Top 5 PS5 Games (Top 5 Exclusives)

Top 5 PS5 Games (PlayStation Exclusives)

Top 5 PS5 Games are no joke, Sony is known for releasing some of the best games in the past. Including Uncharted, Bloodborne, infamous, and God of War (Although it’s not exclusive anymore, lol). Fans were excited more than ever to see what PS5 got in store.

Luckily, Sony followed their long tradition and released some unmissable exclusive games for PS5.

While some big titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal, etc., have already been released as PS5 games, there’s a vast list of exclusives still waiting.

Here, we have discussed the top 5 PS5 games that would keep you up all night long gaming. So, keep reading.

5- Demon’s Souls

If you think beating Dark Souls has earned you the rightful title of “Demon Slayer,” you should definitely try Demon’s Souls.

As a part of the Soul series, it is built to test the most veteran players of hardcore gaming. However, it is more stunning than any other soul series game yet.

Earning the title of the “Best Looking” game on PS5 by the masses, the level of details in this game is quite insane. Demon’s Soul truly lives up to be a part of the “next-gen” games.

The gameplay, visuals, and textures of this game speak for themselves. Demon’s Soul truly deserves a spot in the top 5 PS5 games.

4- Returnal

Giving off both the Doom and Deathloop vibes, Returnal is undoubtedly one of the biggest PS5 exclusive games ever released.

Stranded on an alien planet gives Selene no choice but to take up arms on her own. Fighting hordes of enemies while uncovering the mysteries of the surrounding is what this game is all about.

Returnal might be too much for new players since dying each time resets the progress as well as the map of each level.

However, once the player settles in, the surrounding, the gameplay, and the DualSense triggers are enough to suck them deep into the game’s environment.

3- Horizon Forbidden West

“What makes the game great?” Someone asked. Guerrilla Games replied, “Machines, Machines, and Machines.”

An open-world game filled with beautiful giant dinosaurs roaming around is what taking the game to the next level means.

Set six months after the previously hit game, Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West is all about Aloy’s journey of reconnecting with the remaining few humanity while reviving GAIA.

However, this time a lot of things have changed. Now, roaming around the map has become much easier, combat has improved, mechanics feel more satisfying, and the details in the game are touching the roof.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the top 5 PS5 games recently released.

2- Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

With Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, everyone’s favorite duo is back, and this time with more action.

This fast-paced game is great for anyone who wants to unlock the true capabilities of the new-gen console and experience the motion sensor and audio of the DualSense Wireless Controllers.

What’s more, the game has successfully retained the humor of the Ratchet & Clank series while improvising on the shooting mechanism and, of course, physics.

The game also introduces new characters, which adds more charm and depth to the story. The repetitive explosions, numerous particles, and dimension traversing only show us the true extent of the PS5.

Overall it is a very fun game, meant to be enjoyed even by players who aren’t as skilled as others, and definitely one of the top 5 PS5 games.

1- Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We can’t have the best PS5 exclusive games discussion without mentioning Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, right?

Released as the first major PS5 exclusive, this game is much more than simple web-slinging.

With Peter Parker on holiday, it’s up to his protege, Miles, to save the day and become the very hero he dreams of.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows the true capabilities of the next-gen console.

The dynamic environment and lightning-fast action enough to rival Hollywood are now at the tip of your PS5. It is definitely worthy of the best PS5 exclusive game title till now.

Final Thoughts

The recent PS5 exclusive games have set the bar too high, and all are definitely worth playing.

However, with continuous advancements in gaming technology, no one knows what holds for us in the future and what kind of amazing games we will be playing.

Forspoken and Scorn are some of the upcoming PS5 games. They might set a new bar for the future PlayStation 5 games.

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