Destiny 2 Nightstalker Build (The Silent Assassin)

Destiny 2 Nightstalker Build (The Silent Assassin)

Hunter is the most agile type of guardian, making Destiny 2 Nightstalker build one of the best choices for it. Thanks to some tricks you can be invisible forever while also outputting insane damage. The chances of becoming invisible have increased drastically with the Void sub-class update. Nearly every weapon kill will make you invisible with the Void God build. You can stay invisible forever which will help you survive even the most intense scenarios.

Nightstalker build has an insane amount of healing capability. The combination of exotic armor with aspects makes it a powerful build. Destiny 2 Nightstalker is a next-level void build that was never possible before. Kills will restore all your health, and picking up an orb of power will restore all your health and grant grenade energy. It will turn Hunter into a deadly silent assassin.

Armor Pieces

Destiny 2 Nightstalker build relies heavily on Hunter’s class ability (dodge). It will let you stay close to enemies so that you can restore your melee and do more damage. Since mobility is the stat that reduces the cooldown of Hunter’s dodge, you will need armor pieces with high mobility. It will not only give you class ability quickly but also make you agile. The exotic armor of choice is Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk will help you become invisible on nearly every weapon kill. Coming out off invisibly will grant your void weapon volatile rounds. The combination of aspects and fragments will make sure to make you invisible upon weapon kill. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk not only has the ability to let you vanish into thin air but it also lets you do intense damage. Volatile rounds can put some serious damage and you have an unlimited supply of it thanks to Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk.

Using a finisher to take down an enemy while are invisible will grant a weapon damage buff to you and nearby allies. You and nearby allies will also get a reserve over-shield that can be deployed using the class ability. While this buff is active your class ability regeneration is increased. Thanks to the use of certain aspects it will be really easy to stay invisible just by defeating enemies with weapons.

One of your aspects will be Stylish Executioner which will make you invisible whenever you kill a void debuff enemy. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk will give you volatile rounds and when you shoot an enemy with it then it will become void debuff. So you will become invisible just by killing enemies with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk.


Different mods are used on Destiny 2 Nightstalker build that increases its efficacy. Since it is a build that relies on dodging, most of the mods used are class ability mods.


The helmet mod is one of the most important mods for the Destiny 2 Nightstalker build. Your helmet should have Ashes to Assets and Dynamo mods. Having these two mods will enable you to gain super energy through grenade kills and dodging. Use the Harmonic Siphon mod if you have the energy to create orbs of power with weapons.

Ashes to Assets (3 energy)

Defeating an enemy with a grenade will grant super energy.

Dynamo (3 energy)

While having a Dynamo mod, you will get super energy every time you use class ability near enemies.

Harmonic Siphon (1 energy)

Use the Harmonic Siphon mod, it will help you create more orbs of power while using a void weapon. Rapidly defeating enemies with weapons having matching energy as your subclass will create orbs of power. Since you will be using a void weapon and will be rapidly defeating enemies thanks to volatile rounds Harmonic Siphon would activate constantly. Only use it if you have the energy for it.


Use Fire Power and Bolstering Detonation since you will be using a lot of grenades. Heavy Handed can be the third mod since melee will also be a consistent source of damage.

Fire Power (3 Energy)

Taking down an enemy with a grenade will create an orb of power. Devour will be active with Destiny 2 Nightstalker build nearly all the time. So, you will be throwing a lot of grenades which will result in an orb of power creation.

Bolstering Detonation (2 Energy)

Since you will be throwing lots of grenades thanks to Devour, you will gain dodge energy upon damaging enemies with a grenade.

Heavy Handed (3 Energy)

Heavy Handed will let you create an orb of power upon defeating enemies with melee ability.  It will act as an extra source to create orbs of power. Only use heavy handed if you have the energy for it.

Chest Armor

Use Charged Up mod to increase the amount of elemental charge you can carry. You can also use a Harmonic Reserves mod to carry more heavy ammo for your heavy weapon.

Charged Up (3 Energy)

Using a Charged Up mod will increase the number of elemental changes you can keep at any time. It will add one extra charge with light stacks to the Nightstalker build of Destiny 2 Hunter. You will need to carry a charge with light stacks since you will be carrying Void Weapon Surge mod on your boots. The use of a Charged Up mod will let you carry up to 4 stacks.

Harmonic Reserves (2 Energy)

Since you will be using void weapons, the Harmonic Reserves mod will work quite well. It will increase the amount of heavy ammo you can carry. Using a machine gun will let you shred through enemies thanks to volatile rounds.

Harmonic Resistance (1 Energy)

If you have the energy then use Harmonic Resistance, it will reduce the amount of void damage you take. You can also use other resistance mods if you have the energy.


The mods on your boots should be Stacks On Stacks and Void Weapon Surge. Use Insulation mod as a third one if you have the energy.

Void Weapon Surge (3 Energy)

While having charge with Light you will gain extra void weapon damage. Your charges will decay with time. The decay of one charge takes 10 seconds mods on class armor will increase this time. Use two weapon surge mod if you have the energy

Insulation (1 Energy)

While having insulation you gain class ability energy every time you pick up an orb of power.

Class Armor (Cloak)

Use Reaper and Time Dilation mod on the cloak to increase the efficiency of Destiny 2 Nightstalker Build.

Reaper (3 Energy)

The Reaper mod lets you make an orb of power, every time you defeat an enemy after dodging. Picking orbs of power will increase weapon damage thanks to Void Weapon Surge.

Time Dilation (3 Energy)

Your charges of light will decay over time due to the Void Elemental Surge mod. Time Dilation will increase the duration of decay from 10 seconds to 15 seconds per charge.

Void Sub Class

It is a void build so the Void sub-class is the obvious choice. You can stay invisible and do some serious damage thanks to Destiny 2 Nightstalker build. You now have three sources to become invisible and one of them will be available to you all the time. The use of super is up to you and you can use any of three. The Nightstalker build not only grants invisibility but increases weapon damage, grenade spam, health regeneration, and resilience as well.

Destiny 2 Hunter Void Gyrfalcon's Hauberk


You can use any type of void grenade but Vortex, Magnetic, and Scatter grenades work best choices. Since you will be always invisible, these grenades will be more effective.

Vortex grenade can be thrown amid enemies and it will start doing damage to enemies. It works best when you stay up close to the enemies.

Magnetic grenades on the other hand work best against single enemies and should be used in harder content.

The Scatter grenade is also useful if you want to do more damage but you cannot use this grenade up close as it will kill you as well.

Gambler’s Dodge

Gambler’s Dodge will allow you to get melee back quickly. Every time you dodge while near enemies, you will get melee back. Melee is one of the sources of creating an orb of power and you will be near enemies all the time.

Destiny 2 Hunter Gamblers Dodge


Use Vanishing Step and Stylish Executioner aspects. Both of these aspects will let you become invisible.

Vanishing Step

Every time you dodge, you will become invisible. It is one of the three sources of invisibility for Destiny 2 Nightstalker build.

Destiny 2 Hunter Vanishing Step

Stylish Executioner

Killing a Volatile, Weaken, or Suppressed target will make you invisible. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk will give you volatile rounds after coming out of invisibility. Killing enemies with those rounds will make you invisible. The combination of weapon kills and weakening enemies with a grenade will activate Stylish Executioner. The loop will continue and you will have volatile rounds nearly all the time.

Destiny 2 Hunter Stylish Executioner


Fragments can change how a build performs and the Destiny 2 Nightstalker build is no different.

Echo of Undermining

Your void grenades will now weaken targets. Echo of Undermining will make sure that every enemy you kill with a grenade, makes you invisible thanks to Stylish Executioner. It will also give you a -20 discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo Of-Undermining

Echo of Cessation

Echo of Cessation will make sure that you have Devour buff all the time. Taking down enemies with a finisher will create a void burst of damage that will make nearby enemies volatile. Defeating violate enemy will create a Void Breach. Picking up a Void Breach or Orbs of Power will grant Devour due to Echo of Starvation. Void Breaches will increase your survivability to a great degree.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo of Cessation

Echo of Persistence

With Echo of Persistence, Void Buff applied to you has more duration. Invisibility, Devour, and Over-shield are the three types of void buffs for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. You will have all three buffs so their damage will increase.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo Of Persistence


Echo of Starvation

Picking up an orb of power or Void breach will grant Devour buff. Since you will be making orbs of powers and Void breaches all the time, you will have constantly active Devour.  Devour will also help you gain full health just by picking up an orb of power, picking up a Void breach, or killing an enemy while it is active. It will also help you gain grenade energy while defeating enemies when Devour is active. Echo of Starvation will give a -10 recovery penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo of-Starvation


You have to use void weapons with the Destiny 2 Nightstalker build. Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk will grant your void weapon volatile rounds. Killings enemies with void volatile rounds will activate Stylish Executioner which will make you invisible. The loop will continue and you will have volatile rounds along with Devour nearly all the time. Try to use a weapon with the Repulsive Brace trait. Repulsive Brace will grant you an over-shield when you defeat a void debuffed target. Weapons with high RPM work better with Nightstalker build than weapons with low RPM.

How to Use Destiny 2 Nightstalker build

Use Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk and the mods mentioned above in the Destiny 2 Nightstalker build. After that use armor pieces with high mobility as you would need them to reduce the cool-down time of dodge ability. The invisibility will help you get close to enemies so that you can finish them off. You will do constant melee damage due to the use of Gambler’s Dodge. Dodging near enemies will also grant you super and other ability energy. Your void weapons will have volatile rounds and each kill will grant all the health back thanks to Devour. You will be an invisible hunter that attacks from the shadows. Want to become a void killing machine as a hunter? Look no further than Destiny 2 Nightstalker build.

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