Destiny 2 Guide (Understanding Stats and Gear Pieces)

A player can make a lot of regretful mistakes before realizing it, Destiny 2 guide helps you avoid these mistakes as a new player. Players might destroy sets of armor pieces that are good. They might dismantle weapons with really good traits on them. Destiny 2 is a looter shooter that comes with a lot of complicated mechanics. Any game that offers build-making, needs time to understand.

If you want to make a good build and use the best stat available, you need time to understand the core ideas. Most of the time players would make mistakes before realizing that they have been doing it the wrong way. With the Destiny 2 guide, you can avoid these mistakes to become a proficient player in the game quickly.

Understanding the Stats

Destiny 2 has six different kinds of stats. These stats include mobility, resilience, recovery, discipline, intellect, and strength. Understanding these stats is important since they can have a major impact on the gameplay. Destiny 2 guide helps you understand the stats and armor pieces for different guardians.

Mobility dictates movement speed and jumps height. Mobility will also impact the cool-down time Hunter’s Class ability. Having higher mobility will allow you to use dodge more often. If you are playing as Hunter then mobility should be your primary focus.

Resilience will impact the amount of damage you take by increasing the shields. Resilience will impact the cool-down time of Titan’s Class ability. With high reliance, you can use barricade more often. As a Titan, resilience should be your main focus.

Recovery will impact health regeneration. When you take damage, higher recovery will help you regain health quickly. Recovery will impact the cool-down of Warlock’s class ability. Having high recovery as a Warlock allows you to use Rift more often. Your primary focus should be recovery as a Warlock.

Discipline is all about grenade cool down. The higher your discipline the lower will be the cool-down time of your grenade after using it.

Intellect will reduce the cool-down of your super. With higher intellect, you will be able you get super quickly.

Strength dictates the cool-down time of your melee ability. Having high strength will allow you to use melee ability more often.

Importance of Stats

Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery impact the class ability of the three Guardian types. One of the most important stat for all guardians is Recovery. Even though it only impacts the class ability of Warlock, it is still important for the survival of all guardians. With high regeneration, all you need to do is take cover for 3 or 4 seconds and your health will be back to full. Destiny 2 guide will make the importance of different stats clear to help you get perfect gear pieces.

The rest of the stats are universal for all characters. A Hunter with high mobility and regeneration can get into combat quickly just by dodging. By using a barricade, Titan can stay behind it and get back into combat quickly with high regeneration. Regeneration impacts warlock more than other types of guardians. It reduces the cool-down time of the rift, increases the health regen, and helps you get over-shield and health quickly while standing in a healing rift.

The performance of stats and guardian also depend on the type of build you are using. Certain builds primarily rely on the Class Ability to get other abilities. While other types of build use it to add extra versatility. So, the performance of your character depends a lot on what type of builds and stats you are using. In the PVP, Resilience is comparatively important because it can help you survive a frontal encounter against another guardian.

What Armor Pieces to Keep?

The importance of armor pieces is different for different guardians. A God Roll armor piece for Titan can be a trash piece for Hunter or Warlock. As explained earlier, different stats work differently for different guardian types. However, there are some universal concepts that one should keep in mind while looking for gear pieces. Destiny 2 guide will help you understand the basics of armor to let you keep the best armor pieces.

A good gear piece should always have more than 60 total stats. Any armor piece below 60 total stats is not worth it. For Hunter, a God roll armor piece should have more than 20 mobility, high recovery, and 60 total stat. Warlock’s God roll armor piece should have more than 20 recovery and high discipline. A Titan’s God roll piece should have more than 20 resilience and high recovery.

Keep in mind that the total number of a stat should not exceed 100. Beyond 100, stats become useless so they will only give you a boost until 100 points. For example, discipline beyond 100 or intellect beyond 100 will not have any impact on your grenade and super respectively. When one of your stat reaches 100, you should farm for gear pieces with another stat. This way you can max out more than one stat making your character quite powerful.


Each 10 stat gives one tier and there are 10 tiers for each stat. If your resilience or any other stat is 99, it will count as 90, not 99. Only stats that counts are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100. Any total number of stat in-between will count as the lower number from above. Try to keep your stat close to these numbers so you don’t waste any stat points. Doing so will increase the proficiency of your build. You can control the stat number to some extent by using stat mods on armor pieces.

Master Crafting Armor

Once you master craft an armor piece,  its stats will increase by 12 points. Each upgrade will also add one energy to the armor piece. Destiny 2 guide will help you understand the importance of upgrading armor pieces.

Each stat will gain two extra points once an armor piece is master crafted. Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Melee all will gain two extra points. A master-crafted armor piece will always have 12 extra stats.

How to Get Desired Stat on Armor?

Destiny 2 guide will help you manipulate stat on an armor piece through the use of armor mods on your ghost. There are 6 different armor mods. These mods include Mobility Armorer, Resilience Armorer, Recovery Armorer, Discipline Armorer, Intellect Armorer, and Melee Armorer.

Before going into an activity that drops high stats armor, equip one of these mods on your ghost. If you are looking for high stat armor piece with high mobility then equip Mobility Armorer. For high stat resilience armor, equip Resilience Armorer. For high stat recovery, equip a Recovery Armorer. Use Discipline Armorer for discipline-focused armor. Use Intellect Armorer to get armor pieces with high intellect. For high melee stat armor use Melee Armorer. Using these mods will help you farm for god roll armor quickly.

Sources of High Stat Armor

Armor pieces can drop from any activity but, most of these legendary gear pieces are not useful. As explained earlier, you only need to use high stat armor pieces with more than 60 total stats.  Activities that drop high stat armor pieces include Dungeons, Raids, Nightfall, and Iron Banner (A PVP event happens once a month). There is also a change of high stat armor from Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, and Banshee engrams. Before doing any of these activities, opening engram, or handing token in Iron banner, equip the ghost with the desired mod to get good results.


There are a lot of mechanics and calculations in Destiny 2. A new player will face major issues while finding the best gear pieces. New players might delete god roll pieces because they might not know the significance of these gear pieces to their guardians. Destiny 2 Guide helps players understand the stats and gear pieces so that they can make their build quickly and not delete good armor pieces.

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