Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build (The Invisible Hunter)

Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build (The Invisible Hunter)

Hunters are the most agile guardians and with Void Hunter Destiny 2 build, they can become nearly unkillable. The build will allow you to become invisible, do more damage, and gain health when you dodge. Every ability of the Hunter Void build will support each other to reduce the cooldown. It will help you do damage and then escape before enemies have a chance to take you down. The build uses the agility of Hunter to make it a silent assassin. It is very effective in harder activities such as raids, master or grandmaster lost sectors, and strikes. Void Hunter Destiny 2 build can help you do insane damage before anyone has a chance to take you down.

Pieces for Hunter Void Build

You would need a Wormhusk Crown helmet and it is the most important part of the build. If you don’t have Wormhusk Crown, then use Omnioculus but, using it can change the performance of the build. Wormhusk Crown will allow you to gain health every time you dodge. To make the build more effective use different mods that decrease the cooldown of your abilities. You would need two pieces with solar energy, two arc energy, and a class armor piece with stasis energy.

Destiny 2 Wormhusk Crown


Wormhusk Crown

Wormhusk Crown is an exotic mask that will increase your chances of survival exponentially. It has Burning Souls perk that will give you your health back. Every time you dodge (use class ability) you will get a little health and shield. After dodging, you will become invisible making it nearly impossible for enemies to kill you. Even if some of the shots do land on you, they will not be able to kill you since you will be at half health just by dodging.


Most of the mods on the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build helps you reduce the cooldown on the class ability. Some of the mods will reduce the cooldown time of other abilities. So all you have to do is keep using abilities and, it will reduce cooldown time on different abilities.


Your helmet can be of any energy type depending on your preference. Using Arc energy is a good choice. It allows me to use Powerful Friends mod. This mod is arc energy exclusive. It is used in the combat-style mod socket of any gear piece with arc energy. It will give you 20 mobility which will free a lot of energy on other pieces. Powerful Friends will also charge your friends with light when you get charged with light. You can use Hands-on on the helmet socket mod slot. It will give you super energy each time you kill someone with melee.

Void Hunter Destiny 2 Powerful Friends


To decrease the cooldown on your grenade, you should use solar energy on the gauntlet. With solar energy, you can use Impact Reduction mod to decrease the cooldown time of grenades each time you damage enemies with melee. So all you have to do is damage enemies with melee and, your grenade cooldown will reduce. Use Taking Charge mod in the combat style mod slot. This mod will charge you with light every time you pick an orb of power.

Note: To beat champions, you will need to remove the Impact Reduction mods.

Destiny 2 Impact Reduction

Chest Armor

While there is no preference of energy type for your armor, you should use solar energy on chest armor. You would need to use a Supercharged mod on your Void Hunter Destiny 2 build and, you can use chest armor to do that. It is a solar exclusive mod for combat style mod socket. The Supercharged mod will help you get 2 extra stacks of charged with light. The mod costs 5 energy, so keep that in mind.

Destiny 2 Supercharged


One of the mods on the leg armor slots should be Absolution. It will reduce the cooldown of all your abilities, each time you pick an orb of power. Mod on the other leg armor mod slot should be Invigoration if you are using arc energy on it. This will reduce the cooldown time of your melee each time you pick an orb of power.

Use Reactive Pulse mod on the combat style mod slot. It is an arc exclusive mod that can damage enemies around you. Whenever you are charged with light, you will emit arc lighting when you take damage and are surrounded by enemies. Each such burst will consume one stack of charged with light. All other mods will help you get the stacks while Reactive Pulse will use these stacks for damage. Since you will be close to enemies most of the time, Reactive Pulse is the perfect mod for it.

Void Hunter Destiny 2


Class ability is important for any character but, for Hunter, it is the most important aspect. Since you will be using stasis energy on the cloak, you can get your class ability energy back with a mod for it. Use utility kick-starter mod on one of the class item mod slots. Using it will give you your class ability energy when you use class ability. So, all you have to do is use class ability and, you will have some of it back.

The second mod on the class item mod slot should be Distribution. It will decrease all ability cooldown every time you use class ability near enemies. This includes super as well, so the mod is very helpful in reducing all ability cooldown of Void Hunter Destiny 2 build.

The mod on combat-style armor mod slot should be either Shield Break Charge or Empowered Finish. Shield Break Charge mod will enable you to get charged with light when you break enemies shield with matching energy. For instance, if you are using void damage and enemies are using the void shield, then breaking their shield with void damage will do the job. Empowered Finish will get you charged with light every time you kill someone with Finisher. It consumes 1/10 of your super so it is not without a price.

Void Hunter Destiny 2

Charged with Light

The Void Hunter build uses charged with light mods to charge you with light and help you do damage. One type of mods will charge you with light while others will use this charge to do damage. Powerful Friends mod will support your allies by charging them with light as you get charged with light. While mods such as Supercharged, increase charged with light stacks, taking it up to 4 stacks. The more are the stacks the more are the chances of doing damage to enemies.



Stats are an important part of any build and, Void Hunter Build is no different. As explained in the Hunter guide, that mobility is the most important stat for Hunter. It will impact the cooldown time of Hunter’s class ability (dodge). Make sure that you have at least tier 9 mobility. The more your dodge the better are your chances of survival. Your secondary focus should be discipline or recovery. Don’t worry about melee since you will get it back each time you use dodge near enemies. So if you have less cooldown on class ability then you won’t have to worry about melee.

Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build (The Invisible Hunter)

Sub Class

It is the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build so using the Void sub-class is an obvious choice. Every sub-class of void damage has invisibility. You can use any of the three void sub-classes but, Way of the Pathfinder works best. Its melee enables you to become invisible for a long time and grants you Heart of the Pack buff. When the buff is active, you have extra regeneration, mobility, resilience, and weapon handling. So if your regeneration is not high then this will make it high. You will be back in full health once you emerge from the shadows. You can also use the other two void sub-classes if you don’t need the longer invisibility. The melee abilities of the other two sub-classes can do damage from the distance.

Class Ability

Use Gambler’s Dodge since it is the major pillar of the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build. The Gambler’s Dodge will give you the melee back and will also help you become invisible. Just by using the class ability and melee, you will be reducing the cooldown of your grenade and super.


You can use any weapon with Hunter Void build. All you have to do is use the weapon of your choice. Since build does not rely on a specific weapon in performing well.

How to Make Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build?

To make the Hunter Void build, you would need all the pieces mentioned above. After that try to max out your mobility through mods of general mod slots. Keep in mind, use the pieces that have more than 60 stat in total. Once you use all the mods mentioned above, your build will be complete.

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