Destiny 2 Hunter Build (Unlimited Arc Grenade)

Destiny 2 Hunter build is one of the most powerful builds that hunters have. It will let you throw unlimited grenades and absolutely dominate the battlefield. The build will let you control the battlefield with unlimited grenades. Grenades will follow the enemies and damage them so guardians will not even need to aim it properly. It uses Skip grenades which automatically follow the enemies. All a player needs to do is throw a grenade near enemies and it will track the enemies. You can dominate enemies with the Destiny 2 Hunter Arc build.

Stats for Destiny 2 Hunter Build

The most important stat for Destiny 2 Arc Hunter build is discipline. Try to max out your discipline as it will help you get back grenades quickly. The more discipline you have the more grenades you can throw. Most of the time, discipline will not even be needed, but it does help if you have some discipline.

The second most important stat is resilience as it will reduce the amount of damage you take. Having high resilience can help a lot in survival. The third most important stat is mobility. It will decrease the cool-down time of your class ability. Hunters are the only type of guardians that require mobility. Having high mobility makes them agile in combat as well.



You can use any weapon with the Destiny 2 Hunter Arc build. The build does not rely on any weapon to do damage.

Exotic Piece (Shinobus’s Vow)

The exotic piece of choice is Shinobus’s Vow. It will improve Skip grenades by making them more deadly. Skip grenades will spawn one extra drone and they will chase enemies more aggressively. Basically, your skip grenades will follow enemies even further and will do more damage. Damaging enemies with a Skip grenade will also return some of the energy. It will also give you one extra charge for the Skip grenade.

Throwing two Skip grenades will give you one and a half grenade energy back. The loop will continue and it is the reason that it is called Destiny 2 unlimited grenade Hunter build.

Destiny 2 Hunter Shinobus's Vow


Some mods on the Destiny 2 Hunter arc build are focused on decreasing the cooldown of the grenade. Other mods give protection and reduce the cooldown of different abilities. Different mod usage will also help in gaining passive ability energy.


Mods on the helmet use grenades to provide more super energy.

Two Ashes To Assets (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a grenade will grant super energy. Since you will be throwing a lot of grenades and defeating a lot of enemies with grenades, Ashes To Assets will help a lot in gaining super energy. Use two Ashes To Assets mods as grenades will be your primary source of damage.


Mods on gauntlets will make sure that grenades grant other ability energy through grenade damage. These mods will also help you make orbs of power which will give you armor charges and other mods will use these armor charges.

Firepower (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a grenade will spawn an orb of power. Since you will be throwing a lot of grenades you will be creating lots of orbs of powers.

Grenade Kickstart (3 Energy)

Using the grenade will give you grenade energy. The amount of grenade energy you get will depend on the number of armor charges you have. Picking up orbs of power will give you armor charges and Grenade Kickstart will use these armor charges.

Bolstering Detonation (2 Energy)

Damaging an enemy with grenades will grant class ability energy. It will help a lot in gaining class ability energy. Only use Bolstering Detonation if you have the energy for it.

Chest Armor

Mods on chest armor are all about protection. Use at least one Concussive Dampener to reduce the amount of splash damage you get.

Concussive Dampener (3 Energy)

It will reduce the amount of AOE damage you take. Concussive Dampener will help in reducing the amount of area of effect damage you take.

Destiny 2 Hunter Concussive Dampener



Different mods on boots will help you heal while also helping you gain ability energy.

Recuperation (1 Energy)

It will replenish your health every time you pick up an orb of power. Recuperation can be helpful in lower-tier content.

Destiny 2 Hunter Recuperation

Innervation (1 Energy)

Using innervation will let you gain grenade energy, every time you pick up an orb of power.

Destiny 2 Hunter Innervation

Stacks on Stacks (4 Energy)

It will give you an additional stack of armor charge whenever you get an armor charge. Stacks on Stacks will make sure that you have multiple stacks of armor charge.


Class Item (Hunter Cloak)

Mods on the hunter cloak will activate with class ability usage.

Reaper (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy after dodging will let you make an orb of power.

Distribution (3 Energy)

Dodging while near enemies will grant you all ability energy.

Bomber (1 Energy)

Dodging will grant you grenade energy. If you do not have the energy then use 2 Bomber mods instead of the distribution.


Use arc subclass because it is an Arc Hunter build Destiny 2. You will be throwing unlimited Skip grenades and dominating the combat.


The primary damage will be coming from grenade ability. Other abilities will support you in combat and help you defeat enemies.


Use Skip grenade as the Destiny 2 Hunter build will not work without Skip grenade. It is a grenade that splits into multiple projectiles and follows enemies. Shinobus’s Vow will let it track enemies more aggressively and let them do more damage by increasing the number of projectiles. With the help of Shinobus’s Vow, you will also get them back instantly.

Destiny 2 Hunter Skip Grenade

Class Ability

Use Gambler’s Dodge as it will let you get melee ability. Dodging near enemies will grant you melee ability.


Use Combination Blow as it can do more damage eventually. In lower-tier content, you can even stack it but it is not necessary since the grenade will be the primary source of damage.

Destiny 2 Hunter Combination Blow


The use of Super is up to you and you can use any super you see fit.


The two aspects that work well with the Destiny 2 Hunter arc build are Lethal Current and Flow State.

Lethal Current

After dodging your melee attack will have increased range, jolts the target, and will have a damaging after-shock. Lethal Current will last for a few seconds after dodging. Damaging jolted targets with melee will also blind them. You will be jolting targets with grenades so you will be blinding all the targets around you. It is really useful in low-tier content. Lethal Current will also give you two fragment slots.

Destiny 2 Hunter Lethal Current

Flow State

Defeating a jolted target will make you amplified. Nearly any target you defeat will be jolted from one of your abilities. So, all the targets you defeat with abilities will make you amplified. While you are amplified your dodge will recharge faster, you are more resilient while dodging and your reload speed is also higher. Since your dodge will recharge faster you can dodge and activate mods related to class ability. Doing so will give you ability energy including grenade energy. Flow State will also give you two fragment slots.

Destiny 2 Hunter Flow State



Different fragments increase the efficiency of the Destiny 2 Hunter arc build and add extra functionalities to it.

Spark of Resistance

You will gain resistance while surrounded by enemies. This means that if more than two enemies are in your 15-meter radius then you will gain damage resistance. It will also give you +10 strength.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Resistance

Spark of Shock

Your arc grenade will jolt targets. Jolted targets spread arc damage to surrounding enemies and take more damage. Spark of Shock will also give you a -10 discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Shock

Spark of Ions

Defeating a jolted target will create an ionic trace. Meaning that any enemy you defeat with grenades will create an ionic trace. Collecting Ionic traces will grant ability energy.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Ions

Spark of Feedback

Taking damage increases your melee damage for a brief period. This fragment is helpful when you are using melee in low-tier content. Spark of Feedback will also give you +10 resilience.

Destiny 2 Hunter Spark of Feedback

How To Use Destiny 2 Hunter Build?

After using everything mentioned above your build will be ready. The loop of this build usage is easy. Throw a grenade and it will damage the enemy, which will grant grenade energy back. When you damage an enemy with a Skip grenade it grants you grenade energy. Such a gain in grenade energy can result in gaining grenade ability back. It enables you to throw grenades again. Since you have two grenades the constant ability gain results in looping grenades. You can have unlimited grenades that you can throw from a distance. The build works really well in high-end content such as grand masters.

Visual Description:

Build In Action:

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