Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build (Assassin’s Cowl)

Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build (Assassin’s Cowl)

If you want to have healing along with high damage, then Destiny 2 Solar Hunter build is the way to go. It will not only give you high damage but healing and the ability to escape as well. The solar hunter uses Assassin’s Cowl for healing and throwing knives for massive damage. It will let you ignite the enemies with throwing knives. The build has the potential to let you clear Dungeons and Raids with ease. It has insane ad clear potential and super ready speed. The build takes the hunter’s throwing knife damage potential to the next level.

Stats for Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build

The most important stat for Assassins Cowl solar hunter build is resilience. Try to max out your resilience for optimum damage potential. After that the second most important stat is mobility. Mobility is important because it will help you gain melee ability quickly. All you have to do is dodge near enemies and you will get melee back thanks to Gambler’s Dodge. These two stats are the most important ones. Try focusing on discipline as the third stat so you can get the grenade back quickly.


You can use any weapon with Assassin’s Cowl Destiny 2 Solar Hunter build. However, certain weapon work best. Using any weapon that can apply scorch on hit will work with the abilities of this build. Skyburner’s Oath is one such weapon. You can hit an ignited enemy to ignite it again thanks to all the scorch stack applied to it.

Exotic Armor (Assassin’s Cowl)

Assassin’s Cowl is the exotic piece of choice for the Destiny 2 solar hunter build. It will not only heal you on melee kill but grant you invisibility as well. So every time you defeat an enemy with melee you will get invisibility and healing. Melee ignition kills will also count as melee kill and will activate Assassin’s Cowl. You can hit an enemy with one melee then dodge, and hit them with a second knife to ignite. If the ignition kills the target you will become Invisible and gain health.

Fishing off enemies will finisher will also grant you invisibility and health. If you don’t kill an enemy with two melee and one ignition. You can finish it off with a finisher to become invisible. Since you will do enough damage to the enemy to make it finishable. The build has a lot of potential as mods make it more powerful.

Destiny 2 Hunter Assassins Cowl


The Assassin’s Cowl Destiny 2 solar hunter build makes sure that you gain super quickly and have protection against damage with its mods.


Mods on the helmet grant you super energy on melee kills and the use of abilities. You will also be gaining super energy from ignitions.

Dynamo (3 Energy)

While using Dynamo, dodging near enemies will grant you super energy. Since you will be dodging a lot to gain melee this will help you gain super energy.

Destiny 2 Hunter Dynamo

Hands-On (3 Energy)

Hands-On will grant you super energy upon melee kills. Guardians using it will gain extra super energy from kills. You will be defeating a lot of enemies with melee which will activate Hands-On resulting in quickly gaining super energy. Use two Hands-On Mods if you have the energy to maximize the effect.


Mods on gauntlets will increase your class ability regeneration and let you make an orb of power.

Heavy Handed (3 Energy)

You will create an orb of power every time you defeat an enemy with melee ability. Picking up an orb of power will give you an armor charge which will activate other mods.

Destiny 2 Hunter Heavy Handed

Focusing Strike (2 Energy)

Damaging an enemy with melee ability will grant you class ability energy. This will help you gain class ability energy quickly. Use two Focusing Strike mods if you have the energy.

Chest Armor

Chest armor mods are all about protection and they decrease the amount of damage you take.

Emergency Reinforcement (3 Energy)

Use three armor charges to grant resistance against damage. More charges increase the duration of this resistance. Other mods will grant you armor charges that Emergency Reinforcement will use.

Destiny 2 Hunter Emergency Reinforcement

Melee Damage Resistance (3 Energy)

It grants The Assassin’s Cowl Destiny 2 build damage resistance against incoming melee damage. You will be close to enemies most of the time so melee damage resistance will grant you resistance against damage.

Harmonic Resistance (1 Energy)

If you have the energy, use Harmonic Resistance to gain some solar damage resistance on Destiny 2 Solar Hunter build.


Mods on boots grant some regeneration, help other mods, and grant class ability regeneration.

Recuperation (1 Energy)

Picking up an orb of power will grant you health. Recuperation will help with the healing of Assassin’s Cowl Destiny 2 solar hunter build.

Insulation (1 Energy)

It will grant you class ability energy whenever you pick up an orb of power. Insulation will help you in gaining the class ability quickly.

Stacks on Stacks (4 Energy)

Picking up an orb of power will grant you two armor charges instead of one. Picking up only two orbs of power will grant you three armor charges. Stacks on Stacks will make it easier to activate Emergency Reinforcement.

Class Item (Hunter Cloak)

Mods on the cloak will help you gain ability energy by using the class ability.

Distribution (3 Energy)

Using class ability (dodge) near enemies will grant you all ability energy. It will grant some class, grenade, and melee ability energy just by dodging near enemies which you will be doing constantly. Gaining melee energy is not needed since Assassin’s Cowl Destiny 2 solar hunter build gain melee from class ability.

Reaper (3 Energy)

Weapon kills after dodging will let you create an orb of power. So every time you defeat an enemy with a weapon after using class ability will let you create an orb of power. You will be dodging a lot so most weapon kills will result in an orb of power generation.

Bomber (1 Energy)

Using a class ability will grant some grenade energy. The bomber will grant grenade energy just by dodging.


Solar is the sub-class of choice with the Destiny 2 solar hunter build. It uses the solar melee ability to unleash hell on enemies.

Destiny 2 Hunter Solar Assassins Cowl



Assassin’s Cowl build uses different abilities to provide healing and damage.


A healing grenade is the way to go as the build uses healing grenades to heal guardians. When you realize that your health is low and there is no healing available, use your healing grenade. It will save you and keep your health full. This will be your secondary healing source after Assassin’s Cowl.

Destiny 2 Hunter Healing Grenade

Class Ability

Gambler’s Dodge is the class ability of choice. It will grant you melee ability whenever you dodge near enemies. Use one melee, dodge to gain melee, and use another melee to ignite the enemy. Gambler’s Dodge is the main reason for melee ignition.

Destiny 2 Hunter Gamblers Dodge


Use Knife Trick melee as it is the only melee that scorches targets on hit. Throw one Knife Trick to scorch the enemy. If the enemy doesn’t die with the first attack then use dodge to gain Knife Trick melee again. Throw melee again at the scorched enemy and it will ignite. Even if the enemy dies from ignition it will still count as melee kill and will activate Assassin’s Cowl. Killing an enemy with melee will also refund your melee thanks to Knock ‘Em Down.

Destiny 2 Hunter Knife Trick Melee


The use of super is up to you. You can use any super you see fit.


All these aspects help in elevating the performance of Destiny 2 Assassin’s Cowl solar hunter build. Use Knock ‘Em Down and On Your Mark for maximum performance.

Knock ‘Em Down

It will enhance your supers. You will have damage resistance while using Deadshot Golden Gun. Marksman Golden Gun will have an increased duration. Blade Barrage will have extra projectiles when you use it.

The most important part of Knock ‘Em Down is its ability to grant melee every time you defeat an enemy with melee when radiant. When you kill an enemy with melee, you will gain a full melee refund. Ember of Torches will make you radiant on melee hit so all melee kills will refund melee. Any melee kill that activates Assassins Cowl will also activate Knock ‘Em Down on Destiny 2 solar hunter build. It will also give you two fragment slots.

Destiny 2 Hunter Knock ‘Em Down

On Your Mark

Precision kills grants increase weapon handling and reload speed. It can stack up to 3 times and using class ability will grant maximum stacks. On Your Mark will also grant three fragment slots. Fragment slots are the main reason for the use of On Your Mark. It grants the highest number of fragments among all solar aspects.

Destiny 2 Hunter On Your Mark


All of the fragments help in making the build perform better and activate different buffs.

Ember of Torches

Hitting an enemy will make you and your nearby allies radiant. Ember of Torches is the main reason for the activation of Knock ‘Em Down. It will also give you a -10 Discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Ember of Torches

Ember of Ashes

You will apply more scorch stacks to targets. It is the main reason for the ignition of enemies. Ember of Ashes makes it easier to apply 100 scorch stacks to enemies which results in ignition.

Destiny 2 Hunter Ember of Ashes

Ember of Char

Solar ignitions you create will spread scorch to the affected target. Ember of Char can even cause targets to ignite twice if enough scorch is applied.

Destiny 2 Hunter Ember of Char

Ember of Solace

Radiant and Restoration effects applied to you will last for a longer duration. Ember of Solace will increase the restoration time that healing grenades apply to you while using Destiny 2 solar hunter build.

Destiny 2 Hunter Ember of Solace

Ember of Singeing

Your class ability will recharge faster when you scorch enemies. It will increase your class ability regeneration rate.

Destiny 2 Hunter Ember of Singeing

How To Use Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build?

Equip all the things mentioned above to start using Assassin’s Cowl build. Once in combat, hit an enemy with melee if it doesn’t die, dodge and hit it with another melee. Doing so will ignite the enemy. If enough scorch stacks are applied it can ignite enemies twice. You can then finish off enemies with a finisher since it will not have much health left after that. It is a melee build so it is viable up until master-level content.

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