Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Build (The Electric Warlock)

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc build utilizes the arc subclass of the game and helps you do a large amount of damage with it. If an Arc build is made right, then it can do a lot of damage. Each tree of Arc subclass has abilities that can change the performance of a build depending on its abilities. While Chaos Reach can let you do a lot of damage in minimal time, other abilities can make you powerful in a variety of aspects. With Destiny 2 Warlock Arc build, you won’t need to switch between different Arc trees. As long as you are using Arc abilities, you can do a lot of damage. Arc build is my go-to build for ad control during raids.

Pieces of Warlock Arc Build

To make the Destiny 2 Warlock Arc build, you would need Crown of Tempests. It will help you restore Arc abilities every time you kill someone with an arc ability. Mods will help you make this ability regen even faster. Having gear pieces with high discipline and recovery will reduce the cooldown of both grenades and rift.

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Build


You can use any Arc tree with Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Build. However, the middle tree and bottom tree perform best with it. Enemies and playstyle can impact the performance of the middle tree or bottom tree.

If you are taking down a boss or enemy with large health, then using the middle tree is the best option. Its Chaos Reach will allow you to do massive damage in a short time. Its melee can do damage from afar. The Ionic Trace from the middle tree can help regenerate all your abilities. Defeating enemies has a chance of creating Ionic Trace. Collecting the Ionic Trace will grant you ability energy.

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc


Just make sure to use armor pieces with high discipline and recovery. Having high discipline will allow you to throw more grenades which will, in turn, result in less cooldown time of grenades. Recovery will increase the chances of survivability and reduce the cooldown time of the rift. After getting max discipline and high recovery, you can focus on melee the make the build even more devastating.


There is no specific weapon that you need to use with the Arc build. Any weapon would work as it does not rely on weapon traits to perform well.


Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Build uses different mods on the armor mod slots to decrease the ability cooldown time of different abilities.

Helmet (Crown of Tempests)

You can use any energy type on the helmet. I use arc energy and two hands-on mods to get super energy upon melee kills. Depending on the energy type, you can use any mod that you see fit.

While you have equipped Crown of Tempests, it will increase the recharge rate of your abilities whenever you kill someone with Arc energy. While your arc super is active, kills will also increase its duration.

Destiny 2 Warlock Crown of Tempests


Your gauntlets need to have stasis energy. Having stasis energy will enable you to use the Grenade kickstart and Melee kickstart. Grenade kickstart will give you grenade energy when you are out of grenade energy. Melee kickstart will grant you melee energy when you are out of melee energy.

Destiny 2 Warlcok Grenade Kickstart


Chest Armor

You can use any type of energy on the chest armor of Destiny 2 Warlock Arc build. There is no energy exclusive mod on the chest piece.

Leg Armor

Solar energy of leg armor will enable you to use mods that grant you grenade energy. Using it will enable you to get grenade energy every time you pick up an orb of power. You can use the Absolution mod as your second mod on the slot. It will give energy to all your abilities whenever you pick up an orb of power. Absolution is a universal mod.

Warlock Band

Solar energy on your band will let you use solar exclusive mods on the mod slot. The Bomber mod will enable you to get grenade energy every time you use rift. The second mod should be Distribution which is a universal mod. Distribution will grant ability energy to all your abilities whenever you use rift near enemies.

Destiny 2 BomberDestiny 2 Distribution

Combat Style Mods

Combat style mode uses three different types of mods. Charged with light mods, Elemental Well mods, and Warmind cell mods. Destiny 2 Warlock Arc build uses Elemental Well mods to restore abilities. It gives you well on every type of ability kill. Each mod on the Arc build uses elemental well to restore abilities. Nearly all of the Combat Style mods on it are universal, giving you more freedom.

Elemental Ordinance

Elemental Ordinance will allow you to get an elemental well matching your sub-class every time you kill someone with a grenade. Only one elemental well will drop, even if you kill more than one enemy with a single grenade.

Melee Wellmaker

It will help you get elemental well that matches with your subclass. Just like Grenade Wellmaker, Melee Wellmaker will also create a single elemental well even if you kill more than one enemy with a single hit.

Elemental Light

This will allow you to create elemental well when you kill enemies with your super. Each kill with super will generate one elemental well.

Destiny 2 Elemental Light

Font of Wisdom

Font of Wisdom will increase your super regen for 30 seconds when you pick up an Elemental Well.

Destiny 2 Warlock Font of Wisdom

Bountiful Well

Well of Ordinance will give extra grenade energy whenever you pick up an Elemental Well.

How to Make Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Build?

To make Arc build use the exotic piece along with all the mods mentioned above. Use armor pieces that have high discipline, recovery, and melee. Your primary focus should be discipline, secondary focus recovery, and tertiary focus should be melee. Having high discipline would enable you to use more grenades. Recovery will not only increase your chance of survivability but, also reduce the cooldown of the rift. You will be able to get your Super quickly and use your abilities constantly to take down the enemies. Destiny 2 Warlock Arc build will let you take down multiple enemies at the same time.

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