Arc Titan Build Destiny 2 (The Lighting God)

Arc Titan Build Destiny 2 (The Lighting God)

Arc is the most damage-intensive subclass for Titan, making Destiny 2 Arc Titan build the most DPS-intensive build in the game. It destroys both general enemies and bosses. The arc Titan build will melt enemies and destroy them with grenades. To top it all off, it lets you spam unlimited abilities. All this is possible with the Arc Titan build of Destiny 2. There is an insane amount of ad control and ability damage in the Arc Titan build. It makes Grand Masters easier and champions stand little chance.

Important Stats and Pieces for Build

The most important stat for Arc Titan build, Destiny 2 is resilience. The second most important stat is discipline. You can prefer recovery over discipline as getting the grenade back will be easy even with tier 6 discipline. However, having a high discipline will help a lot in increasing the overall damage output due to grenade spam.


Exotic Armor (Heart of Inmost Light)

The exotic armor for arc Titan build is Heart of Inmost Light. It will not only increase your ability regeneration but, also its damage. Using one ability will empower other abilities. While empowered is active, you gain increased ability regeneration and damage. Empowered lasts for 5 seconds. You can reset it while also making it twice as powerful by using another ability.



Mods are an important part of any build and Arc Titan build Destiny 2 is no different. It further reduces the cooldown time of grenades making the build even deadlier.


Since you will be throwing a lot of grenades. The build will utilize mods that help you gain super through ability kills.

Ashes to Assets (3 Energy)

It will grant you super energy upon killing an enemy with a grenade. Since you will be throwing a lot of grenades using two Ashes to Assets will help you gain super quickly.

Harmonic Siphon (1 Energy)

Use Harmonic Siphon as the third mod if you have the energy because it will help you create an orb of power with rapid arc weapon kills.


Mods on gauntlets will help you gain grenade energy and create orbs of power through ability usage.

Firepower (3 Energy)

Firepower will let you create an orb of power every time you defeat an enemy with a grenade. You will be defeating a lot of enemies with grenades so Firepower will activate most of the time. Picking up an orb of power will give you an armor charge. Other mods will use these charges.

Destiny 2 Titan Firepower

Grenade Kickstart (3 Energy)

It will use armor charges to grant you grenade energy when you use grenade ability. Grenade Kickstart will help you gain grenade energy quickly.

Chest Armor

Mods on the chest armor of Arc Titan build Destiny 2 increase the number of armor charges you can carry.

Charged Up (3 Energy)

It will give you one extra armor charge to carry. Charged Up will increase the number of charges you can carry.

Up To You

You can use any mod you see fit as the second mod.


Mods on boots will help you heal and also help you gain rapid armor charges.

Stacks On Stacks (4 Energy)

It will grant you an extra charge for every armor charge you get. Stacks On Stacks will help keep multiple charges.

Elemental Charge (3 Energy)

Elemental Charge will help you get armor charge just by collecting Ionic Traces. Using Elemental Charge gives escalating chance of getting armor charge by collecting Ionic Trace, Firesprite, Stasis Shard, Void Breach, or by destroying Strand Tangle. You will be collecting a lot of Ionic Traces thanks to the Pulse grenade which will give you armor charges.


Titan Mark

Mods on Titan Mark work with the use of class ability and finishers.

Bomber (1 Energy)

Use two bomber mods as it will help you gain grenade energy whenever you use class ability.

Reaper (3 Energy)

Reaper will let you create an orb of power with weapon kills. It will let you create an orb of power for defeating an enemy with a weapon after using the class ability.

Destiny 2 Titan Reaper

Arc Subclass

It is an Arc Titan build, Destiny 2 so, arc subclass is an obvious choice. The selection of fragments and aspects makes it one of the most powerful builds in the game.


Pulse grenades are the best choice for the Destiny 2 Pulse Grenade build. The power of grenades makes it the most powerful build in the game. Touch of Thunder Aspect will increase their duration, and make them more powerful.

Arc Pulse Grenades can do an insane amount of damage in a short time. The damage of the pulse grenade will increase as it continuously damages the enemy. Pulse grenade will also create Ionic Traces as long as it is damaging enemies. The Spark of Shock fragment will add a jolt to them so they will do damage to all the enemies in close vicinity.


The use of melee is up to you as any melee can be used with Destiny 2 Pulse Grenade titan build. However, using Thunder Clap can be a good choice as it is the only melee that does not require running to activate. Thunder Clap is also one of the highest-damaging melee in the game so it can help a lot in taking down tougher enemies.

Class Ability

Use any class ability depending on your playstyle. The thruster can be a good one because it has a lower cooldown time and can take you out of the danger zone quickly. Thruster ability will let you move quickly even when slowed by the bombs.

Aspects and Fragments

Aspects and fragments are an important part of any build, Arc Titan build Destiny 2 is no different. The combination of aspects and fragments can change the functionality of a build.


Aspects make grenades extremely powerful, letting you do an insane amount of damage in a short time.

Touch of Thunder

Warlocks usually get powerful grenades but this time, Titans have more powerful grenades. Touch of Thunder makes the grenades of Titan extremely powerful. Especially the Pulse Grenades and the buff that these Pulse Grenades get from Heart of Inmost Light make them even more powerful. They can do as much damage as low-damaging supers. Destiny 2 Arc Titan build is a Pulse Grenade-focused build that relies heavily on grenade spam.

Destiny 2 Titan Touch of Thunder



Critically wounding an enemy (taking away more than 80% of their health) or breaking the shield of an enemy will activate the knockout effect. While the Knockout effect is active, your melee range and damage will increase. The knockout effect activates only for a short duration. Defeating enemies with both charged and uncharged melee will amplify you and regenerate your health. So you can heal yourself by defeating enemies with melee.

Destiny 2 Titan Knockout


Fragments of the Destiny 2 Arc Titan build will increase your damage output while also helping you tank more damage.

Spark of Shock

It is the most important fragment as it increases the grenade damage even more. Spark of Shock will add a jolt to grenades. Damaging enemies with a grenade will jolt targets, while a target is jolted it will spread lighting damage when they take further damage. Most arc builds are considered incomplete without Spark of Shock. It will also give a -10 discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Titan Spark of Shock

Spark of Resistance

Arc is the only subclass with the fragment that provides resistance just by being near enemies. Spark of Resistance will provide 20% damage resistance. It activates when three or more enemies are within 10-meter vicinity of you. Spark of Resistance will grant +10 strength as well. It activates as soon as you get in combat.

Destiny 2 Titan Spark of Resistance

Spark of Magnitude

Lingering grenades such as storm grenades, pulse grenades, and lighting grenades will last for a longer duration after throwing them. Spark of Magnitude will help a lot in increasing the damage output of the Destiny 2 Pulse Grenade build.

Destiny 2 Titan Spark of Magnitude

Spark of Ions or Spark of Feedback

With Spark of Ions, defeating a jolted target will create an ionic trace. You will be jolting targets with grenades thanks to Spark of Shock. Ionic trace grant ability energy after collecting them. A single ionic trace offers ability regeneration that is way higher than most such sources.

Destiny 2 Titan Spark of-Ions

Spark of Feedback can also be a good choice for the Destiny 2 Arc Titan build. Taking melee damage will increase your melee damage output. Spark of Feedback works well in lower difficulty content and ad clear. It will also grant +10 resilience.

Destiny 2 Titan Spark of Feedback


There is no requirement for a specific weapon use as any weapon would work. You can use any type of energy and kinetic weapons as the main focus of the build is to spam ability. Just keep champions of activity in mind while using weapons.

How to Use Destiny 2 Arc Titan Build?

Use mods, aspects, fragments, and exotic armor pieces mentioned above. Throw a Pulse grenade at enemies and it will start damaging the enemy. While the Pulse grenade is doing damage it will also generate ionic traces periodically. Ionic traces will give you so much ability energy that you will get back your grenade by the time the first one is even over. Elemental Charge mod will grant you armor charges and Grenade Kickstart will use these charges to grant you grenades even faster. You will be throwing grenades back to back and dominating the battlefield with sheer grenade spam. It is a build that does damage to enemies from a distance with grenades.

Your grenade and melee will do more damage. Pulse grenades will destroy enemies that are far from you while melee will clear enemies near you. Thruster or barricade will increase survivability. You will destroy enemies through sheer grenade spam with Arc Titan build Destiny 2.

The Build In Action:


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