Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build (The Invisible Hunter)

Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build (The Invisible Hunter)

Hunters are the most agile guardians and with Void Hunter Destiny 2 build, they can become nearly untraceable. The build will allow you to become invisible, do more damage, and gain resistance while invisible. Every ability of the Hunter Void build will support each other to reduce the cooldown. It will help you do damage and then escape before enemies have a chance to take you down. The build uses the agility of Hunter to make it a silent assassin. It is very effective in harder activities such as raids, lost sectors, and master or grandmaster strikes. Void Hunter Destiny 2 build can help you survive the most intense combat situations.


Stats are an important part of any build and, Void Hunter Build is no different. As explained in the Hunter guide, that mobility is the most important stat for Hunter. It will impact the cooldown time of Hunter’s class ability (dodge). Make sure that you have at least tier 9 mobility. The more you dodge the better your chances of survival. Your secondary focus should be discipline or recovery. Don’t worry about melee since you will get it back each time you use dodge near enemies. So if you have less cooldown on class ability then you won’t have to worry about melee.


Omnioculus will grant you an extra smoke bomb, meaning you will have two void melee charges. You will have damage resistance while invisible. It grants 50% damage resistance in PVE and 10% damage resistance in PVP. Making allies invisible grants you melee energy. You will gain 50% melee gain for each ally you make invisible. Making two allies invisible will grant you all melee back.


Most of the mods on the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build help you reduce the cooldown on the class ability. Some of the mods will reduce the cooldown time of other abilities. So all you have to do is keep using abilities and, it will reduce cooldown time on different abilities.


Helmet mods will grant super energy through different ability usage.

Dynamo (3 Energy)

Using class ability near enemies will give you super energy. Dynamo will help you gain super quickly since you will be using class ability consistently.

Ashes to Assets (3 Energy)

It will grant you super energy whenever you defeat an enemy with a grenade.


Mods on gauntlets will reduce the cooldown time of class ability and will also let you create orbs of power.

Firepower (3 Energy)

Firepower will let you create an orb of power whenever you defeat an enemy with a grenade.

Bolstering Detonation (2 Energy)

It will grant you class ability energy whenever you do damage with a grenade to an enemy. It reduces the cooldown time of dodge for the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build.

Destiny 2 Hunter Bolstering Detonation

Up To You

Use any other mod as the third mod as long as you have the energy for it.

Chest Armor

One mod is Charged Up and the second is up to you.

Charged Up (3 Energy)

It will increase the amount of armor charges you can carry by one. Other mods will make orbs of power that you can pick up to get armor charge and charged up will increase your capacity of armor charges.

Up to You

The use of the chest armor mod is up to you.


Mods on boots work through the use of orbs of power.

Stacks on Stacks (4 Energy)

Gaining a stack of armor charges will give you an extra armor charge whenever you get an armor charge. Stacks on Stacks will help you multiply your armor charges quickly.

Orbs of Restoration (2 Energy)

Orbs of Restoration will grant ability energy to your least charged ability. It makes sure that the energy from the orb of power is not wasted.

Insulation (1 Energy)

Use Insulation if you have the energy. It will give you class ability energy whenever you pick up an orb of power.


Mods in hunter cloak rely on the class’s ability to grant ability energy.

Utility Kickstart (3 Energy)

Utility Kickstart will use the armor charges that you gain by picking up orbs of power. It will grant you class ability energy when you use class ability. The amount of class ability you gain depends on the number of charges you have. Utility Kickstart will keep your class ability full which is the most important ability for the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build.

Reaper (3 Energy)

The Reaper mod will let you create an orb of power whenever you defeat an enemy with the weapon damage after dodging. Since you will be dodging consistently, it will remain active most of the time.


Bomber (1 Energy)

It will grant you grenade energy whenever you use class ability. The Bomber mod will help reduce the cooldown time of the grenade ability. Only use Bomber Mod if you have the energy for it.

Sub Class

It is the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build so using the Void sub-class is an obvious choice.

Void Hunter Destiny 2 Build (The Invisible Hunter) Details 2

Class Ability

Class ability is important for any character and Hunter is no different. Use Gambler’s Dodge since it is the major pillar of the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build. The Gambler’s Dodge will give you the melee back and will also help you become invisible. Just by using the class ability and melee, you will be reducing the cooldown of your grenade and super thanks to different mods and fragments.

Destiny 2 Hunter Gamblers Dodge


There is no option for melee since the Void subclass for Hunter has only one melee. You will be using your melee to become invisible so there is no need to worry about it.

Destiny 2 Hunter Snare Bomb


Use any grenade you see fit, the choice is up to you.

Destiny 2 Hunter Vortex Grenade


There are three supers and you can use whichever one you want, however, Shadowshot: Moebius Quiver will let you do more damage. Shadowshot: Moebius Quiver is not a roaming super and can do massive damage in just two shots.

Destiny 2 Hunter Shadowshot Moebius Quiver


Both Vanishing Step and Trapper’s Ambush aspects will make you invisible. The two aspects work together to give you consistent uptime on your invisibility.

Vanishing Step

Dodging makes you invisible. It is one of the most important parts of the Void Hunter Destiny 2 build. Vanishing Step will keep you alive since it offers on-demand invisibility and lower cooldown due to max mobility.

Destiny 2 Hunter Vanishing Step

Trapper’s Ambush

While in the air hold the class ability button to use melee ability and decent to the ground. When you hit the ground, you will create a large area of effect that will weaken enemies and make allies invisible. When you throw a smoke bomb on the ground near you, it will make you and your nearby allies invisible. The smoke bomb will stick to the ground and will suppress and weaken enemies upon detonation.

Destiny 2 Hunter Trapper’s Ambush


Fragments work alongside aspects and fragments to provide maximum efficiency.

Echo of Undermining

Void Grenades weaken enemies. Weakened targets take more damage from all sources. It makes the grenade of Void Hunter Destiny 2 build more powerful. Echo of Undermining will also give you a -20 discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo Of Undermining

Echo of Obscurity

You will become invisible whenever you take down an enemy with a finisher. This is the third method of becoming invisible. It will help you extend invisibility if you are already invisible or give you a chance to become invisible if you are not. Most enemies will be ready to be finished thanks to the damage output of the Nightstalker build. Echo of Obscurity will also give +10 recovery.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo of Obscurity

Echo of Starvation

Picking up an orb of power or Void Breach will give you Devour buff. While the Devour buff is active, you gain grenade energy and all your health back upon killing an enemy. Upon picking up of orb of power you will get all your health back which is important for survivability. Echo of Starvation will increase your survivability to a great degree. It will also give you a -10 recovery penalty.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo of Starvation

Echo of Persistence

Void buffs such as Devour, Overshield, and Invisibility applied to you will have increased duration. Echo of Persistence will increase your survivability of Void Hunter Destiny 2 build since you will stay invisible for longer and Devour effect will have increased duration.

Destiny 2 Hunter Echo Of Persistence


You can use any weapon with Hunter Void build. All you have to do is use the weapon of your choice. Since the build does not rely on a specific weapon in performing well.

How to Make Void Hunter Build?

Use all the mods, aspects, fragments, and exotic armor mentioned above. The loop of the game revolves around making yourself invisible. Use melee to become invisible and escape. When you are out of melee, dodge near enemies to get melee. By chaining dodges and melee, you can stay invisible forever. Make your allies inviable along with you to gain melee ability. Void Hunter Destiny 2 build offers on-demand invisibility. It helps you survive even the most intense combat situation and turn you into a silent assassin.

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