Destiny 2 Titan Build (The Puppeteer)

Destiny 2 Titan build is all about having damage resistance and controlling the battlefield. Nearly every target will be suspended in front of the player. It is the build that gives the player constant uptime on Woven Mail. The damage potential and damage resistance of the Strand Titan build are high. Controlling the battlefield will be as natural to the user as shooting weapons making it a Puppeteer build.


The most important stat for Destiny 2 Strand Titan build is Resilience. Try to gain max resilience then focus on having high Discipline. The third most important stat should be recovery. The combination of these three stats will increase your chances of survival tremendously even in the most difficult content.



You can use any weapon you see fit with Destiny 2 Strand Titan build.

Exotic Piece (Abeyant Leap)

The exotic piece of choice is Abeyant Leap. It will not only increase your survival but the ability to control the battlefield as well. Drengr’s Lash aspect will spawn two additional seekers and they will track more aggressively. On top of that, you will gain Woven Mail when suspending targets. You will be suspending targets from both class ability (Drengr’s Lash) and Shackle grenade. Woven Mail will be active nearly all the time since you will be suspending targets one way or another.

Destiny 2 Titan Abeyant Leap


Different mods on Destiny 2 Titan build will increase the efficiency of the build. Mods will help increase the ability energy gain even further. All the mods will increase your survivability and ability regeneration.


Use Dynamo and Hands-On to gain super energy. You will rarely be killing enemies with grenades since you will be using Shackle grenades.

Dynamo (3 Energy)

Using Dynamo will help a lot in gaining super energy while using Destiny 2 Titan Strand build. Since you will be using class ability near enemies all the time, Dynamo will help you gain super energy. Your class ability will suspend targets and you will be close enough to enemies to activate Dynamo.

Hands-On (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a melee ability will grant super energy. Using Hands-On will enable you to gain some extra super if you end up defeating an enemy with melee.



Mods on gauntlets will enable you to generate an orb of power.

Firepower (3 Energy)

Kills with your grenades will not be that much because you will be using a Shackle grenade. However, when you do make a kill with a grenade you will create an orb of power thanks to Firepower.

Destiny 2 Titan Firepower

Bolstering Detonation (2 Energy)

With Bolstering Detonation, you will generate class ability energy every time you damage an enemy with a grenade. You will constantly be damaging enemies with grenades so this will help a lot in regenerating the class ability of the Destiny 2 Titan strand build.

Destiny 2 Titan Bolstering Detonation

Heavy Handed (3 Energy) (If Have Energy)

If you have the energy then use Heavy Handed as well with Strand Titan. It will help you generate an orb of power on melee ability kill. You can use this instead of Firepower as well.

Chest Armor

Mods on chest armor are all about protection and reducing the amount of damage you take.

Emergency Reinforcements (3 energy)

Using Emergency Reinforcements will help you survive intense situations. Emergency Reinforcements will activate whenever you lose shields. It requires three armor charges to activate. Other mods on Destiny 2 Strand Titan build will keep up these charges constantly.

Destiny 2 Titan Emergency Reinforcement

Concussive Damper (3 Energy)

It will grant resistance against AOE (Area of Effect) damage. Use it if you have the energy to gain damage resistance. It will only give 15% damage resistance but that is better than nothing.

Destiny 2 Titan Concussive Dampener-


Mods on boots of Destiny 2 Titan Strand build are all about keeping your health up in all situations and helping you survive. Recuperation will grant health while Better Already will max it out.

Recuperation (1 Energy)

With Recuperation, you will gain 70% of your health back whenever you pick up an orb of power.

Better Already (1 Energy)

Better Already will start health regeneration whenever you pick up an orb of power. Recuperation will grant health while Better Already will max it out.

Stacks on Stacks (4 Energy)

You will gain two stacks of armor charges instead of one every time you pick up an orb of power. This will help you reach three armor charges by picking up only two orbs of power. Having three charges will make it easier to activate Emergency Reinforcements whenever needed.

Class Item (Titan Mark)

Mods on class items are important since that is the only sure way of getting an orb of power. It will also give you other ability energy upon using the class ability.

Reaper (3 Energy)

Reaper is the most important mod on Destiny 2 Titan build. It is the only mod on the Strand Titan build that gives guaranteed orbs of power. Reaper will grant you orbs of power whenever you defeat an enemy after using the class ability.

2 Bomber Mods (1 Energy) or Distribution (3 Energy)

Use two Bomber mods to gain grenade energy. Using Bomber mods will grant you grenade energy whenever you use class ability. Since you will be using class ability all the time Bombers will activate every time.

You can also use the Distribution mod. Distribution will grant you all ability energy whenever you use class ability near enemies.


Strand is the subclass used with Destiny 2 Titan build. It uses different fragments and aspects to keep the build powerful.

Destiny 2 Strand Abeyant Leap


The abilities of the Destiny 2 Titan Strand build are carefully selected. They will work best with everything else that the Titan build has for optimum performance.


Use Shackle grenade because it will let you suspend enemies. Suspending enemies will grant you Woven Mail which is more than 50% damage reduction. The combination of Shackle grenade and class ability will make sure that you have Woven Mail nearly all the time.

Destiny 2 Titan Shackle Grenade

Class Ability

Use Rally Barricade as it has a lower cooldown time and you can shoot over it.

Destiny 2 Titan Rally Barricade


There is only one melee option.

Destiny 2 Titan Melee Frenzied Blade


The aspect will make sure that you control the battlefield and have damage resistance.

Into The Fray

Destroying a tangle or casting your super grant Woven Mail to you and your nearby allies. Your melee ability will also regenerate faster when you have Woven Mail. You will have Woven Mail active nearly all the time thanks to Shackle Grenade, Thread of Warding, and Drengr’s Lash so melee will regenerate all the time.

Drengr’s Lash

Your Drengr’s Lash will have enhanced capabilities due to Abeyant Leap. When you use class ability you will send a ripple forward that will suspend targets. Normally it is only one ripple and it does not follow enemies aggressively. However, with Abeyant Leap you will have three ripples and it will track more aggressively.

Destiny 2 Titan Drengrs Lash


All the fragments alongside aspects, exotic armor, and mods provide optimum performance.

Thread of Mind

Defeating a suspended target will grant class ability energy. With Destiny 2 Titan build, you will be suspending targets constantly and then defeating them. Even your class ability will suspend enemies. All of it will make it easier to activate Thread of Mind.

Thread of Generation

Doing damage to enemies will generate grenade energy. All you have to do is damage the enemies and it will grant grenade energy. Thread of Generation will also give a -10 discipline penalty.

Thread of Continuity

Suspend, Sever, and Unravel effects will have increased duration. It will increase the duration of all the strand effects you apply to enemies. Thread of Continuity will also grant +10 strength.

Thread of Warding

Using Thread of Warding will grant an extra source of Woven Mail. It will grant Woven Mail to Destiny 2 Titan Strand build, whenever you pick up an orb of power. Thread of Warding will also give a -10 resilience penalty.

How To Use Destiny 2 Titan Build?

Use everything mentioned above to make the build. After that use your class ability to suspend enemies in front of you. Suspending enemies in front of you will grant you Woven Mail which will give more than 50% damage resistance. If you don’t have the class ability and want to suspend targets use Shackle grenade. The Strand Titan build will give you multiple sources to suspend enemies. Having multiple sources of Woven Mail and Suspend will allow you to not only control the battlefield but have damage resistance as well, nearly all the time.

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