The Last of Us is Coming to PC

The Last of Us is Coming to PC

The Last of Us is coming to PC with its remake version. The Remake version of the game will have enhanced graphics. It is the newest remake of any game so far that seems like an easy cash grab. Releasing a 10-year-old game on Windows was a no-brainer so Sony made a remake. It could be the first PlayStation exclusive that releases on Windows computer after a couple of months of its release on PlayStation.

The Last of Us is coming to PC as Sony has already made that clear. PlayStation is losing its exclusives and it won’t be long before it has none left. Day one release of first-party PlayStation games will soon become a reality.

The Last of Us

PlayStation has many good exclusives and most of them are now on PC. All the new Sony first-party games will eventually be on Windows computer. The time it takes for PlayStation games to release on PC is reducing. The Last of Us Remake will come to PC sooner than you think. It will not be a day one release but The Last of Us Remake will release sooner on Windows computer than any other PlayStation first-party games before it.

More players will be able to experience this amazing game. The Last of Us was one of the best games on the PlayStation 3 and it is coming to PC. Such a precedent is going to make Windows gaming even better. It will not be long when The Last of Us Part 2 also comes to PC. New players will be introduced to PlayStation exclusives. It will be good for Sony PlayStation Studios since they are working on releasing movies and series of their franchises.

PC Players Don’t Need to Buy PlayStation

If you already had a PC and were planning on buying PlayStation 5 then you don’t have to. All of the PlayStation first-party games will be coming to PC. You have so many games to choose from if you are not a console player. Having Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is a no-brainer if you have a Windows gaming computer. Since you can play both of their games along with Windows exclusives.

The Last of Us will set a trend that will make PlayStation similar to Xbox for PC players. The day one release of PlayStation first-party tiles on Steam and other games stores are not that far.

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