Destiny 2 Warlock Solar Build 3.0 (Unlimited Grenades)

With the new Solar 3.0, Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build can be a good choice for many players. It can let you throw a lot of grenades and, do damage to enemies. The grenades of Solar Warlock have been buffed making them even more powerful. The new melee, fragments, and aspects open up opportunities that were not available before. It lets the player do some insane stuff and lets them makes amazing builds. Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build is possible with the new aspects, fragments, and melee of the Solar sub-class.

Armor Pieces

You would need armor pieces with high recovery, melee, and resilience. High recovery is important as the others are enough, even if they are tier 6. You will have unlimited grenades so discipline is not that important. Melee will enable you to get grenade so focus on other stats. However, having high discipline will allow you to throw grenades more often even if exotic is not active. Resilience will help you survive a lot since it has gotten buff. So focus on resilience if you do not want high discipline. You need at least two solar energy armor pieces or two solar and one arc armor piece.

Destiny 2 Warlock Solar Build

Exotic Piece (Sun Bracers)

Sun Bracers is one of the most powerful exotic pieces for the solar sub-class. Every time you kill someone with melee ability, you will get unlimited grenade energy for 5 seconds with its Helium Spirals perk. It also increases the duration of grenades. So when you throw solar grenades, they will last for a longer duration. Touch of Flame will make them last even longer. “I will get to it later”

The new Inclinator Snap melee is more powerful that can help you take down enemies quickly. So you can activate Helium Spirals more often with the Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build. Fragments and aspects enable you to get melee quickly, increasing your chances of throwing unlimited grenades. You can just keep on killing enemies with melee to get unlimited grenades. Killing enemies with a grenade will enable you to gain melee energy thanks to the fragment. Such a combination lets you unleash literal hell upon enemies.

Sunbracers Solar Warlock Destiny 2


Mods on Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build make it more efficient. They will help you gain melee energy when you need it.

Note: To fight champions, you would need to replace the mods on gloves with champion stunning mods from the artifact. Anti-Barrier, Unstoppable, and Overlords are three different types of champion stunning mods.


You can use any type of energy type on the helmet. Using solar is a good choice since it will enable you to use the Ashes of Assets mod. Since you will be throwing a lot of grenades, Ashes of Assets will enable you to gain super quickly. I use void energy which enables me to use Dynamo mod. Using class ability near enemies grants super energy while Dynamo is quipped.

Ashes of Assets


There are two choices while using the gauntlet. You can use either stasis energy or solar energy on gauntlets. Having stasis energy will allow you to use Grenade Kickstart or Melee Kickstart. Use Melee Kickstart to get melee energy whenever you use melee ability. This can help you keep your melee energy full all the time. Using solar energy will allow you to use the Impact Induction mod. It will grant you grenade energy whenever you damage an enemy with melee. This will help you get grenade energy while Helium Spirals perk is not active. Your gauntlets are Sunbracers, so carefully consider the energy of your gauntlets.

Impact Induction Destiny 2

Chest Armor

You can use any energy on chest armor. Use solar or arc energy as you might need them for some of the mods.


There is no choice of using specific energy as any energy type will work. One of the mods should be Absolution. It is a universal mod that will grant all ability energy whenever you pick up an orb of power.





Warlock Bond (Arc)

Your Warlock bond should have arc energy. It will let you use the Outreach mod which will grant you melee ability whenever you use class ability. Outreach Mod will help you keep up melee energy all the time. If you have the energy, use Distribution mod as it will grant you all ability energy whenever you use class ability near enemies.


Combat Style Mods

Mods on Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build lets you make elemental wells that will grant ability energy while also letting you regenerate health.

Elemental Ordinance

Killing an enemy with the grenade will drop an elemental well matching your sub-class. It is a universal mod that can be placed on a gear piece of any energy type.

Elemental Ordinance

Melee Wellmaker

Defeating an enemy with melee ability will grant you an elemental well matching your sub-class. Melee Wellmaker is a universal mod as well.

Melee Wellmaker

Seeking Wells or Elemental Armaments

Seeking Wells mod will help you collect elemental wells with ease. All the elemental wells you make will move towards you. Seeking Wells makes the collection of well easier. It is an arc-exclusive combat style mod so you can only use it with armor pieces having arc energy.

Seeking Wells

Elemental Armaments is a good mod if you want to make elemental wells with weapons. It will let you make elemental wells when you defeat enemies using a weapon having matching energy as your sub-class. It is also a universal mod that can be used regardless of the energy type.

Reaping Wellmaker

Defeating an enemy after using the class ability will drop a void elemental well. This mod is not that useful with any sub-class other than void. Reaping Wellmaker is a void energy exclusive combat style mod that only makes void well upon kill regardless of the sub-class. You can swap it for any of the mods mentioned on Destiny 2 Warlock solar build.

Bountiful Wells or Well of Life

Bountiful Wells will let you make two elemental wells instead of one, every time you make an elemental well.

Bountiful Wells

Well of Life will regenerate your health every time you collect a solar elemental well. This regeneration is slow that can not be interrupted by damage and it lasts for 10 seconds.

Well of Life

Both Bountiful Well and Well of Life are solar-exclusive combat-style mods. You can only use them on gear pieces with solar energy. You can use both of these mods if you are not using Reaping Wellmaker.

Solar Subclass

Abilities are an important part of any build and the Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build is no different. Grenade, melee, and class ability make Warlock Solar build a lot more powerful. Solar subclass have now Scorch and Ignition elements. Scorch is burning damage that damages enemies over time. After applying 100 scorches to an enemy, they will ignite and do massive damage. Ignitions are explosions caused by scorching enemies.

Solar Warlock Destiny 2


Solar grenades are the way to go with Warlock solar build. Once you activate the perk from Sunbracers by killing an enemy with solar melee, Solar Grenades will fill the battlefield with mini suns. Warlock solar grenades have gotten a major buff. I will explain that in the aspect section.

Solar Grenade Destiny 2


Use Incinerator Snap melee as it is the most powerful solar melee. It is much easier to kill enemies with this melee. It will scorch enemies. If you kill enemies while they are scorched with a melee, it will still count as a melee kill. Incinerator Snap melee makes it much easier to kill enemies with melee ability and activate Sunbracers.

Incinerator Snap Solar Warlock Destiny 2

Class Ability

Phoenix Dive is an important class ability for the Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build. You can use it while staying in the air. You can just keep on killing enemies while hovering and recharge your melee with one of the aspects. It will help you heal quickly when needed.

Phoenix Dive Solar Warlock Destiny 2

Aspects and Fragments

With Solar 3.0, any build is incomplete without proper use of aspects and fragments. Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build 3.0 uses aspects and fragments to turn you into a nuclear reactor.



You should use Heat Raises and Touch of Flame aspects. They will not only make your grenades powerful but also helps you gain melee energy.

Heat Raises

Holding the grenade button will consume the grenade and activate Heat Raises. Consuming a grenade will release a burst of energy that will heal you. Killing enemies while in the air will increase the duration of Heat Raises and provide melee energy. It can help you gain melee energy quickly.

Heat Rises Destiny 2 Solar Warlock

Touch of Flame

Healing, Firebolt, Solar, and Fusion grenade have enhanced capabilities. We will focus on the Solar grenade since that is the one Solar Warlock 3.0 build uses. Solar grenades will linger for a longer duration and will periodically emit lava that will damage surrounding enemies even further.

Touch of Flame Destiny 2 Solar Warlock


Fragments of Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build will help you do more damage and help you gain melee ability. All the fragments on Warlock Solar 3.0 build let its abilities do more damage.

Ember of Eruption

Solar ignition will have a wider area of effect. Meaning that the explosion the ignition creates will now be bigger. Ignitions will now damage more enemies.

It also provides 10 extra strength.

Ember of Eruption Destiny 2

Ember of Char

Solar Ignition will now spread scorch to the targets affected by it. Scorching enemies with ignition will let you do more damage to enemies and help you create more ignitions.

Ember of Char will also give you 10 extra discipline.

Ember of Char Destiny 2

Ember of Ashes

You will apply more scorch to targets. Meaning your scorch will not only do more damage but also help you ignite enemies quickly.

Ember of Ashes Destiny 2

Ember of Searing

Defeating enemies while they are being scorched will grant melee energy. It will help you gain melee quickly since you will be killing scorched targets all the time.

Ember of Searing will also grant you 10 extra melee energy.

Ember of Searing Destiny 2


One of your weapons should be a solar weapon that applies scorch damage. There are only two weapons that use scorch which include Skyburner’s Oath, and Prometheus Lens. Skyburner’s Oath and Prometheus Lens will apply scorch when you damage enemies with them. Their damage can even lead to ignition. If you do not have these two weapons or they can’t stun the Campion then use any weapon of your choice. Skyburner’s Oath or Prometheus Lens can make Destiny 2 Warlock Solar build more powerful.

Skyburner's Oath

How to Use Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build?

After making the build as per the above instructions, your Warlock Solar 3.0 will be ready. Start by killing an enemy with Incinerator Snap melee. Defeating an enemy while they are under the influence of Incinerator Snap’s scorch, also counts as a melee kill. It will activate the Helium Spirals perk which will grant you unlimited grenades for a couple of seconds. Since you will be scorching and killing enemies it will regenerate your melee thanks to the Ember of Searing. You can also consume grenades and glide in the air. Defeating enemies while in the air will also grant melee energy. Wait for your chance to kill enemies as rushing can make you a sitting duck.

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