teammate can’t revive it or go for the next kill. You will be vulnerable while eliminating a Fireteam member which can result in your demise. You will always have the option of self-destruction even if they kill you. Fireteam members either need to diffuse your bomb or put enough bullets in your head before you can arm the bomb. What is your answer to the question Should I Buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? Now.

Predator Classes

Four different types of predator classes reflect the attributes of Fireteam classes to some extent. Each class offer perks that make them different than others. There are four different Predator classes Hunter, Jungle Hunter, Berserker and Scout

Hunter is a balanced class that offers versatility over speed and strength. The Hunter class is the jack of all trades. It has a versatile hunting style that offers basic combat paralysis of all classes.

Berserker is all about brute strength and protection. It is a tank class that has lower speed and stamina but higher health and damage. Berserker sacrifices mobility for brute strength and power.

Jungle Hunter has both health and speed stranding it in the middle of all. Though it is not as versatile as Hunter it does offer a fair amount of speed and health.

Scout class is all about speed. It is the fastest type of predator with the lowest health and highest stamina. Scout Predator works best in the hunt and runs tactic.

How Predator: Hunting Grounds Works?

There are few ways to win the match in Predator: Hunting Grounds. As the Fireteam, you have three options that can result in a win. You don’t necessarily need to kill Predator to win a match. The first option is completing the objectives without dying. Once you complete all objectives you have to go to the extraction point and wait for the chopper. If you succeed in escaping then you will win the match.  The other three methods rely on the death of the Predator. If you kill the Predator and it starts self-destruct then you have to either disarm the bomb through a puzzle or escape the blast radius. Keep in mind that the blast radius is large so you have to be quick on the feet.

You can also win by preventing Predator to start the count down for explosion. Fireteam has to keep on shooting Predator in the head even after its death to prevent it from exploding. Such a tactic would permanently kill it. Once Predator is down, you will have to hold the position until the helicopter arrives so that it can take the body of Predator. The only way to win the game as Predator is through the elimination of Fireteam. Predator has to kill the Fireteam before they can complete objectives. What is your answer to the question Should I buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? Based on its system.

Customization and Loot Boxes

The game offers lots of customization for both the Predator and Fireteam. Both parties can customize their weapons to their heart content. There is a lot of customization and as you level up you will unlock more. Loot Boxes are part of the game but there are no microtransactions, so no worries. The game will generously give you a lot of stuff. You will get all types of customizable items from loot boxes which include attachments, gear, and cosmetics. Right now the game only has a single mode and it desperately needs more modes to be interesting.  It lacks so much but it offers enough for the type of game that it is.

Is Predator: Hunting Grounds Your Type of Game?

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a good take on a competitive game of its type. The game cannot hold against other competitive games. Many are calling it a bad game because they are comparing it to games that are not even in the same league with it. The game should be compared to games that offer the same gameplay. It’s not the perfect take on the genre but it offers enough excitement to keep you going. As a PVP Predator game, this is the best adaptation so far. It needs to be polished but developers are doing justice to the source material.

Now let’s see the answer to your question should I buy Predator: Hunting Grounds? If you are a fan of the Predator franchise then it might be the type of game you need. If you are looking for a good competitive game then it might still be the game for you. However, if you are expecting something like a traditional competitive game then you are in for a disappointment. It might also not be the game for players who are not into competitive games. In short Predator: Hunting Grounds is the game for all players who want to play a different type of PVP game.

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