Destiny 2 Hunter Guide

Destiny 2 Hunter Guide for New Guardians

Hunters are one of the three classes in Destiny 2 and Destiny 2 Hunter guide is important if a player wants to make a proficient Hunter. Different stats hold different meanings for the three classes of guardians in the game. A stat that is good for one character might not be that good for another. However, certain stats have a universal impact and different stats impact the class ability of each Guardian type. For Hunters, mobility is one of the most important factors it can impact the class ability of Hunter. Let’s take a look at everything important in the Destiny 2 Hunter guide.

Destiny 2 Hunter

Hunters are not as tanky as Titans or DPS intensive as Warlocks, but their ability to quickly get out of danger is better than any other class. Thanks to the Dodge ability of hunters, they can shift the tide by using it. Their class ability is doge, there are two different types of dodge abilities Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge. Marksman’s Dodge enables you to reload weapons while Gambler’s Dodge enables you to get your melee back when used near enemies. The class ability of hunter will get you out of danger while giving you something extra as well.

Depending on mods, subclass, and equipment, the class ability of Hunter can change how you use them. Class ability is an important factor for all classes but for Hunter, it is the most important factor. Dodging is a game-changing ability for hunters that can make it extremely efficient. Destiny 2 Hunter guide helps you understand these factors.

Stats for Hunter

Some stats are universally good for every class of Guardian. Such as, resilience and regeneration, both of which are important for survivability. Resilience increases your shield thus increasing the maximum health. Regeneration increases the time it takes to regenerate health after taking damage. Discipline dictates the grenade cool-down, strength melee ability cool down, and intellect super cool down. The remaining stat includes mobility and it is the stat that dictates that class ability cool-down of Hunter. Destiny 2 Hunter guide shows you that hunters are agile so mobility will also help you get out of danger quickly. It will also increase the jump height of the Hunter since hunters have the shortest jump.

To make a good hunter build mobility is the most important factor. It will decrease the cool-down time of your dodge ability and other mods can leverage doge ability to make the overall build better. You can put mods that reduce the cool-down time of your different abilities, just by dodging. Depending on the gear pieces and subclasses, the hunter can become invisible, gain health, increase damage, and so on. It is also the most useful class ability among all three classes. Focusing on other stats can increase the chances of survivability or reduce the cool-down time of different abilities. Just keep in mind while considering the Destiny 2 Hunter guide, mobility is the most important factor for Hunter.

Abilities and Agility

The abilities of each class are different and it has a massive impact on the play style of a guardian. Hunter can become invisible which not only vanishes it from radar but sight as well. It is good for both PVP and PVE but in PVE, this ability could save the life of everyone on the team. Just become invisible and revive all the downed team members. Invisibility is part of the Void sub-class as other sub-classes offer different abilities.

The perks that the use of class ability provides also varies depending on the sub-class, Destiny 2 Hunter guide also sheds light on that. Depending on the type of dodge you are using, you can either get your melee back or reload a weapon when you use it. Different grenades and melee abilities of each sub-class can have a major impact on the playstyle. All of this needs to be taken into consideration while playing as Hunter.

Hunters are fast so using them also requires reflexes. Unlike other classes, Hunters can keep on jumping around without worrying about standing in the air. The supers of hunter allow it to unleash a volley of powerful attacks at enemies. So, it is all about hit-and-run tactics. Hunters are good to attack and then retreat when in danger. Such playstyle makes them effective when surrounded by enemies.


Destiny 2 Hunter guide offers insight into the use of different stats and abilities of Hunter. Mobility is the most important factor for Hunters as it can impact their class ability. The agility of Hunter allows it to do damage and then get away from danger. Depending on mods, gear pieces, and stats, the build can perform differently for Hunter. Make sure to keep the agility of Hunter in mind while making the build. It is the most important factor, making mobility more than a stat that impacts the class ability of Hunter.

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