Titan Solar Build (Synthoceps Melee)

Titan Solar build is one of the most powerful builds in Destiny 2 that destroys enemies with melee. Thanks to the melee damage of Titan the build will let you dominate the battlefield. It let you do high melee damage and let you destroy enemies. The melee Titan build grants unlimited melee with high damage. The build can go as far as one shooting champion so it has great damage. If you want to dominate the battlefield, this is the build to do it.

Stats for Titan Solar build

The most important stat for Titan Solar build is Resilience. High resilience will allow you to survive intense situations. The second most important stat is discipline since it will let you use more grenades. The third important stat is recovery as it will help you regenerate health quickly. Strength is not as important because you will be using the throwing hammer.

Titan Solar Build Synthoceps Melee


You would need to use a shotgun with the One-Two Punch trait as it will increase your melee damage. If you want to increase the damage even further then use Tractor Cannon but you can make do without it. You do not necessarily need to use these weapons as the build can function without any shotguns. Other weapons are not that important as most of the damage will be coming from melee. Just use the weapon in accordance with champions.

Exotic Piece (Synthoceps)

The exotic piece of choice is Synthoceps as it will increase the amount of melee damage you do. While surrounded by enemies you will gain a 200% melee damage increase. Surrounded means that more than two enemies have to be in your 15-meter radius. The damage will last for 8 seconds so even when there are no enemies nearby you will still have that extra damage.

Damage is active nearly all the time with Synthoceps since the buff rarely goes away. It will stack with Roaring Flames Aspect and One Two Punch shotgun to increase damage even further. Synthoceps will also increase your super damage which will help a lot once you activate super. Synthoceps is one of the main pillars of Titan Solar build.

Destiny 2 Titan Synthoceps


Different mods will help with the ability regeneration and health regeneration of the Destiny 2 Titan Solar build.


Mods on your helmet will increase your super energy gain from melee kills.

2 Hands-On (3 Energy)

It will increase the amount of energy you gain from defeating enemies with melee. You will be defeating a lot of enemies with melee so it will help a lot in gaining super energy. Use two hands-on mods to increase the amount of damage you gain from melee kills on Synthoceps build.


Gauntlets mods will reduce the grenade cooldown and help you make orbs of power.

Heavy Handed (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with melee will create an orb of power. Since you will be defeating a lot of enemies with melee you will be creating a lot of orbs of power. Heavy Handed will be a major source of orbs of power creation for the Titan Solar build.

Impact Induction (2 Energy)

Every time you damage an enemy with melee it will reduce the grenade cool down. Impact Induction will be a major source of grenade cooldown time. Use two Impact Inductions if you have the energy to further increase its effect.

Chest Armor

Chest Armor will reduce the amount of damage you receive from enemies.

Melee Damage Resistance (3 Energy)

It will increase the amount of melee damage you receive. You will be close to enemies all the time so it will help a lot in survival. Use two Melee damages if you want to take reduced damage from melee sources.

Concussive Dampener (3 Energy)

If you are not using two Melee Damage Resistance then use Concussive Dampener mod as it will reduce the amount of AOE damage (area of effect)  you take. It can help in damage reduction from splash attacks of enemies on Synthoceps build.

Destiny 2 Titan Concussive Dampener


Mods on boots will help with health regeneration through orbs of power collection. The combination of Recuperation and Sol Invictus will grant full health.

Recuperation (1 Energy)

It will grant you health time you pick up an orb of power.

Destiny 2 Titan Recuperation

Innervation (1 Energy)

Innervation will grant you grenade energy every time you pick up an orb of power.

Absolution (3 Energy)

Picking up an orb of power will grant all ability energy. It will help in gaining ability energy.

Class Item (Titan Mark)

All the mods on Titan Mark function through the use of the class ability in some way.

Outreach (1 Energy)

It will reduce melee cooldowns every time you use the class ability. If you lose the hammer Outreach can help you gain melee by using the class ability.

Bomber (1 Energy)

The bomber mod will reduce your grenade cooldown every time you use class ability.

Reaper (3 Energy)

Defeating an enemy with a weapon after using class ability will create an orb of power. It will be the second source of creating orbs of power but it is not as impactful as Heavy Handed.

Destiny 2 Titan Reaper


Solar sub-class is the way to go since it is Titan Solar build. It will not only grant you high damage but regeneration as well.

Destiny 2 Titan Solar Synthoceps


The abilities of Synthoceps Titan will grant health regeneration and high melee damage.


Use any super you see fit as your primary source of damage would be melee. Synthoceps will buff your super damage as well.


Healing grenade is the grenade of choice for Solar Titan build as it will heal you every time you use it. After using the healing grenade you will gain regeneration. Ember of solace will increase the duration of the regeneration. Once you use the healing grenade, you can keep the regeneration up by passing through the flames of Sol Invictus. Healing grenades along with other mods will help you survive the incoming damage.

Destiny 2 Titan Healing Grenade

Class Ability

You can use any of the two Barricades you want. Rally Barricade has a lower cooldown time. Rally Barricade also increases, reload speed, stability, and weapon range while standing behind it. Towering Barricade provides more protection.

Destiny 2 Titan Towering Barricade


Use the Throwing Hammer because you can pick it up when you throw it. Picking the hammer after hitting the target will grant the cure effect which is a 60% health gain. You will have multiple sources of health regeneration so regenerating health will not be that much of a problem. While Roaring Flame is active your uncharged melee will count as charged melee and it can scorch targets. Thanks to Ember of Ashes three uncharged hits while Roaring Flames is active will ignite enemies.

Destiny 2 Titan Throwing Hammer


The two aspects that you should use are Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus.

Roaring Flames

It will increase your ability damage every time you kill an enemy with ability or ignition. Roaring Flames can stack up to three times. Melee will also activate Roaring Flames. Every stack of Roaring Flames will increase its damage. At max stacks, it will increase your ability damage tremendously. Roaring flames will stack with Synthoceps to increase the melee damage of the Titan solar build.

Destiny 2 Titan Roaring Flames

Sol Invictus

Solar ability final blows will create sunspots. Hamer of Sol, and defeating scorched enemies will also create a Sun Spot. Passing through a Sun Spot will grant regeneration and your abilities will drain slowly. Standing in Sun Spot will decrease your super drain speed. Sun Spots will also apply scorch damage to enemies. Passing through Sun Spot while the restoration is active will extend its duration. Sol Invictus will also extend the duration of restoration from the healing grenade.

Destiny 2 Titan Sol Invictus



All the fragments in Destiny 2 Synthoceps titan build will help the build function properly. These fragments will also help in increasing survivability.

Ember of Solace

Radiant and Restoration effects applied to you will have increased duration. It will help increase the restoration that you get from healing grenades.

Destiny 2 Titan Ember of-Solace

Ember of Ashes

It will let you apply more scorch stacks to targets. Applying more scorch stacks will make it easier to ignite enemies. It will also help with igniting enemies through uncharged melee when Roaring Flames is active.

Destiny 2 Titan Ember of Ashes

Ember of Torches

Powered Melee hits will make you and your nearby allies radiant. While radiant, your weapon does more damage and you can stun barrier champions with any weapon. It will also give you a -10 Discipline penalty.

Destiny 2 Titan Ember of Torches

Ember of Char

It will scorch the target after ignition. Ember of Char makes it easier to ignite the target for a second time. It makes chaining ignitions easier. Ember of Char will also give you +10 discipline.

Destiny 2 Titan Ember of Char

How To Use Titan Solar Build?

Use all the armor pieces and mods mentioned above, your build will be complete. When starting, hit an enemy with melee thanks to the buff from Synthoceps you will be able to easily defeat smaller enemies. Stack up the Roaring Flames by defeating enemies with melee. At max stack, you will be able to one-shot or two-shot champions. The high damage from Roaring Flames and buff from Synthoceps will help you keep up the buffs. Use a healing grenade when you are in a dangerous situation. The Titan Solar build will let you destroy enemies, especially in activities with lots of enemies.

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