Destiny 2 Glimmer Farm Guide

Glimmer farm is an important part of Destiny 2 as it is the main currency. With enough glimmer, you can buy every sellable item. One can never have enough glimmer as it is used for everything in the game. A player can get glimmer from all activities but there are tricks to increase the amount of glimmer one gets. Certain activities provide more glimmer than others. Ghost mods can increase the amount of glimmer a player gets from activities. Exchanging other resources for glimmer is also a way of glimmer farming. Destiny 2 glimmer farm guide will show you all the tips and tricks to help you max out the glimmer quickly.

Glimmer Mods

Ghost mods are the most efficient ways to increase the amount of glimmer you get from each activity. There are six different glimmer booster ghost mods to increase the glimmer gained from activities. Ultimate Gimmer Booster is the most useful among them. It takes 6 energy and it will increase the amount of glimmer you get by 65%. So all you have to do is equip it and you will get 65% extra glimmer every time you get glimmer.

Keep in mind, that you will not get extra stuff with any glimmer boosting mods while deconstructing items or claiming bounties. Glimmer mods only work if you are picking glimmer, opening chests, and completing actives. Ultimate Gimmer Booster is the best Destiny 2 Glimmer Farm mod. You can get glimmer from all activities, even killing enemies will grant glimmer. Use Rainmaker consumable, it will increase the amount of glimmer you gain for 4 hours. Use it if you are running low on the glimmer.

Getting Glimmer From Activities

Once you use the Ultimate Glimmer Booster you can get more of it. If you want to farm glimmer in Destiny 2, lost sectors are the best way to do it. Complete short lost sectors as it will get you a large amount of glimmer quickly. You can get more than 30K glimmer by doing 5 short lost sectors. It will only take 15 minutes or less depending on lost sectors.

Exchange Glimmer (Planetary Material) and Chests

You can get planetary material for all activities just like glimmer but it is not rewarded for defeating enemies. The planetary material you get depends on the location of that activity. Different planetary materials can be exchanged for glimmer. You can also farm planetary material in different locations. Use Resource detector mod to detect nearby planetary material.

Use the Bountiful Harvest mod to increase the amount of planetary material you get while harvesting. Keep in mind, that if you use the Bountiful Harvest mod, you will not be able to use glimmer booster mods as they use the same socket.

You can also farm glimmer and planetary material from chests in different locations in Destiny 2. Use combo detector mod to detect nearby chests and planetary material. The basic version of the Combo Detector takes 5 energy so, can only use Supercharged Glimmer Booster with it. Supercharged Glimmer Booster will increase the amount of glimmer you get by 50%.

After getting planetary material you can go to Rahool at the tower to exchange them for glimmer. Just exchange the planet material for the glimmer. 25 planetary material will get you a 10k glimmer. The planetary material required to buy glimmer from Rahool changes every day.

Glimmer is The Cash

You can use any of the methods above to get the glimmer. Or, you can use a combination of these methods to get the glimmer. If you want to get lots of glimmer then use Ultimate Glimmer Booster all the time. Get the planetary material if given chance. Farm for Glimmer in Destiny 2 with lost sector if you are running low on it.

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