Destiny 2 Hunter Build PVE (The Bombardiers Stasis)

Destiny 2 Hunter Build PVE (The Bombardiers Stasis)

Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE is one of the fun builds in the game. The build is not only fun to use but it also does some serious damage. Want a build that can decimate foes in Raids and Dungeons? Well, Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter got you covered. It is a stasis build that can ad control while also outputting high damage. Players can freeze enemies in place and then shatter them without even shooting. The abilities of The Stasis Hunter build will do freezing, shatter, and general damage all on its own. Weapons are added bonus to the overall damage of the build.

Stats for Destiny 2 Hunter PVE Build

Mobility and resilience are the most important stats for the stasis hunter. While resilience dictates the amount of damage you take, mobility will reduce the cool-down time of your dodge. Both of these stats are equally important but I prefer resilience over mobility due to the survivability that it offers. Discipline is the third most important stat as it will reduce the cool-down time of your grenade. Grenades play an important role in Destiny 2 Stasis build because grenades will let you freeze enemies that you can shatter.

Destiny 2 Hunter Build PVE


You can use any weapon you see fit as the build does not have specific requirements for weapon usage. Just keep the champions of activity in mind while using any weapon

Exotic Armor (The Bombardiers)

The Exotic armor for Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE is The Bombardiers. When you dodge, you will leave behind a bomb that will do damage in a radius. The bomb will have a secondary effect based on your sub-class. With the Stasis sub-class, your explosive will slow enemies. Our main focus is the explosion as it will shatter the frozen enemies, letting it do more damage.

When you throw a Duskfield Grenade it will slow and freeze enemies. Your Duskfield grenade will also have a stasis crystal in the center thanks to Touch of Winter Aspect. When you dodge it will leave a bomb that will do shatter damage to frozen enemies and break crystal to do additional shatter damage. The Bombardiers can do a lot of damage and you will gain abilities with each dodge thanks to Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE.


Different mods on the Stasis Hunter build make it easy to get abilities back quickly. The more abilities you get the more damage you will do.


Mods on the helmet are all about regaining super.

Two Dynamo (3 energy)

It will grant you super energy, every time you dodge near enemies. You will be dodging a lot to do damage with The Bombardiers. Dynamo will help you regain super energy with dodges. Use two Dynamo mods for maximum efficiency.

If you have the energy then use any other mod as the third one.


We are not using Firepower or any other grenade mod since we will not directly be defeating enemies with grenades.

Impact Induction

Impact Induction will reduce your grenade cooldown, every time you damage an enemy with melee ability. Since you will be using Gambler’s Dodge, you will be using a melee ability all the time.

Focusing Strike

It will reduce your class ability cool-down every time you do damage with melee. Since you will be using a lot of melee ability, Focusing Strike will help you gain class ability quickly.

Heavy Handed

Heavy Handed will let you create an orb of power every time you defeat an enemy with melee.

Chest Armor

Mods on chest armor are all about protection and increasing the number of armor charges you can carry.

Concussive Dampener

Concussive Dampener will reduce the amount of AOE (splash damage) damage you take.

Charged Up

It will increase the amount of armor charges you can carry.


Mods on the boots will help you gain armor charges.

Stacks on Stacks

It will grant you an extra elemental charge, every time you gain an armor charge. Stacks on Stacks will let you gain two armor charges instead of one for every armor charge.

Elemental Charge

You will have a chance to gain armor charge by collecting Ionic Trace, Firespit, Void Breach, Stasis Shard, or destroying a strand tangle. Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE uses the Stasis subclass so it will use Stasis Shards to get armor charges.

Innervation or Insulation

Innervation will reduce the grenade cool-down time every time you pick up an orb of power.

Insulation will reduce the class ability cool-down time every time you pick up an orb of power.

Use either one of them if you have the energy as both hold equal importance.

Class Item (Hunter Cloak)

Mods on Hunter Cloak rely on the class ability to activate.

Utility Kickstart

Utility Kickstart will use all the armor charges to grant class ability. It will enable Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE to shatter frozen enemies and do damage to enemies with class ability more often. You can even shatter enemies that you have frozen with melee ability.


It will grant you grenade energy every time you dodge. Bomber mod will help you gain grenade energy quickly.

Reaper or Powerful Attraction

Reaper will let you create an orb of power when you defeat an enemy with the weapon after dodging.

Powerful Attraction will let you collect all the orbs of power near you when you are using the class ability. You will be using a lot of class ability Powerful Attraction will remain active most of the time.

Use any of these two mods, the choice is up to you. Reaper works best when playing solo while Powerful Attraction works well when playing in a team.


Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE uses the Stasis subclass as it is a Stasis Hunter build.

Destiny 2 Hunter Stasis Sub-Class


All of the abilities work together to provide maximum efficiency to the overall performance of the build.


Use the Duskfield Grenade as it will let you freeze and slow enemies in a larger area. The more frozen enemies are near you, the more enemies you can shatter. Duskfield Grenade will have a larger area of effect and will have a stasis crystal in the middle thanks to the Touch of Winter aspect. When you shatter crystal in the grenade and shatter frozen enemies, it will do more damage.

Destiny 2 Hunter Duskfield Grenade

Class Ability

Gambler’s Dodge is the way to go with Stasis Hunter build. It will recharge your melee which you can use to freeze enemies.

Destiny 2 Hunter Gambler’s Dodge


Withering Blade is the only option and you will have two of them. Hitting an enemy with two Withering Blades will instantly freeze them.

Destiny 2 Hunter Withering Blade


Touch of Winter and Grim Harvest are the aspects being used with Destiny 2 PVE Hunter build.

Touch of Winter

It will increase the efficiency of grande by enhancing them. Each type of grenade gets some type of enhancement from Touch of Winter.

Crystal of Glacier grenade will change formation upon throwing.

Cold Snap grenade will chain one more time to freeze enemies and will also create a stasis crystal upon impact.

Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter build uses Duskfield Grenade so that is what we should focus on. The Touch of Winter aspect will increase the area of effect of the Duskfield Grenade and will also add a crystal to the middle of it. You can shatter that crystal in the middle to do additional damage and increase grenade regeneration.

Destiny 2 Hunter Touch of Winter

Grim Harvest

Defeating frozen or slowed enemies will create stasis shards. Collecting these stasis shards will grant you melee energy. The collection of these shards will also activate different mods and fragments. You will gain armor charges from them due to the use of Elemental Charge. Collecting stasis crystals will grant overshield if your health is full. If you have taken damage then it will heal you due to Whisper of Rime. Whisper of Conduction will make the collection of these stasis crystals easier.

Destiny 2 Hunter Grim Harvest


Different fragments work with aspects and mods of the Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE to increase its efficiency.

Whisper of Shards

Destroying a stasis crystal will increase the recharge rate of your grenade. There will be a crystal in the middle of the Duskfield Grenade. Every time you dodge near it The Bombardiers will activate and destroy that crystal which will activate Whisper of Shards. Whisper of Shards also gives you +10 Resilience.

Destiny 2 Hunter Whisper of Shards

Whisper of Chains

When you are near frozen enemies and or friendly crystals you will take less damage. You will be near frozen enemies nearly all the time so Whisper of Chains will be active most of the time. Whisper of Chains will also give you a +10 recovery.

Destiny 2 Hunter Whisper of Chains

Whisper of Durance

Slow and Freezing effects will last for a longer duration. It will also increase the lingering duration of your grenade. Whisper of Durance will also give you +10 strength.

Destiny 2 Hunter Whisper of Durance

Whisper of Conduction

Nearby stasis shards that you create through Whisper of Shards will track to your position. Whisper of Conduction makes the collection of stasis shards easier. Whisper of Conduction will also give Destiny 2 Hunter build PVE +10 strength and +10 intellect.

Destiny 2 Hunter Whisper of Conduction

Whisper of Rime

Collecting stasis shards will give you a small amount of overshield. The overshield lasts for 10 seconds. Collecting further stasis shards will add more overshield and also refresh the timer of the overshield.

Destiny 2 Hunter Whisper of Rime

How to Use Destiny 2 Hunter Build PVE?

Use everything mentioned above and your build will be complete. Once you are in combat throw a Duskfield grenade at enemies. The grenade will slow down enemies eventually freezing them. Dodge near the frozen enemies, it will shatter both the crystal and enemies inside the Duskfield Grenade doing damage. Defeating stasis debuffed target will create stasis crystals that will heal you and grant melee energy.

Dodging will also grant you a melee charge. The combination of dodges and stasis shards will make sure that you always have melee. Mods will grant you abilities and you can use melee to freeze enemies and then shatter them with The Bombardiers build. It is one of the few builds that is fun to use and also deals some serious damage.

Build In Action:

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