Destiny 2 Titan Void Build (The Tank Void)

Destiny 2 Titan Void Build (The Tank Void)

Titan is the tank class that can take relatively more damage than other guardians, making Destiny 2 Titan Void Build an obvious choice. The changes in the Void subclass present opportunities that were never possible before. With proper aspects, mods, armor pieces, and fragments, A Titan can now have unlimited overshield. The health regeneration and overshield of Titan make it an unstoppable beast. All you have to do is place the barricade and you will get your abilities back. Destiny 2 Titan Void build will help you, clear enemies, with ease.

Stats for Destiny 2 Titan Void build

Use armor pieces with high discipline and resilience as these are the most important stats for Titan Void Build. High resilience helps you get your class ability which is the most important factor for Destiny 2 Titan Void build. Both of these factors will help you a lot to survive even the most intense combat. Grenade damage will heal you which will help with survival. The third choice can be regeneration as it will help you regain health. Both of these factors will help you a lot to survive even the most intense combat.

Exotic Piece (Heart of Inmost Light Exotic)

The Heart of Inmost Light Exotic chest piece is the most important part of the Titan Void build. Using one ability will empower the other two abilities. It will help you get abilities quickly while also making them better. All you have to do is use one ability and the rest will start regenerating. The damage of your melee and grenade will also increase. Barricades will take more hits which will increase your survivability. Heart of Inmost Light is the most important part of Destiny 2 Titan Void Build.

Using the barricade will increase the recharge rate and damage of grenade and melee ability. Using melee ability will increase the recharge rate and damage of the grenade and barricade (Increase hit points for the barricade). The use of grenades will increase the recharge, damage of melee ability, and barricade (Barricade will take more hits). This can stack up to 2 times which makes your grenade and melee abilities highly damaging. Your barricade will also function a lot better.


Mods will help with ability regeneration and increase the overall efficiency of the build Destiny 2 Titan Void Build.


Mods on the Helmet help with gaining super energy.

Ashes to Assets

Defeating an enemy with a grenade will grant you super energy. Your grenades will be really powerful that will defeat enemies with ease even on grand master. Use two Ashes to Assets mods to gain the maximum amount of super energy.

Destiny 2 Titan Ashes to Assets


Gauntlets mod is all about ability gain.

Grenade Kickstart

Using all of your grenade energy will grant you grenade energy. Since you be throwing grenades all the time, it will help with grenade energy gain. The amount of energy you gain depends on the number of armor charges you have. Other mods will give you armor charges and Grenade Kickstart will use these charges.


It will let you create an orb of power whenever you defeat an enemy with a grenade. Picking up these orbs of power will grant you armor charges. Other mods will use these armor charges and gain ability energy through orbs of power collection.

Destiny 2 Titan Firepower

Bolstering Detonation

Damaging an enemy with a grenade will grant you class-ability energy. You will gain class ability through grenade damage and using class ability will grant grenade energy thanks to Bomber. The loop of these two abilities will help in reducing the cooldown time of abilities. It will work alongside Heart of Inmost Light to reduce ability cooldown time. Only use Bolstering Detonation if you have the energy for it.

Destiny 2 Titan Bolstering Detonation

Chest Armor

Chest armor increases the efficiency of the Destiny 2 Titan Void Build.

Charged Up

It will increase the number of charges you can carry. Charged Up will increase your armor charges by one. It will let you carry up to four armor charges.

Up to You

The use of remaining mods is up to you and you can use any mod that you see fit.


Mods on boots help with ability regeneration.

Stacks on Stacks

Gaining an armor charge will grant you an extra armor charge. Stacks on Stacks will grant you more stacks of armor charge which will let you throw grenades more often.


Picking up an orb of power will grant you grenade energy.


Picking up an orb of power will grant you class ability energy. Only use Insulation if you have the energy for it.

Class Armor (Titan Mark)

Titan Mark mod grant you, ability gain through barricade usage.


The bomber mod will grant you grenade energy whenever you use class ability. It will give a jump start to the grenade which will feed into the ability regeneration that Heart of Inmost Light offers. Use two bomber mods for maximum efficiency of Destiny 2 Titan Void Build.

Destiny 2 Titan Bomber


Defeating an enemy with a weapon after using class ability will create an orb of power. Picking up this orb of power will activate different mods and fragments which will help in survivability and ability regeneration.

Destiny 2 Titan Reaper

Void Sub-Class

Destiny 2 Titan Void build makes use of the best that the void subclass offers.

Destiny 2 Titan Void Build (The Tank Void) Details 1



Abilities are an important factor for any sub-class. Void is no different, it offers seven different types of grenades and two different types of melee.


Use Vortex grenades as it works perfectly with fragments and aspects of Titan Void build. Echo of Provision and Echo of Remnants will make Vortex grenades really powerful. You can defeat a champion with a Vortex grenade even in Grand Master.

Destiny 2 Titan Vortex Grenade



Shield Throw

Shield throw is the new melee for Titan. It will give you an overshield upon hitting enemies with it. The amount of overshield you get depends on the number of enemies you hit with it. Hitting two enemies will give you max overshield. Shield throw can ricochet off the targets and surfaces, hitting multiple enemies that can be really helpful for Destiny 2 Titan Void build. It has lower damage than Shield Bash but you don’t need to get close to enemies to take them down.

Destiny 2 Titan Shield Throw



Depending on the activity, you can either use Towering Barricade or Rally Barricade. Use Towering Barricade in harder content because it provides more protection. Use Rally Barricade in easier content due to its lower cooldown time. Their usage is up to you and you can use whichever one you see fit.

Destiny 2 Titan Towering BarricadeDestiny 2 Titan Rally Barricade



The use of super is up to you, you can either use Sentinel Shield or Ward of Dawn depending on your preference.


Aspects can completely change the functionality of a build. Two similar builds will function differently depending on the aspects used.

Controlled Demolition

Hitting an enemy with void abilities or a volatile explosion will make it volatile. Damaging the volatile target will make them explode. If a volatile target explodes near you then you will gain health. Enemies that take damage from the void explosion will also become volatile, activating Controlled Demolition. It works quite well with Echo of Undermining and

Echo of Remnants. These explosions are so powerful they can even break the unmatched energy shields in the Nightfall with ease.

Hitting an enemy with a melee or grenade will activate the Controlled Demolition. Killing an enemy with a weapon (after using the class ability), grenade, or melee will drop an orb of power for the Destiny 2 Titan Void build. Enemies will keep on exploding. It will not only damage multiple enemies but also give your health. The cycle will continue until all enemies are down.

Destiny 2 Titan Controlled Demolition


Using super will grant overshield to the nearby friendlies. Casting the barricade will grant an overshield to you and nearby allies. The barricade will become empowered, it will regenerate your overshield and your allies standing behind it. The overshield will last for 10 seconds even if you get away from behind the barricade. Getting behind the barricade will reset the timer so you can keep this overshield as long as are behind the barricade during those 10 seconds. It’s not like you would need to go behind the barricade that often since you will be using the barricade after every 7 to 10 seconds.

We want to have melee all the time because it grants overshield when you damage enemies with the Shield Throw melee ability. The amount of overshield gained will depend on the enemies damaged by the melee. Damaging enemies with melee also extends your overshield duration. Bastion is an important part of Destiny 2 Titan Void Build.

Destiny 2 Titan Bastion


Fragments make Titan Void more powerful. All the fragments of Destiny 2 Titan Void build work in conjunction with Aspects, mods, and exotic pieces to make you an unstoppable force.

Echo of Starvation

Picking up an orb of power will grant you Devour buff. While Devour is active you will gain grenade energy and all of your health back upon defeating an enemy. Echo of Starvation will grant you all the health as soon as you pick up an orb of power. It will increase your survivability and help you with getting grenade energy back quickly. Echo of Starvation will give you a penalty of -10 recovery.

Destiny 2 Titan Echo of Starvation

Echo of Undermining

Grenades that you throw will weaken enemies. Weaken effect will activate as soon as you damage enemies with a grenade. Weaken enemies take more damage from all sources including grenades. Your grenades will do additional damage thanks to the weakening effect that Echo of Undermining applies. It will give you a -20 discipline penalty as well. Echo of Undermining increases the overall damage output of grenades for Destiny 2 Titan Void Build.

Echo of Remnants

Vortex Grenade, Void Wall, Void Spike, and Axion Bolt grenades will last longer. They will last for a long time which will let you do more damage due to the lingering effects. Controlled Demolition will grant health while grenades are doing damage. Since you will be damaging enemies for a longer duration enemies will take more damage.

Echo of Vigilance or Echo of Persistence

Defeating an enemy while your health is low will grant an overshield. Echo of Vigilance will increase survivability and give you a second chance when you need it the most. It will give you a -10 recovery as well.

Destiny 2 Titan Echo of Vigilance

Echo of Persistence will increase the duration of Devour, Overshield, and Invisibility. It will also give you a -10 resilience penalty. It works well in easier activities.

Destiny 2 Titan Echo of Persistence


Use any weapon you see fit as there is no need for a specific weapon. Any weapon will work with Destiny 2 Void Build.

Use of Titan Void Build

To make the Destiny 2 Titan Void Build you need mods and exotic pieces from above. After putting all the pieces together you can go out in combat. The Void Titan build is all about making enemies volatile to do damage, regain health, and have an overshield all the time. Use your barricade to gain an overshield. If you don’t have the barricade, use the melee Shield Throw to get overshield. The abilities of the Void Titan depend on each other for more damage and regeneration. Using one ability will grant you the other two while also increasing their efficiency. It is a build that lets you deal more damage, grants your abilities, and turns you into a tank.

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