Arc Warlock Build Destiny 2 (The Lighting Thief)

Arc Warlock Build Destiny 2 (The Lighting Thief)

Arc is a powerful subclass. if used properly and Arc Warlock build Destiny 2 does exactly that. It will give the player insane ability regeneration and high damage. Ability kills will help in ability regeneration which will let you spam abilities. Different mods will help players use their abilities constantly. The build also has high super regeneration. It is a good build for PVE that will let you do damage from a distance. If you were looking for a high DPS arc build, this is the way to go.

Stats For Warlock Arc Build

The most important stat for the Warlock Arc build is discipline. Resilience and Recovery have equal importance so you can prioritize any one of the two. I prefer resilience over recovery as it gives more survivability. Recovery will decrease the cooldown of your rift. Rift will use Arc Soul, making it an important part of Arc Warlock build Destiny 2. Arc Soul aspect will also help in the cooldown reduction of Rift so you can prioritize resilience over recovery.



Use any weapon you see fit with the Arc Warlock build as any weapon will work with it. Just keep the champions of activity in mind while choosing a weapon.

Exotic Armor

The exotic armor for the build is Fallen Sunstar as it is one of the best exotic for Arc Warlock. Ionic traces you create will grant more energy and they will travel faster. You will be creating a lot of iconic traces as one of the Warlock’s aspect grant ionic traces on the ability kills.

Ionic traces will grant you double energy upon collection when Fallen Sunstar is equipped. Your allies will also gain ability energy when you collect Ionic traces. You will be creating two Ionic traces, one from the Electrostatic Mind aspect and another from the Spark of Ions. Electrostatic Mind and Spark of Ions will be explained in the Sub Class section.


Different mods on Arc Warlock build Destiny 2 grants ability energy which makes ability spam even easier.


Mods on the helmet will grant you super energy upon ability kills.

Two Ashes to Assets (3 Energy)

It will grant you extra super energy every time you kill an enemy with a grenade. The more grenade you throw the more energy you will generate. You will be throwing a lot of grenades so Ashes to Assets will make it easier to get super energy.


Mods on gauntlets will help you create an orb of power while also giving you grenade energy.

Fire Power (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a grenade will create an orb of power.

Grenade Kickstart (3 Energy)

Picking up an orb of power will give you armor charges. Grenade Kickstart will use these armor charges to give you grenade energy when you use a grenade.

Chest Armor

Mods of chest armor are mostly about the reduction of incoming damage.

Concussive Dampener (3 Energy)

It will reduce the amount of AOE (Area of Effect) damage you take.

Up to You

The second mod is up to you and you can use any you see fit.


Boots have a variety of mods that help with different aspects of Arc Warlock build Destiny 2

Elemental Charge (3 Energy)

Collecting an Ionic Trace will have a chance to give you an armor charge. Elemental Charge will keep the Grenade Kickstart active nearly all the time. As long as you are defeating enemies with abilities or debuffs, you will have armor charges.


Stacks on Stacks (4 Energy)

Picking up an orb of power will grant an additional stack of armor charge. It helps you stack up on armor charge which helps with Grenade Kickstart mod.

Any Other Mod

Use Any other mod as long as you have the energy.

Class Item (Warlock Bond)

All the mods used on Warlock Bond rely on using class ability one way or another.

Bomber (1 Energy)

Whenever you use the class ability, it will grant you grenade energy. Bomber helps with gaining grenade energy quickly. You can use two of these mods if you want to.

Reaper (3 Energy)

It will create an orb of power whenever you defeat an enemy with a weapon after using the class ability. Reaper will be one of your major sources of orbs’ creation.

Up to You

The third mod is up to you and you can use any mod you see fit if you are not using two Bomber Mods.


Arc Warlock build Destiny 2 uses the Arc subclass since it is an Arc build. It uses different abilities to let you destroy enemies.

Destiny 2 Stormcaller Arc Warlock


Abilities are a key part of any build and Warlock arc build is no different. It uses different abilities to rain lighting on the enemies.


Chaos Reach is a better choice as it has a lower cooldown time and also lets you do damage from a distance. Chaos Reach is not a roaming super so it lets you do more damage in a short time.


Use any grenade you see fit however, using Storm or Pulse grenade can be a good choice. These two grenades will work best with Arc Warlock.

Destiny 2 Warlock Storm Grenade

Class Ability

You can use either Empowering Rift or Healing Rift the choice is up to you. However, Healing Rift will increase your survivability as Rift will be one of your sources of damage thanks to Arc Soul.

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Healing Rift


The use of melee is up to you but using Ball Lighting melee can be a better choice as it lets you do damage from a distance. While amplified Ball Lighting will do more damage.

Destiny 2 Warlock Ball Lighting


The two aspects rely on each other and give a major boost to Arc Warlock build Destiny 2.

Electrostatic Mind

Defeating enemies with arc abilities or defeating jolted or blinded targets will create an ionic trace. Basically, defeating arc debuffed or defeating a target with any ability will make an ionic trace. Collecting an Ionic trace will also make you amplified. Ionic traces are arc elements that grant ability energy when collected. They are a key part of the Arc Warlock Destiny 2 build the build relies on them. Fallen Sunstar will grant you extra ability energy when you collect the ionic traces. Electrostatic Mind grants two fragment slots.

Destiny 2 Warlock Electrostatic Mind

Arc Soul

Casting a rift will create an Arc body that will fire at targets in front of you. Allies who pass through the rift will also get Arc Soul. Your rift will recharge faster when allies are near you. This aspect also serves as a major source of cooldown for your rift ability.

Any enemy it defeats will count as an ability kill and will create an ionic trace. Collecting ionic traces will make you amplified thanks to Electrostatic Mind. While amplified your Arc Soul will become supercharged. When Arc Soul is supercharged it will have an increased rate of fire.

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc Soul


Different fragments work with aspects to make the build function properly.

Spark of Resistance

While surrounded by enemies you will take less incoming damage. When enemies are near you Spark of Resistance will activate. It also gives you +10 strength.

Destiny 2 Warlock Spark of Resistance

Spark of Shock

Your arc grenade will jolt targets that it hits. It will not only increase your grenade damage but will also activate Spark of Ion to create more ionic traces. It will also give you a -10 discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Warlock Spark of Shock

Spark of Magnitude

Lighting, Pulse, and Storm grenades will have increased duration. Spark of Magnitude will increase the amount of damage your grenades do.

Destiny 2 Warlock Spark of Magnitude

Spark of Ions

Defeating a jolted target will create an ionic trace. Any enemy you defeat with a grenade will create an ionic trace since it jolts the target due to Spark of Shock. Enemies you defeat that are affected by your grenade will also make an ionic trace since they are jolted. Anytime you create one ionic trace a second ionic trace will also form through Spark of Ions. It doubles the amount of ionic traces you create.

Destiny 2 Warlock Spark of Ions

How To Use Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Build?

Use all the mods and gear pieces discussed above to make the build. Once in combat, start using your abilities. Do weapon damage when all abilities are on cooldown. You will have a low cooldown for all abilities. You can spam abilities back to back. Abilities that linger such as arc soul will be active all the time. The more abilities you use, the more abilities you will regenerate which will increase the damage output of Arc Warlock build Destiny 2.

Build In Action:

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